Mini Foods

Uploaded by Award80 on 24.07.2011


It appears a few people may have had an issue with a comment I made in
my last video. Skip a meal, fatty.
And a quick shout out to all the fat people who wrote in and complained.
I really appreciate you guys taking the time to write in a tell me how wrong that comment
was Especially when you could have spent that
time eating food. So even though it was a joke,
like everything I do in these videos, I'll try to avoid saying anything inappropriate
from here on in. It was just a passing comment, it's not like
a wrote a song about it. (singing) Skip a meal, fatty.
Skip a meal fatty. Ok, maybe I did write a song about it
(singing) You're chowing down food all day long
You're eating while I'm singing this song Skip a meal yeah fatty boomba yeah.
Moving on. So feedback from that comment,
Skip a meal fatty. which I'm not going to harp on about,
Fat-fat-fatty. has been the inspiration for this video.
I thought that I should try and solve problems rather than create conflict.
You don't need to skip a meal the answer is to create meals out of the ever
increasing number of products of the miniature variety.
Does that make sense? Now I'm not just talking convenience single
serve portions, like mini cereal
I'm talking all of those products that weren't really that big to begin with
but have still spawned a mini variety like mini ice creams
mini yoghurt mini spring rolls
even oreos, the already bite sized biscuit has been down sized
into a convenient choking hazard size. Today I'm going to show you how you can eat
less yet still eat a three course meal by using
mini foods. To assist with presentation I'll be serving
our meals on the Tasty Gourmet Princess Tea Set.
Let's begin with our entree.

I'll be using mini toast bread as a base.
Damn it!
Now some people might like cold ingredients on their toasted bread.
So if that's you, pop your bread in a toaster.

Oh, that is never coming out again, is it?
But I'm going to grill mine once it's constructed.
If you'd like you can use mini cream cheese,
But I'm going to use, mini plastic cheese.

So simply slice your mini tomato, place it on your mini toast,
and add some grated mini cheese and grill.
Thank you!
And that's our entree. I'm going to serve that with a mini bourbon
and a mini coke.
That was filling. But let's move on to mains.

Let's start by boiling some water for our
pasta. I'll be using mini pasta shells.
In a pan melt some mini butter and add some chopped mini onion.
I'll be using a cocktail onion. Due to the vinegar in the onion, it'll probably
taste like shit so let's try to caramelize it by adding some
mini sugar. Throw into the pan some mini tuna, a mini
carrot, some mini corn, some mini broccoli, and some
baby peas. Not the difference in size between the baby
and normal pea. Once your water has boiled throw in some mini
pasta shells, once they're cooked combine all your ingredients
in a pan, with some mini cream and some mini grated
plastic cheese. Place this all in a baking tray and cook in
a moderate oven for approximately 15 minutes.
To compliment the creaminess of this dish, I'll be serving it with
a mini Baileys and some mini milk.
Lastly, it's time for dessert. And this one is quite simple.
Possibly the most ridiculous product I came across
while scouring the supermarkets was 18 mini caramel slices
all in this one box. So dessert is quite simply a piece of caramel
slice, which I'm serving with mini coffee from the
Tasty Gourmet Princess Tea Set.

Oh...It melted.
Sure my coffee might be carcinogenic and taste
like plastic but what a nice reward after a long hard days
work. To finish off I'm going to enjoy an after
dinner mint. So there's your solution there. Nobody needs
to skip meals, it's all about eating in moderation.
And at a total cost of $56.35 why wouldn't you eat like that every day?
You know what, fuck it. Eat whatever the hell you want.