Huawei Ascend Android 2.1 Keyboard How To Video

Uploaded by letstalkdotcom on 28.01.2011

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 >>PAT: Hi, this is Pat Connor. We're gonna show you a quick tutorial with
the Android 2.1 keyboard here on the MetroPCS Huawei Ascend. And so, we're go over to our
settings, which are conveniently right in front of us right here. We're gonna go to
About This Phone. Which is, let me search for it for just a second. About phone right
at the bottom. Alright, we have, we gonna go into system tutorial. And we have our "Using
the on-screen keyboard" tutorial. So, one of the really cool things is that when you
touch here, you know, these little clues will come up for you. Kind of the most interesting
thing that I found was that by pressing the numbers button, pressing it and holding it
down, you get to change your on-screen keyboard settings. So it's a great way, you don't have
to go into settings, you can just touch it, hold it down. We're goanna go through these
different suggestions here. Hold it down, you go touch Android keyboard settings. And
then we can change all the settings here. So right away you have vibrate on keypress,
which is helpful. Sound on keyboard press. We'll go ahead and check that in just a second.
And then you can go ahead and scroll through. Actually you can't scroll through. But you
can change all these options you see here. And things like auto-complete, we can turn
that on. Personally, I'd rather have a noise than a vibrate. And then to save the settings
hit back. And then I can use the end key to get out of there. Just touch this text field
to test out. And you'll see right here. It works really well. And that is a really quick
tutorial with the Android 2.1 keyboard on the Huawei Ascend. Thank you so much for watching.