Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Lester: Test 3, Part 3 - Discussion

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Should more people use public transport?
I think more people should use the public transport because it's better for the environment
'cos you use less fuel, less people drive and use less fuel.
And it would ease the traffic problem as well 'cos you see a lot of people, cars on the
road like a huge four by four and there's only one person in it and that's almost like
half or one third of the size of a bus. So it takes a lot of space and if all those people
took public transport then traffic would be much smoother.
Should public transport be free? I believe that public transport shouldn't
be free 'cos it might lower the quality of the public transport because of the, we don't
get enough fundings for new buses or maintenance. So I don't think that public transport should
be free.
What's the best sort of public transport? The best sort of public transport would have
to be the underground metro because it's very frequent - you get one every three minutes
during rush hour and it's, you can avoid the traffic as well. You don't have to get stuck
in the road for half an hour and you can get to almost everywhere in Hong Kong.
Is public transport good for the environment? I believe that public transport is good for
the environment because you can move more people with one bus than a car so it would
save fuel and it would produce less emission gas because less people or less cars on the
But public transport does tend to generate a bit more noise so you need a bit of a balance
for that again. Like it's good to have a mix of public transport and like normal cars on
the road.
Try to relate the question to your own experience. After all, it's your opinion they're looking
for. Good luck.