4.1 Sharing Your References Using Default Settings in RefShare

Uploaded by ProQuestRefWorks on 17.10.2011

Sharing RefWorks References Using Default Settings in RefShare
In this video we'll examine how to share a folder
And what viewers of the Share can do
When you use the default RefShare settings.
Here's how it works.
Click the Organize and Share Folders tab.
Here you see a list of all of your folders.
To share a folder, a subfolder, or your entire RefWorks database
Click on its Share icon
The folder with a green arrow on it towards the far right.
This will instantly create a URL that is now live on the internet.
Click this URL to view the Share.
Here you see what a shared folder looks like to anyone who views it
When you use the default sharing options.
You see a list of the references in the folder
Displayed in the Standard View.
You can view the full details of any reference by clicking the View icon.
Notice that there is no Edit icon or button.
That's because RefShare is Read-Only
Meaning that others can view the references but they cannot edit them
Or add or delete them from the shared folder.
Viewers of the share can change the View of the references
From Standard View, which is the default, to One Line/Cite View
Or Full View which shows all fields
Or you can also specify output styles they can use to view them.
In this case I've added APA 6th as an option in my RefWorks account settings.
Viewers of the Share can create bibliographies using different output styles
By clicking the Create Bibliography button.
They can also print a list of references using a style
But override the style's sort order
By selecting a different order from the Sort by dropdown menu
And clicking the Print icon here.
If they want to create a temporary group of references from different pages
Or different folders if viewing a shared database
They can add references to My List by clicking the Star icons
Either for individual references
Or for several at once.
And they can view this temporary group by clicking on My List under the View menu
They can search the shared references using Quick Search
Advanced Search, under the Search menu
Or by using one of the Lookup options under the Search menu
To see an index of authors, descriptors, or periodicals.
RefShare is an excellent way to allow others to add references from your account to theirs.
They simply need to select the reference(s) they want
And then click the Export button.
If they have a RefWorks account they can click the Export to RefWorks button
And the references will be imported to their account.
They can also export to a text file
In a number of different standard formats
That can then be imported into their program of choice.
Viewers can change the Language of the RefShare interface
Send an email to the owner of the Share
Or contact RefWorks tech support.
Now that you've learned how to share
And what viewers of the Share can do when you use the default settings
Let's talk about how different settings affect the RefShare experience.