92313 Assessment and Therapeutics in Health Care 1 (academic interviews) - UTS first-year experience

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>> REBECCA DISLER: I coordinate Assessment and Therapeutics 1 and 2 which are the two
big clinical subjects in the first year of the nursing course and they give you the foundational
skills that you need, both in your career but importantly in the rest of the nursing
course. So they're the skills that you think of when you think about someone being a nurse.
Things like doing blood pressure or washing a patient or talking to patients. Students
really love the subject because for one thing it's just about doing those nursing skills
that you think of when you're a nurse but more than that the things that they really
enjoy are (1) doing clinical placement, going to the hospital. That is such a highlight
and that's the great thing about the UTS program. The reason why this subject is important in
the first year is because it really is a foundation to what you're going to be doing for the rest
of your nursing course and also for your career. It's so important that students both feel
comfortable with the basic nursing skills that they're going to be using but also that
they have the knowledge to then take forward and go to the more complex subjects they will
be doing in second and third year. University is about learning a way to think
and getting the teachers to guide your thinking, and I think that's sometimes a culture change
for people who are coming either straight from school or who haven't studied for a long
time and it's very much about understanding that university culture, not just in the way
that we teach, which is particularly in this course enquiry based. So we want students
to think and answer their own questions with our guidance. So there are a lot of supports
for students in the university. The main one being ELSSA. It's a fantastic centre that
really works with students to help them not only just with their writing skills which
has been a focus for them but also with all the skills you need academically, whether
it be communication, presentations, in the way that you present your work and also those
really fundamental things like paragraph structure for example or just how to structure an essay.
Within nursing specifically we use Blackboard which is a porthole which is almost a repository
for the subject documents and details and through that you have direct contact with
your lecturer and the coordinator of the subject. There are discussion boards which allow you
to talk with your peers and get answers both from the lecturer but input from the students
who undoubtedly are experiencing the same problems that you might be as well.
University life, nursing life, all of these courses - it's cliché but you get back what
you put in. And if you come engaged and enthusiastic and wanting to learn and wanting to be part
of the activities then you definitely will get a very positive experience in return for