How to Edit Your Writing : Importance of Sentence Structure

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.04.2008

Hi, I'm Kari Wethington for Today we are doing Writer's Guide: Self Editing
Basics. Another important self editing tool is to check your sentence structure. You don't
want to use too many sentence fragments and you also don't want to rely on too many run
on sentences. Many writers end up having both in many documents. So it's important to edit
your own pieces to make sure you don't have these in there. One way to check for this
is to read your piece out loud. Read it to yourself and any time you are tripping over
a certain sentence or a certain part of a sentence it's a sign that you might want to
rework that. You know, if you have two sentence fragments it can become one sentence and a
run on sentence can often become multiple sentences.