TICK TALK with A-JAX, The cute and youngest Seungjin - INSITE TV

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 19.08.2012

Hello! We're 'A-JAX.'
Hi, I'm the cutest member and the dancer of the team, Seongjin.
A crazy man.
Whiny Han, cause I whine a lot.
My first date in front of a large crowd.
My mind went blank.
My small head.
I can cover it with one hand.
It's serious. Smells like ammonia.
I've applied medicine but it doesn't work.
I'll cut my feet off today.
My hometown.
"Johnson, did you get up"?
I want to go to a pool.
Let Johnson enjoy his life. Come with me.
It's my nickname.
Jay Park.
His song?
Too difficult mission.
But I can do his dance.
Not yet.
It's not a lie. Really, not yet.
A girl asking me out.
I'm nice, I have a small head. I'm a normal dancer.
We don't have anything in common.
Let's try to get close.
Please supporting us.
I'll try to become a better talker.
Save me...