SALT Center

Uploaded by thesaltcenter on 25.01.2011

Casey: I'm from Wesley Village, California.
My major is history, I have a minor in sociology.
Kelvin: I'm originally from Castro Valley, California.
Right now I'm majoring in Management of Information Systems, which is
through the Eller College of Management.
Kiki: I am from Calabasas, California
and I'm a physiology major.
Amy: I'm from San Diego, California, and
my interests are the fashion industry and retail, which
is what I'm hoping to go into once I graduate.
Nora: I'm from Chicago, Illinois.
My major is Family Studies and Human Development.
Kiki: I chose to apply to SALT because
when I went here for orientation, or for my tour,
I realized that SALT was really just comfortable, it was
you know, I came here, I met some of the SALT specialists
and you could just go around, everyone was so nice
you know, so willing to tell you where to go if you were lost, and
tell you what's going on next, and just
it was really, really comfortable, and it just felt right.
It just felt right being there, and going to a big school
like the U of A, it was nice to know that you had a home base to go to.
Kelvin: One of the reasons that I chose SALT
was so that I could get the academic help I need to
be successful in my major.
Nora: SALT... my story comes from high school. I relied on
tutors and things like that, in grammar school as well as high school.
And then, senior year I found out about SALT
through one of my tutors, and she recommended it.
I applied, and I'm so grateful that I got in.
All of my success has come from SALT, you know, it
just pushed me through, you know, the four years that I've been here, and
... it's just been terrific, I'm just so grateful to be here.
Amy: I chose the University of Arizona for the SALT Center.
I chose it because there's so much academic support here, and
I knew the transition from high school to college was going to be
a challenge, and I knew that the SALT program would
be able to help me, as a student, get through the University, and guide
me, and give me the academic support that I had been receiving in high school.
Zac: I chose the University of Arizona specifically for the SALT Center
so I could acquire the help and knowledge I would need to
successfully conquer college courses.
Casey: In high school I used tutors, and needed extra time on tests, and
senior year, I was graduating from high school thinking
'I don't need tutors anymore. This is high school, it's done', and
I heard about the SALT Center, about tutors, and thought
college is definitely harder than high school, and
I definitely need to have tutors - I couldn't have gotten to senior year without SALT.
There's no way - I've had great tutors here, and
uh, I'm thankful to be here in my senior year right now.