Titanic Bracelets w/ Jenni Radosevich - 4/13/12 (FULL EP)

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Ain't nobody got time for that?
Ain't nobody got time for that?
Um hm.
Hi, guys.
How's it going?
It's Friday, the 13th.
This is MyDamnChannel LIVE and I'm your ghost Beth Hoyt.
Just kidding.
I'm the host.
And today as a guest I have fashion blogger, author, and
the creator of I Spy DIY, Jenni Radosevich.
She's also one of my best friends.
We've known each other since first grade.
Here are some pictures of us in high school.
OK, this was the Palms.
Jenni's on the far left there, Our friend
Megan is in the middle.
We are not cheerleaders, guys.
This is Palm, the dance routine at the half
intermissions of the games.
The next one.
This is Halloween in high school.
Jenni, again, is on the far left.
She's JLo.
Our friend Andrea is rocking the white Macy Gray look, and
I am a pear.
This is prom in high school.
Jenni is in the back.
She's got the, she's got the glittery eye shadow.
I mean, OK, we all did, so let's just be fair about that.
But I don't know why we're crouching.
Don't know, that's a mystery.
That was fun.
OK, but we can't forget that today is Friday the 13th.
So let's just remind ourselves with Brains from
Co-op of the Damned.

LUCIE: I know that it hasn't been fair stringing you guys
along like this, but I just, I honestly, I don't
know what to do.
You're both, like, so great.
JAMIE: You gotta be fucking kidding me.
BILL: Brains.
JAMIE: Lucie, I've known you for years, OK.
And I think you're beautiful and sexy.
You have that great hair and wonderful smile.
BILL: Brains.
LUCIE: See, I mean Bill cares about what's inside too.
You know, he's--
JAMIE: A zombie.

BILL: Brains.
LUCIE: Don't be cruel, Jamie.
JAMIE: How is that cruel?
I mean, he's literally a, a, a reanimated corpse that feasts
on human flesh.
His bite has a virus in it and it attacks its victims and
makes them zombies too.
We all know this.
He can't even speak, Lucie.
BILL: Passive-aggressive.
JAMIE: What?
What did you just say to me?
BILL: Fears physical confrontation.
LUCIE: Bill has a point here, Jamie.
I mean you could use like a bit more manliness.
JAMIE: I thought you liked that sensitive crap.
BILL: Oh, insincere.
JAMIE: At least I'm not going to eat you.
BILL: Totally will.
JAMIE: That's not what I m--
BILL: If that's what you want.
As much as you want.
LUCIE: Really?
JAMIE: That's not what I meant.
Lucie, I've been there for you--
BILL: Brains.
JAMIE: Lucie, any time you--
BILL: Brains.

JAMIE: Lucie, he is gross, look at his face.

What about all the times that I've been there for you.
I have.
Is that a limb?
BILL: I killed that douche at work you hate.
LUCIE: Ah, he did.
JAMIE: Lucie, I can promise you that I can give you
everything you need, OK?
I mean, he's a--
he's a zombie.
I mean, I don't know if I can get any clearer than that.
SONG PLAYING: Brains, brains, brains, brains, brains
LUCIE: I'm sorry, Jamie.

I hope we can still be friends.
JAMIE: You know what, you guys can go fuck yourselves.

BETH: Look, you guys, here she is.
This is my BFF Jenni Radosevich.
I can't believe you wrote a book.
JENNI: I can't believe you're hosting a show.
BETH AND JENNI: We did it.
We did it.
BETH: We haven't been this ambitious, I think,
since our road trip.
JENNI: Road trip.
BETH: Yeah.
Two summers ago?
JENNI: Two summers ago.
BETH: We explored the South.
JENNI: The South.
BETH: We went to Nashville.
BETH: We camped in the Smokies.
JENNI: It was wonderful.
BETH: And we had our most memorable night in Indiana.
JENNI: My most magical night ever.
BETH: Yes.
OK, so we got our really shady hotel.
JENNI: Shady hotel, yeah.
BETH: We got that set up.
And then we went across the street to Brewski's, where
there was karaoke happening.
JENNI: And it was a magical moment, where I
sang Baby Got Back.
BETH: She killed it.
She killed it.
JENNI: And you failed.
BETH: I was ambitious.
JENNI: Whitney Houston.
Whitney Houston.
BETH: Too much.
JENNI: Your first time karaokeing in
ever and Whitney Houston.
BETH: Shouldn't do that.
Just don't, don't do that.
But you killed it.
We changed lives.
JENNI: And the ladies were dancing.
Booties out.
Marines were buying us drinks.
BETH: People who hadn't stood up in years were dancing.
JENNI: I think we killed it in the South.
BETH: I think we made some memories.
OK, so since Friday is the list day, I took a picture of
the pool that was attached to our shady hotel.
It was probably like $5 each night?
JENNI: I would hope it was no more than that.
BETH: We pitched the tent in the hotel
because it was that gross.
Anyway, here's the list of the rules from the pool.
I took this on the iPhone, that's proof.
I'm going to highlight just a few of them, OK?
So I took that picture, here's three of the rules that were
on that list.
All persons shall take a cleansing shower
before using the pool.
I like this, this Ten Commandmentsy, you know,
approach to it.
JENNI: It's very [INAUDIBLE], this is what you need to do
before going into the pool.
BETH: The cleansing shower and it's like, it's like a cheap
tiny little pool of a bad motel.
JENNI: I mean, they call it the dirty South for a reason.
You've go to cleanse it before you go in.
BETH: Ah, next rule, OK.
Anyone who has or has had diarrhea in the past two weeks
shall not use the pool.
Here is the few things.
If you have it, yeah don't use the pool.
Secondly, if you're eating anything that Seymour, Indiana
has to offer you--
JENNI: Right.
BETH: --you're probably not eligible to swim.
JENNI: My question is how often have they had this
problem, that it needs to be number two on the list?
That it's just--
BETH: It needed to be addressed.
They're like, did something happen that they had to put
that in there?
Because it wasn't just common sense?
JENNI: Yeah, and happening so often.
BETH: There's the third rule.
I want to show you guys this one.
Anyone who has had an area of exposed subepidermal tissue,
open blisters, cuts, etc.
is advised not to use the pool.
So they are just advising that one.
That's not a rule necessarily.
Just like, you probably shouldn't.
JENNI: Yeah, and what is the et cetera?
BETH: Don't even want to know.
JENNI: I feel like you kind of covered it all in the, when
you listed it out.
BETH: Those are some pretty bad things.
JENNI: And it's the pool water that is the bad thing here.
BETH: Right, they are protecting you.
They're like, if you have these cuts, you might--
our pool water is not something you want to put on
these open wounds.
So let's get a breath of fresh air with a video.
This is from one of our frequent commenters, so we
love him, Mr. Jots.
He sent us his YouTube, his favorite YouTube video.
Because remember, how I want you guys to do that?
I want you to send me your favorite video with a quick
intro from you.
I want them.
Mr. Jots, what you gots?
How do you do, everybody?
Mr. Jots here.
And my favorite YouTube video is a complete nerd fest.
It's called Head tracking for desktop VR displays using the
Wii remote.
And it's a young researcher, named Johnny Lee, is showing
off some stuff that he's done with a Wii remote.
It's making an immersive 3D experience
using the Wii remote.
It's fascinating, and it's amazing and brilliant, and it
blew my mind.
And I've showed it off to loads and loads of
people over the years.
It's pretty old too.
The is like back in 2007.
So I mean, this kid was onto something.
Thank you very much and bye.

Here comes the shark.
Oh, it's going to be so scary.
Oh, I'm getting nothing here.
You're going to get single digit views with this thing.
Can you act a little happy?
This is our dream.
These are dangerous, dangerous mammals.
Damn it.
You're a big boy.
No, no, Jackson, don't look him in the eyes, all right?
It's a sign of aggression.

BETH: That video is going to be great.
We'll all see it next Wednesday.
And Mr. Jots, thank you for your video.
It's made my list.
Now, Jenny isn't just here because you want to chat and
talk about road trips because we do.
JENNI: We do.
BETH: But Jenni's going to DIY something for us, because
she's the expert.
What is, tell someone if they don't know how to DIY
JENNI: OK, so DIY is essentially I take looks from
celebrities, runways, all over, and I create easy
step-by-step projects that are affordable.
So you can get the look for less.
BETH: Yeah.
Let's do one for them.
JENNI: And today we are going to be making these little
nautical button bracelets, you know, because Titanic.
BETH: The 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking.
JENNI: You've got it.
BETH: And killing 1,500 people.
Let's celebrate it with jewelry.
So, we're making these button bracelets.
And all you need is nautical buttons and some string.
And we're going to start by--
So, this has an anchor.
This reminds me of that one other ship in the California
that was near the Titanic, that did not listen to the
cries, and the sirens, and the rockets of SOS.
And it didn't save any extra people that were drowning.
But they were just anchored nearby, safely.
So, what are you making now?
JENNI: We're going to do, so you put it through one side,
and then you make a little knot.
And then we're going to do the same thing on the other side.
BETH: You know, also, do you think if you're wearing heavy
jewelry you would sink faster?
And that would make like a painful, like freezing to
death, would make that easier?
To just sink?
JENNI: I don't like to think about things like that.
I like to DIY and make button bracelets.
BETH: So you've got the other side.
JENNI: So, Im doing the other side now.
BETH: Also, did you know that they lowered half the
lifeboats at the beginning, they were lowering them only
half-full, because they didn't know
they'd run out of lifeboats.
BETH: So the first--
isn't it just there's a bunch of them that went down there
with only half the amount of people in them, so that many
more people just died.
JENNI: I'm just going to knot this.
BETH: So, you're making knots.
So, now I'm doing some more knots on the end.
BETH: And there's also this little boy, he
was nine years old.
He was saved, but he told a story that after he went back
to, he moved back to the Midwest.
And he, when he would go to Detroit Tigers games, he
couldn't go to them, because the sound of everyone
cheering, when the home runs happened, it reminded him it
was the same sound of the people screaming as they were
drowning to death.
JENNI: Those are awful facts.
I don't know why you're talking about that, because I
like button bracelets.
And that's what I'm doing.
So after I made all the knot here, now we're going to put
it on Bethie.
BETH: I get to wear it.
JENNI: Oh, your fat wrist.
BETH: No, it's just the bone, I'm big-boned.
JENNI: Oh, no.
Well, we can't put that on Beth,
because she has fat wrists.
BETH: It fits, you guys.
It's working out.
JENNI: Oh there we go.
We got it.
BETH: It can't be on my hand.
Um, this is a great way to remember all the 1,500 people
who died on the Titanic.
JENNI: Or we could just talk about how they're really great
fun button bracelets, and DIY is amazing.
BETH: And this book I Spy DIY is available right now on
Amazon.com, but it comes out next week, Tuesday April 17th.
JENNI: You got it.
BETH: It's really exciting that you wrote a book.
Thank you for coming, Jeni.
JENNI: Oh, thanks.
BETH: Best friends for ever.
BETH: Now, that it's Friday, it's the end of the week.
And that mean it's time for Lessons
Learned With Beth Hoyt.

Lesson one.
A quick path to regret is thinking aw, if I shave my
legs quickly, I don't have to use lotion or soap.
Lesson two.
You can make an entire meal out of olives.
Lesson three.
No matter how much you tell him it bothers you, Reggie
Watts will always bring up that camp councilor.
You read a lot more if you don't download to Draw
Something app.
And lesson number five.
Don't go in that pool in Seymour, Indiana.
Have a good weekend, you guys.
MyDamnChannel LIVE will be back on
Monday at 4:00 PM eastern.
And on our big Wednesday show, we have Michael Showalter in
the studio.
Rest up, be good and don't forget that most of your
friends are cooler than you.