Castle Panic: Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt and Andre the Black Nerd join Wil Wheaton on TableTop, Ep 6

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WIL WHEATON: Most board games pit players against each other
in a furious combat that ends with a single victor.
But some games are so fiendishly clever, so
devilishly difficult, the players must join forces and
fight against the very game itself.
Today on TableTop, my friends, Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt,
and Andre the Black Nerd, are here to join forces with me,
as we attempt to hold off a seemingly endless onslaught of
trolls intent on overrunning our defenses
and ruining our day.
No, it is not Internet, the Board Game.
Today we will live together, or die alone in Castle Panic.

This is a Tower Defense Game.
They are immensely popular, single-player
games on the internet.
This is one of the very few board game implementations of
the style that is also a cooperative game.
So we will either all win or we will all be sitting on the
couch of shame.
The board is divided into three areas called arcs.
There's a blue arc, a green arc, and a red arc.
Each arc is further divided into three zones that are
targetable by archers, knights and swordsmen.
Green archer hits here, blue archer hits here.
The bad guys are trolls, orcs, and goblins.
They're coming out of the forest, advancing towards our
castle, trying to ruin our lives.
Every turn, the active player will draw cards and then trade
a card with another player so that they're in a position to
fight the bad guy most effectively.
This is how we work together.
We have to get useful cards to the active player so they can
target one of the guys that's coming in to knock down one of
our castle walls.
After all that happens, the bad guys will advance towards
the castle, and then we will do the entire
thing all over again.
Sounds fairly straightforward.
If the bad guys come in, and knock down all of our towers,
we lose the game.
If we manage to defeat all the bad guys, even if there's only
one tower left standing, then we win the game.
Sounds simple, right?
Not really.
These are the bad guys we have to defeat.

Well, I guess we gotta get busy living or get busy dying.
It is time to play Castle Panic.

ANDRE MEADOWS: Hi, I'm Andre Meadows-- or probably known
more on YouTube, Black Nerd of the YouTube
channel Black Nerd Comedy.
TARA PLATT: My name is Tara Platt.
I'm an actress, but I'm also the voice in a
number of video games.
YURI LOWENTHAL: My name is Yuri Lowenthal, and I'm known
for acting, primarily, and within that, voice acting--
interment, interment--
in video games, and animation, and things like that.
WIL WHEATON: Yuri, this is what you got.
So let's get into it and see if we can defeat
this fiendish game.
Well, we've got everybody starting in the archer rings.
I've got no--
WIL WHEATON: I have a red archer.
YURI LOWENTHAL: I don't know Castle Panic very well, which
I thought might be a problem with us playing today.
But luckily, I've got a good group.
And they seem all know what's going on.
WIL WHEATON: Why, don't you trade me your knight because
the goblin or troll will be their next turn.
And then I will trade you red archer.
Good choice.
YURI LOWENTHAL: I'll give you that, and I'll
put that in my hand.
WIL WHEATON: Very good choice.
Whack some bad guys.
YURI LOWENTHAL: I'm going to whack some bad guys.
WIL WHEATON: Whack them.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Do we know they're bad?
They look--
WIL WHEATON: They're trying to kill our castle.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Then they're bad.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Monster profiling.
All right.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Maybe they're just misunderstood.
I'm going to use this red archer to take out that goblin
over there, like this.
WIL WHEATON: All right.
WIL WHEATON: Goodbye, goblin.

TARA PLATT: But you've got two heroes you can still play.
YURI LOWENTHAL: I could just play those and
knock these guys down.
I could take this orc down one and that troll down one.
TARA PLATT: I think that's smart.
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, go ahead.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Let's go guns a blazing.
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
WIL WHEATON: No, you do it, you do it.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Down to one.
WIL WHEATON: It is one of my favorite mechanics in any
board game since the game, Mouse Trap.
YURI LOWENTHAL: And it's so simple.
It's simple, but satisfying.
And I'm going to hero this troll in the red zone.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Down one too.
Spin it.

So now we move everybody.
Moving monsters.
Tara, you want to help me with that one over there?
And gentlemen.
As much as I hate to admit.
WIL WHEATON: And now, I'll just shake the cup a little
bit for you.
And go ahead and draw your first monster out of the cup.

YURI LOWENTHAL: I think it's over here somewhere.
WIL WHEATON: Keep going, keep going.
A little to the left.
Now draw me like one of your French girls.

YURI LOWENTHAL: All right, I have an orc.
WIL WHEATON: You want to roll to see where the orc goes?
YURI LOWENTHAL: Yeah, let's position this guy.
WIL WHEATON: Section three.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Section three.
WIL WHEATON: And your second guy.
Another troll.
Section one.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Section one.
Andre, or Wil, would you mind doing the honors?
YURI LOWENTHAL: And thus endeth my turn.
Such respect for the game.
I'm up.
I've already drawn up to five.
Just point out that I have a scavenge.
Tara, if you want to trade something--
TARA PLATT: For example, perhaps draw two cards.
WIL WHEATON: --maybe any two cards.
And then maybe I scavenge for those two cards.
TARA PLATT: I think that could be a very good idea because
I'd like to kill some of those monsters.
WIL WHEATON: I am entirely in favor of you killing monsters.
TARA PLATT: I actually do know some of the people that I'm
playing the game with.
I'm married to one of them.
Yuri is my husband.
We've been married almost 10 years.
WIL WHEATON: Here you go.
Here's a knight.
I will take Draw Two Cards.
Hey guys, I'm going to draw two cards.
It's nuts when.
I'm gonna draw two cards.
Even if it takes me over my nominal hand limit, I will
draw two cards.
ANDRE MEADOWS: That is the rules.
And guys, I'm going to go scavenging.
YURI LOWENTHAL: What are you going to scavenge for?
WIL WHEATON: I'm going to scavenge for two cards.
WIL WHEATON: Hey, you guys.
I'm going to draw two more cards.
ANDRE MEADOWS: This is crazy.
Wil was really excellent in sort of tricking the deck, as
I like to call it.
WIL WHEATON: So with the red knight, I am going to whack
that troll.
And that troll now has a hit point, which we like.
And that is the end of my actions.
Now let's advance the monsters.
WIL WHEATON: Andre, you want to grab those ones?
WIL WHEATON: And from the cup of doom, I will draw an orc.
That's not that bad.
The orc comes up here in the forest on four.
And now I will reach into the cup, and I will pull out,
monsters move counterclockwise.

So all the monsters shift one arc that way.
So go ahead, go ahead.
ANDRE MEADOWS: It's different to play a game where
everyone's working together to win, as opposed to all the
games I've played before where it's like, I'm
going to be the winner.
So it's the opposite of reality shows.
I'm not here to win.
I'm here to make friends.
WIL WHEATON: Andre, you are up.
Let's see here.
TARA PLATT: This guy's down to one, the green one.
So if you use the green.
This guy's at two, so you might want to kill him.
I have a pretty good feeling that we're doing
a really good job.
And we've got nice teamwork going.
I think we have good strategy.
WIL WHEATON: We're working really, really well as a team.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Well, how about I give you a blue knight
because you're next?
And then you can use the blue knight on the troll.
TARA PLATT: That sounds like a great deal.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Why don't I assist in this?
ANDRE MEADOWS: I'm going to use, obviously, the missing
card, so that we don't have any drawing.
WIL WHEATON: That's a good choice.
ANDRE MEADOWS: I will use my swordsman to take him out.
TARA PLATT: Down to one.
WIL WHEATON: He's down to one hit point.
TARA PLATT: Because the wall will basically kill all of
those guys that are touching the wall now.
ANDRE MEADOWS: I also have a tar card.
WIL WHEATON: Tara has a blue swordsman and a blue hero and
a blue knight.
So if we stop one of these guys from moving,
we'll save a wall.
If we tar a guy, we'll save a wall.
And then you can slay him.
TARA PLATT: If you could save the one that's got the troll
coming behind him, I think that would be the best--
WIL WHEATON: Good choice.
WIL WHEATON: Good choice.
TARA PLATT: I'm a player that definitely thinks ahead.
And I think strategy is really important.
And I like that it's part of this game.
YURI LOWENTHAL: The most impressive player so far in
this game, I would have to say, Tara Platt by far.
I mean, she's gorgeous.
And she's really smart.
She's got a good head for strategy.
And I'll be sleeping on the couch if I
don't answer that way.

WIL WHEATON: Well, you want to tar him?
TARA PLATT: Tar him.

WIL WHEATON: You just got tarred, son.
ANDRE MEADOWS: All right, so then let's advance.
WIL WHEATON: The troll advances.
ANDRE MEADOWS: The tense moment for me, is definitely
when you have to move the monsters forward.
WIL WHEATON: So that orc advances, that orc advances.
TARA PLATT: This orc advances.
WIL WHEATON: That goblin advances.
TARA PLATT: This goblin is going to die
because of the wall.
WIL WHEATON: Die because he kills the wall.
Thanks, wall.
Good work.
TARA PLATT: You're welcome.
WIL WHEATON: And then this orc will hit that wall.
And that wall will kill that orc.
And then this orc will hit this wall.
ANDRE MEADOWS: I'm going to be honest
with you, I was worried.
After that first round when we knocked all those walls, I was
like, that's it.
Game over, man.
Game over.
It was going to be the shortest episode ever.
WIL WHEATON: Now it is your turn, Miss Tara.
TARA PLATT: I can definitely use a red and a blue knight--
oh, well, that guy needs two, so I could
use the two red knights--
YURI LOWENTHAL: To take him out.
TARA PLATT: --to take him out.
I could use this blue knight--
YURI LOWENTHAL: To take him down one.
WIL WHEATON: To hurt the troll.
TARA PLATT: --to take him down because I should also use the
hero with him.
WIL WHEATON: Use the hero to hurt him.
And then the swordsman for that.
TARA PLATT: And then the swordsman will be that.
The rampage that I had early on was really exciting.
It just happened to be the right combination for the
monsters that were out on the board at the right time.
So I just got to knock them all down, which was great.
WIL WHEATON: Dude, Tara's a [BLEEP]
boss at this game.
TARA PLATT: Take my knight, hit him.
WIL WHEATON: And now the troll's all, it's OK, she's
out of knights.
WIL WHEATON: That takes him down to one, which is good.
TARA PLATT: And then use my swordsman to take him out.
YURI LOWENTHAL: You've very successfully
protected our castle.
TARA PLATT: Thank you.
WIL WHEATON: Wow, that was a great turn.

You're into the cup of doom.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Into the cup of doom.
It's sort of like--
WIL WHEATON: Or you know what?
Maybe it's not a cup of doom.
Maybe it's a cup of happy candy pops.
TARA PLATT: Happy monsters that we can kill.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Candy, candy, candy.
No, it's a healer, which is bad for us.

YURI LOWENTHAL: Let's put him on three.
So this guy right here gets to go back to two.

WIL WHEATON: OK, so let's see.
I've got five.
I'm up to five, so I do not need to draw anything.
But I do need to trade this mortar to you, Andre.
WIL WHEATON: Oh, shoot.
I can't.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Because all I have is a brick.
WIL WHEATON: You know what, I just had it
backwards in my head.
You give me the brick, and I give you
the invisible swordsman.
WIL WHEATON: And then I'll take the brick.
So all I can really do now is any color archer, the troll.
We're going to be in a world of hurt in
section three in a minute.
YURI LOWENTHAL: But we're also going to be in a world of hurt
in section two.
And you can't build a second wall in three.
WIL WHEATON: So I think I just may go ahead and
build a wall for two.

YURI LOWENTHAL: Andre, build the wall.
WIL WHEATON: Chop, chop, chop.
YURI LOWENTHAL: There it is.

WIL WHEATON: All right.
Well, that's a good looking wall.
And that will be the end of my turn.
So Andre, you are up.
TARA PLATT: Do you want to move the monsters?
I forgot all about that.
YURI LOWENTHAL: You almost got away with it, too.
TARA PLATT: You have to move the
monsters to get new monsters.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Good try, Wheaton.
WIL WHEATON: So the orc hits this.
He loses a hit point, and the wall hurts him.
They all move up.
God, I have so much more.
Now, I've got to do all kinds of bad things.
YURI LOWENTHAL: I thought maybe it was
Andre's turn, but no.
WIL WHEATON: Every time I put my hand in that cup, I feel
like there's going to be a mouse trap in there.
And it is an orc.
OK, let's find out where the orc goes.
TARA PLATT: Anything but three.

YURI LOWENTHAL: Six is good.
WIL WHEATON: And now let's look, and it is--
green monsters move one.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Oh, you did.
You called it into existence.
You tempted fate.
WIL WHEATON: OK, here we go.
I'm going to own this.
We lose a tower, guys.
TARA PLATT: Bye, bye, tower.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Everybody cheer.
Because it builds character.
WIL WHEATON: And the healer moves forward, and the orc
moves forward.
And now, if we had just ended my turn when I said it was
supposed to be over.

Andre, I believe it is your turn, now.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Is there a time machine card in here?
WIL WHEATON: Oh, you got a Drive Him Back.
TARA PLATT: Oh, that's really good.

ANDRE MEADOWS: Let's drive back Mr. Healer there.

WIL WHEATON: Excellent use of Hadoken!
ANDRE MEADOWS: I love being able to push him back.
Because for some reason, I sense that in my head, some
magic spell or some power that just sends the goblin flying
all the way back to the forest.
But he's just like, all right, I'm coming back up.

WIL WHEATON: Now this is going to happen.
And the first one is, a plague knights.

TARA PLATT: You've been plagued.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Sad but true.
WIL WHEATON: Could have been worse.
Could have been worse.
TARA PLATT: Dysentery.
You realize all the three are swordsmen.
WIL WHEATON: That's how it could have been worse.
When we only had swordsmen and we drew a swordsman plague,
thus wiping out every active card we had,
that was pretty bad.
That may end up being the turning point for us.
So Andre, draw some bitching cards, dude!
YURI LOWENTHAL: It's on you.
WIL WHEATON: Draw good cards, draw good cards, draw good
cards, draw good cards.
TARA PLATT: Make a wall.
WIL WHEATON: Green swordsman.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Draw better cards.
Draw better cards.
ANDRE MEADOWS: I'm trying, guys.
I'm trying.
YURI LOWENTHAL: That's better.
WIL WHEATON: You can do it, Andre.
TARA PLATT: I like where you're going.
Keep that up.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Red archer.
WIL WHEATON: That's less good.
And another blue swordsman.

TARA PLATT: Did you say you have a red something?
ANDRE MEADOWS: I have a red hero.
That's good, because you can work on that knight.
WIL WHEATON: Andre is an incredibly smart player.
He figures out very quickly--
Tara's right, we should listen to her.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Now I can discard.
I would say that we probably can discard this red archer.
WIL WHEATON: But before we do that, let's consider what can
happen this turn--
because you're going to hero him and he's dead.
You're going to swordsman him twice and he's dead.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Wil is a very studied player.
Even before he sees the cards, he's got strategies.
And sometimes he assumes those strategies are going to work
before he even starts playing the things and realizes
halfway through that it doesn't work.
And then he looks to the rest of the team.
WIL WHEATON: There was a long stretch of the game where I
was the asshole.
All right.
So I originally thought that maybe you didn't want to
discard, but now I've talked myself into thinking that may
discarding's a good idea.
TARA PLATT: I think it's a good idea.
WIL WHEATON: So I will now recuse myself from the
decision-making process and let the
rest of the team discuss.
TARA PLATT: I think that it's a good idea.
ANDRE MEADOWS: The swordsman is discarded.
And he is replaced with--
TARA PLATT: Because we've got the big baddies coming.
ANDRE MEADOWS: --a blue archer.
WIL WHEATON: Oh, that's great.
ANDRE MEADOWS: All right, so now, it's killing time.
Let's start with the hero and have him kill the knight.
There goes my hero.
Killing me an orc.
So he is out.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Goodbye, orc.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Then it's like, ah, just one swordsman?
Aw, that's too bad.
You can't beat me.
Aw, what's that?

Hey, that was the Raptor door move.
YURI LOWENTHAL: It was the Malachi crunch.
ANDRE MEADOWS: All right, so I'm going to be moving--
WIL WHEATON: --the trolls.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Moving on up.
And then--
WIL WHEATON: And now you're going to reach
into the cup of rotate.
ANDRE MEADOWS: The cup of rotate, yes, I like that.

Buy a vowel.
A goblin.
Goblin is good.
Yeah, that works.
WIL WHEATON: We'll take that.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Number five.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Five is alive.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Five is alive.
All right.
And then one more.
Two girls.
YURI LOWENTHAL: Somebody had to do that.
You can't think of a different meme?
YURI LOWENTHAL: I knew it wouldn't be you.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Aw, go google that shit.
That's because of you.
WIL WHEATON: I think it's hilarious that you made a "Two
Girls, One Cup" reference and summoned the ultimate troll.

That's the end of your turn, right?
TARA PLATT: If I could have two more amazing cards--
perhaps brick and mortar or mortar and an archer.
So I will go fish with my green archer.
WIL WHEATON: And get brick.
TARA PLATT: And get a blue archer.
ANDRE MEADOWS: They both start with B.
TARA PLATT: Well, I'm into those blue men
over those green men.
WIL WHEATON: That's Enrique's brother, Henri.
WIL WHEATON: There all from different countries.
They're all named Henry.
TARA PLATT: Their dad was in the military.
Since there's no one to kill, I guess I shall have to
monster myself.
Which sounds dirty.
ANDRE MEADOWS: At least there's no boulders.
WIL WHEATON: It's a good thing you're sitting
next to your husband.
I'm going to monster myself with an orc warlord.

And number two is the goblin king.

Oh my god, the goblin king.
We knew this was coming.
Just don't draw the four one, Tara.
YURI LOWENTHAL: So draw and resolve.
TARA PLATT: So now I have three to resolve.
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, this is number one.
YURI LOWENTHAL: I'll tell what, you draw, and I'll
resolve it for you.
TARA PLATT: Draw four monster tokens.
TARA PLATT: Are you guys going to make me leave the table?
WIL WHEATON: Oh my god.
So instead of drawing two monsters on the cup that turn,
we drew nine monsters out of the cup that turn.
The only thing that would've been worse is if we'd gotten--

I'm sorry goblin king.
TARA PLATT: So now I have--
WIL WHEATON: Two more from the goblin king.
TARA PLATT: So here's the second from the goblin king.
It's a giant boulder.
Let's hit it in five.
GROUP TOGETHER: Giant boulder in five.
Giant boulder in five.
Giant boulder in five.
Giant boulder in five.
Giant boulder in five.
Giant boulder in five.
WIL WHEATON: OK, well, it kills this orc.
TARA PLATT: OK, I kill that orc.
WIL WHEATON: And knock down a tower.

All right.
And so here is the last one.
And it is an orc.
WIL WHEATON: Orc in three.
TARA PLATT: And I think that was all of them, right?

WIL WHEATON: Should I barbarian someone?
I should barbarian somebody and then scavenge the
barbarian right back out.
TARA PLATT: Yes, so that we have that card in play.
WIL WHEATON: I am going to barbarian the orc.
TARA PLATT: Yes, because there's two of him.
And the goblin king only takes one.
YURI LOWENTHAL: The orc is dead.
WIL WHEATON: All right, the barbarian's gone.
I am going to scavenge the barbarian.
WIL WHEATON: And bring the barbarian back.
That is awesome.
And I could play missing, so we don't draw this turn.
TARA PLATT: Can we see how many more are left?
YURI LOWENTHAL: There's only one left.
Oh my.
Did you feel the shock?
WIL WHEATON: That was wonderful.
WIL WHEATON: I enjoyed that very much.
TARA PLATT: You can just hold hands.
You're sitting next to each other.
I mean, that takes all the fun away, but you could do it
under the table.
YURI LOWENTHAL: We have been.
TARA PLATT: Of course.
I figured.
I assumed.
WIL WHEATON: You know what?
In that case, I think I should just draw it, and we should
get all the [BLEEP]
down on the table.
I agree.
And we'll hold on to that-- not that we need it.
WIL WHEATON: All right.
YURI LOWENTHAL: How bad could it be?
TARA PLATT: Don't say that.
Why would you?
ANDRE MEADOWS: Have you seen any movie?
YURI LOWENTHAL: It's about as bad as it could be.
TARA PLATT: Any trope out there?
WIL WHEATON: It's a troll.
And this last troll will be in two.
ANDRE MEADOWS: At least he's far away.
WIL WHEATON: All right, guys.
I'm happy to do this.

ANDRE MEADOWS: No more monsters.
TARA PLATT: So we've just got to kill ourselves.
Two, four, six creatures.
WIL WHEATON: We've just got to survive these guys.
And Andre, it is your turn now.
Did we move the monsters forward?
TARA PLATT: Oh, you don't like it when I say that.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Not that guy.
He's new.
TARA PLATT: He's new.
WIL WHEATON: We should have moved the monsters before I
put him out there.
TARA PLATT: I apologize.
WIL WHEATON: I always forget.
I forget that, too.
WIL WHEATON: God, I'm an asshole.
I'm really not an asshole.
YURI LOWENTHAL: And they're going to be awesome.
Green knight, blue hero, green swordsman.
TARA PLATT: Green swordsman's great.
WIL WHEATON: That's awesome.
Guys, guys--
we just won the game.
TARA PLATT: We still have to kill that monster.
WIL WHEATON: Well, maybe.
TARA PLATT: We did win the game.
WIL WHEATON: Oh, crap.
I was kind of an asshole today.
YURI LOWENTHAL: So first hero.
TARA PLATT: Take that.

WIL WHEATON: But I had so many opinions about popping up
right there.
YURI LOWENTHAL: And then green swordsman, boom.
TARA PLATT: But I was going to be the troll king!
YURI LOWENTHAL: You'll never be king.
WIL WHEATON: I was going to argue about politics.
TARA PLATT: Are you ready to move the monsters?

Oh, things just got interesting.
I just drew a red swordsman.
TARA PLATT: And I have a red swordsman that I
can trade to you.
If you want to give me your--
YURI LOWENTHAL: Oh, that's it.
Now we won the game.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Yeah, yeah, that's it.
You barbarian him.
You red swordsman-- oh, wait, wait, wait.
No, no.
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, he's a two.
TARA PLATT: And then you barbarian him.
WIL WHEATON: Tara, how about I trade you a Drive Him Back for
a red swordsman?
TARA PLATT: Oh, my goodness.
That's my favorite card.
WIL WHEATON: So I'm going to do that, and you're going to
hold onto it.
WIL WHEATON: And now, guys, I think I should build a wall.
TARA PLATT: I think you should.
Why don't you build it in six.
I love district six.
YURI LOWENTHAL: It doesn't matter.
I should
WIL WHEATON: Build a wall in the forest.
YURI LOWENTHAL: You know what?
Because people will say you're crazy now, but they'll figure
it out later.
WIL WHEATON: Guess what I learned by
watching you, Andre?
ANDRE MEADOWS: What's that?
The student has become the master.
Pow, pow, death.
But I wanted to put up a bunch of horrible pictures that when
you click them it went to Top Girl.
And now barbarian says, eat it, orc.
Guess who wins?

YURI LOWENTHAL: The game went kind of like this.
A bunch of nerds got around a table and
started to play a game.
And there were monsters in it.
And we drew a bunch of cards.
And then Tara would do something
really, really smart.
And then I would do something kind of stupid.
And then Wil would do something
kind of like an asshole.
And then Andre would do something
really, really funny.
And somehow those powers connected up,
and we won the game.
That's how it went.
WIL WHEATON: We're going to go downstairs
to the wall of victory.
Box, you're going to go to the loser couch.
TARA PLATT: Take that, monsters!

WIL WHEATON: Well, Castle Panic, you worked really hard.
You gave it your best.
I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of.
And I want you to maybe not think of this
as the losers couch.
Think of it more like, the not quite winners couch.
And I thought that maybe you would enjoy this nice glass of
consolation bourbon.
It's very expensive, it's very delicious, and I think you
will enjoy it.
I'm going to go downstairs now and congratulate the winning
team that I was kinda on.

Wow, guys.
Congratulations to all of you and your incredibly good
looking friend back there.
TARA PLATT: He's the tall, silent type.
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, well I think you guys played a great,
great game, if I do say so myself.
WIL WHEATON: Congratulations.
It is my incredible honor and my privilege to present to you
the official Table Top Trophy of Awesomeness.
As you can see, we have spared no expense on this show.
And now I will personalize your trophy.
What is the name of your team?
TARA PLATT: We are the Monsta Killaz.

is that Killaz with Z?
TARA PLATT: Yes, a large Z.
WIL WHEATON: Monsta Killaz, congratulations.
TARA PLATT: Thank you.
WIL WHEATON: Monsta Killerz are Tabletop winnaz.
WIL WHEATON: What's up?
WIL WHEATON: Now, sadly I have to take the trophy back from
you because we don't have enough money in the budget to
give everyone their own trophy.
But you get to keep the tape with your name on it.
It's going to go on Andre.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Oh, there we go.
WIL WHEATON: Congratulations.
YURI LOWENTHAL: We'll split that up later.
WIL WHEATON: All right.
Thanks so much for watching.
Congratulations to team Kicked the Game's Ass.
See you next time on TableTop.

Hey guys, wait for me.
I gotta go.
I'd like to have drinks with you after the show.