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Hello, I am Hyomin from t-ara.
What you think you're doing? I thought you came here to practise?
The fans designed a car specially for me.
We are the maknae...
Jiyeon ahhh....
Guys with big eyes....
What do you girls think about taking care of babies?
Why suddenly talk about taking care of babies?x2
We are already taking care of 1 baby right now.
Theres also 1 older aged baby, which is quite old.
Do you know how difficult is it to take care all of you?
Try imagine taking care of more than 1 baby...
3 babies?
Moon Mason
Moon Mavin
Moon Maden
It looks like its Mason.
Help Mavin to get prepared for an outing.
If failed, you will lose the opportunity to become the mother.
why do you wear so much of clothes??
I dont want to wear...It will hurt~
I hate wearing clothes!
Do you want to wear this? x2
The mission starts already! Take off the clothes first.
The mission already started~
Try you look at this~ x2
I let you eat something and theres a friend on top of it.
Do you have to take off the pants?
The time is already over...
Both of you are fired from Hello Baby.
You mean us?
What can we do now~???
Make Mason eat the kimchi.
You dont like to eat kimchi?
I like to eat bread.
What korean people like to eat? Kimchi~
Its really delicious~
Its delicious~
I dont like spicy kimchi.
Its not spicy. I dont like spicy kimchi.
Its not spicy.
Kimchi is the best! x2
Its so noisy. Please keep quiet.
Now its the time Mason make the decision.
Use the fork to choose which food you want to eat.
Choose now~
I chose already!!
If its like this then we will be counted as unsuccess for the mission.
Then eat the bread, eat the bread then, Mason.
We'll eat the bread.
Take a look at this. Its cute isnt it?
We'll finish the food and play with this later. okay?
You mean the car? x2
After you finish the food, we'll play with the car.
Mission success~
Then what should we eat?
Please make your decision now~
Wahhh...so cute~ It must be delicious right?
Should we take a picture as a souvenier?
Wahh...you really can eat.
Its my first time seeing such a small baby like this.
What to do?? He's too cute~
Mission: Stop Maden's cry within 1 minute(3 chances)
How to take care of him? Mission: Stop Maden's cry within 1 minute(3 chances)
Mission: Stop Maden's cry within 1 minute(3 chances)
Why do you really have to cry?
The mission starts now.
Dont cry, dont cry, dont cry...
What to do now?? ahhhh~
Why theres only 3 of us in this team?
What to do~~??
He stopped already.
We'll sing a song for you.
Mission success~!
I think only bo beep bo beep can communicate with him.
We all success already! I think only bo beep bo beep can communicate with him.
We all success already!
Can you see?? We finish our mission already!
Where are you hiding??
He is really beautiful(or pretty)
Where are you trying to go? Dont go... I am angry already...
Hyomin ah, he dont really care about you.
Come sit here, sit here,....nevermind...I already used to it.
Starting from now, we have to behave like a mother.
There are 2 people not here.
Where are them?
No, who ever is sitting here right now is the mother.
Only the success one can become the mother.
Since we are the qualified ones,which can take care of the baby. We should keep away from them.
Definitely cannot....
What crime we had commited?
But we already had done our best...
Its not correct, the audience must some some unclear parts.
Maden, he had been crying for too long.
They did not do well either.
For Mason, they made him eat the kimchi and even force him to take pictures.
But for us, Mavin was so happy at that time.
He was really happy. Before he left he even kissed us and we did not force him to.
He even kissed us a few times. From his view, does he know we are women?
The age difference between me and him is 16 years.
The age difference between you and him are much more closer.
Is that even possible?
Ahh!! Are they really going to dump us here and go for filming?
But the most funniest thing is they dump us and go, I thought we all had the same schedule.
We all woke up early together and prepared and we came here together.
Then in the end, they dump us here with this small camera.
And we even have to handle the camera ourselves.
Even mic also dont want to give us
It shouldnt be like this...
I am already speechless right now.
From now onwards...
We are going to catch them.
Please come over here...
Its not suitable...Let's switch hands...
This is really like a punishment to us...
My shoulder really hurts...
Theres our son~!!