Colorectal Cancer - Survivors Speak

Uploaded by HealthyMS on 28.11.2012


My name is James Raspberry
and I am a colon cancer survivor.
I knew there was something wrong with me,
but I didn't know.
Like most men, I figured it would go away
and it didn't go away.
I had a tumor the size of a baseball
inside of my colon.
The day after I was diagnosed with it,
they did surgery.
Unfortunately, the rate for colon cancer
is extremely high in the state of Mississippi
as it compares to other regions of the country.
We are limited by resources
and the rate of screening here in the state.
You should be screened at age 50
whether you are male or female.
It is suggested that colon cancer screening
at age 45 for African-Americans.
I was a little upset about it.
I had lost a brother to cancer
four years previous to my cancer
and I could tell there was something serious
in my daughter's faces when the doctor
came in and gave me the results.
Yes, you can die from it and the death
is not something particularly pretty.
I didn't give it a lot of thought
until it set in about three days
after I had surgery when I finally realized
how serious it was.
Every time I start a colonoscopy,
I don't know always what I am going to find.
If I find something
that I can take care of, that's fine.
If I find a lesion in someone
that has waited too late, when they
are recovering from sedation, I am gong to tell them
something that changes their life forever.
From that point on, they are now a cancer victim.
I had colon cancer in 2009.
I have gone back every year since then
for a regular colonoscopy check up,
and when I did mine in March of this year,
he told me he would see me in three years,
so you know that's good news.
Proud to hear those words.
It's quite simple.
If you do it, you can save your own life.
Encourage your family members to do it
when they get to the appropriate age
or if they have these problems.
It can be life-saving.
Colon cancer is a totally curable cancer
with early detection and screening.
All you have to do is just go and get screened.
The best advice I can give is don't act like a dummy.
Your body will tell you something is wrong.
It made a firm believer out of me on that issue.
The man thing ain't worth the chances!