Kpop Music Mondays - B2ST "Beautiful Night"

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This week’s Music Monday will make West Coast rappers crunching,
with Batoost’s “Beautiful Night”
Okay, so we are very torn about this song and video
At first we were surprised to hear this type of song coming from B2ST
because they’re normally more serious and angsty sounding
They’re, like, a bit darker, you know?
So to hear such a fun and uppity song from Batoost was really surprising...
but we really quite like it
It’s upbeat and has a really addictive chorus
The singing sounds great, and it gave off a really fun summer vibe
It’s an awesome song and a really fantastic comeback for B2ST
and never forget that
because you’ll need it for later on
The video, on first glance, is really fun and has some pretty hilarious parts to it as well
B2ST looks like they’re having a great time in New York,
especially when they’re together around all of the cars,
except for this guy,
who’s doing his best impersonation of
a rooster taking a poop,
and Yoseob is really happy at how pretty he looks,
and then there’s this guy waving to people he’s never seen before
and more than likely never meet again
And then when he realizes that he doesn’t know them
he tries to walk it off with a serious face.
What the F*** IS THAT??
I don't know
I thought it was your friend
I thought she was your friend
Don't worry, bro
I know that feel
And then this guy realizes that he has indeed knocked on the wrong door,
and tries to walk it off all cool,
in his inauspicious lobster colored Rodeo Clown suit,
and then this guy who
whoa! is so stylin that he pirouettes in the middle of road
in his flower covered shorts and hot pink jacket.
Oh! And then there’s that surprising amount of male Batoost fans
that is in the very natural looking paid audience.
I don’t know if your experience is different than mine,
but the balance between male and female kpop fans is heaaaaaavily on the side of women.
I also love Kpop
Hey man, I came to Korea and I just got into it
It is great
wow.. That's so cool to hear that man
I thought I was alone in this
Really?! NO…
I thought I was alone too
It's soooo crazy
Yup. Simon is kindof a rare breed
Probably has something to do with all the murders
Now when it comes to the rest of the music video,
I can’t think of a time that we had such opposing reactions
On one hand, we think this is a really fantastic song,
but on the other hand, we thought the video was profoundly bad
So, let me warn you, the rest of this Music Monday isn’t gonna say the nicest things
We got a serious issue here we want to talk about,
and we’re offering you the chance to bail now before you start feeling offended
Because we’re really super good at offending people
Even when we make simple videos about eating food in Korea,
we get emails about how we offended people,
so this is gonna...well..just flee while you still can!
A lot of you know we’re big fans of Batoost:
I’ve got photo evidence here to prove it from their performance in California
I even made a shirt and website that helps you pronounce their name
So don’t you dare accuse us of being haters.
Like we said, the song is great,
buuuuut we’re upset with producers of the video who we think did such a terrible job
And if you are still here watching this review,
Let us tell you why we are so upset
There are couple major things wrong about this video
one of which being how screamingly insincere it seems
Come now! Be honest:
does Beast give off the vibe that they hang around in hydraulic low riders,
with their skater and bmx biker friends from New York City?
Do you really think that the same people who pimp out their rides with hydraulics are bumping to Fiction?
I feel like a Venn Diagram would be useful here:
Side note, please correct me if I’m wrong here,
but I was under the impression that car hydraulics are more representative of a
West Coast hip hop culture thing,
not a corner of Greenwich New York Kpop kinda thing.
I know that spray painting is currently the trendy badass thing to do in kpop right now,
but do you really think that graffiti artists in New York City would paint a mural of Batoost
ON TOP OF an RIP memorial mural for someone who,
and I quote, is the Voice of the Ghetto.
Does Batoost strike you as relevant to the voice of the American ghetto?
I myself cannot claim to be the voice of the New York ghetto,
especially since I’m Canadian,
but I’m pretty sure that Batoost neither speaks to
nor are they spoken to by that voice
I don’t think that voice knew Korean
Do you know what I’m saying?
It seems like this video is trying to make Batoost seem like they’re cool with parts of cultures
in which they realllllllly don’t fit.
Batoost is not New York urban subculture.
They are mainstream Korean pop idols.
It’d be like One Direction coming to Korea
and having Korean breakdancers and Korean DJs rocking out with them,
because One Direction really speaks to that crowd
So that’s one big thing that bothers us.
Bigger than that, though,
was the audience present when Beast is performing.
I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure that quite a significant percentage of Kpop fans are...
Usually, in a Kpop video like this,
I’d say
“Look at all them white people!”
But now I’m more thinking to myself...
why...are there no Asian people?
If Batoost were performing in the streets of New York,
which has the highest total Asian population of any U.S. city proper
(we looked it up online. Thanks Wikipedia!)
then I’m pretty sure, kpop fan or not,
there should be...SOME Asian people in this crowd.
THAT’S what makes us so uncomfortable about this video.
The concert audience is a handpicked group of actors.
It seems to us that Asian people,
who are a significant portion of the kpop audience,
were not just completely unrepresented,
but it feels like they were intentionally excluded.
You know what would have made for an AWESOME video?
A documentary style video of Beast actually interacting with NYC,
eating hot dogs,
struggling at ordering in English and laughing together,
trying to learn how to skateboard and failing and then succeeding.
In between those shots you can keep the shots of them
walking on the street looking swagging and jumping to the song.
It's okay
Most importantly,
how about a Beast street concert where the REAL fans from NYC show up with glittery signs and Beast glow sticks,
so they can sincerely scream their guts out
because it's the first time for them to see Beast in their hometown.
That would have been an awesome and sincere showing of their real popularity in NYC,
not faking their popularity by hiring actors to represent subcultures that don’t fit Beast AT ALL.
B2ST going to New York City had such great potential
to show how big Kpop is outside of Korea
if they invited real fans to the set.
It makes me feel….soooo icky
B2ST isn’t trying to be part of the culture.
They don’t participate in or interact with anything there.
The producer of this video tries to show that
all these cool people from NYC
love them and flock around them
but it just paints a really arrogant picture of a band
that I don’t feel is actually that way at all.
I guess the final point is this
Flying B2ST to NYC had great potential to show the North American media
in an honest and accurate way
how big Kpop is.
Instead, we thought this music video was made specifically for a Korean audience
to watch and be like
WOW! Kpop is really really cool in another country
super cool people from other countries look up to B2ST
What really upsets us the most, is that
it feels like the producers were trying to hide actual Kpop culture in North America,
which - in my opinion - is much more impressive
than a bunch of hired extras pretending to love B2ST
Even though we didn’t like this video at all,
we still love Batoost and we still love this song.
To support the band’s music, rather than their video,
we still want to give away the new Beast CD,
which we bought for you guise.
Stick around to the end of the video
and we’ll let you know how you can win it, and a Batoost shirt as well.
Batoost 4 Lyfe!
[The English]
As for the English of the song, we give this a
Mugging out of 5.
It sure took us a looong time to figure out what they were saying in the chorus.
It’s supposed to be
I’m yours, namani (nahmani being Korean),
but the second time is totally English,
I’m yours, NOBODY
but I could have sworn they said
Not in HOWEVER ripito fipito sipi slow motion.
Probably because he was hanging out in the back alleys of New York and got mugged.
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