100 Subscriber Special - Troll Physics Special: Troll Prank! #2

Uploaded by redpheonix1000 on 16.11.2012

"Nember tru"
[Buddy] I need to pee. Do you have a bathroom?
[Troll] No! We poop in the yard!
Just kidding! It's over there!
*Troll mode, engage!*
Step 4: Set it as a wallpaper.
Step 5: Right click the taskbar and click "Properties".
Step 6: Check the box saying "Automatically hide taskbar" and click "OK".
Step 7: Right click anywhere empty on the desktop, select "See" (Or something like that) and uncheck "show desktop icons.
Now, it's time to...
*Toilet flush*
[Buddy] What did you do?
[Troll] I don't know! I was sitting here and this appeared out of nowhere!
To undo, reverse what you just did.
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