Squirrel Wrangling 101 - Havahart.com

Uploaded by HavahartBrand on 25.03.2011

Squirrels. Sure, they're cute. But if you're a homeowner with a squirrel destruction issue,
cute only goes so far.
The good news is, it's easy to put squirrels in their place.
In a trap.
If you want to catch a squirrel, you have to think like a hungry squirrel. Bait your
trap with snacks that squirrels find irresistible. It's easy, because they like food we like:
peanuts, cereal, shelled corn, apples and popcorn.
Because small animals are known for stealing bait without setting off the trap, here are
two ideas to help make sure you catch your squirrel. First, instead of placing the bait
in the pan, dig a hole and place it underneath the trap pan. Or stuff it in a piece of PVC
pipe attached to the top of the trap. While the animal is working hard to reach the bait,
he's more likely to step on the spring mechanism that triggers the trap door to close.
Of course, placing the trap in the right spot is vital. Be sure to position the trap along
the path the squirrel takes to his favorite area, whether that's in your attic, garden
or near the birdfeeder.
Set the trap following manufacturer's instructions. This one's an Easy Set trap from Havahart.
And, as its name implies, it's very easy to use.
Before you know it...you've wrangled a squirrel!