Wainy Days #37: 'Kelly and Arielle - Part 5'

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-We gotta get that Walkman.
-Now you can listen to the book on tape.
-I'm gonna know everything about Rosewood Junction and
then Arielle's gonna fall in love with me.

MALE SPEAKER (ON WALKMAN): She passed Jeremiah's farm, went
across the bridge, and traveled over the hillside.
Before she knew it, she was at the train station.
I'm just, uh, listening to the latest track
from Beyonce here.
MALE SPEAKER (ON WALKMAN): Walked across the prairie, and
walked down the garden path.
And she never went back to Rosewood Junction again.
The end.
I love Beyonce.
-So great.
-Grandma Rose isn't just the head of the rectory she's kind
of symbolically the mother figure of the whole junction.
You really liked that book.
-Actually, I didn't like it.
-You didn't?
-I loved it.
-Just like I love having dinner with you.
-Hey, you.
I likey.
-Now I want to put my foot on your crotch to see if that
kiss aroused you at all.
Not quite yet.
-Soon, I'm sure.
-I hope so.
-Still no?
-Sometimes it takes a really long time, and sometimes it
doesn't happen at all.
-That's OK.
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah.
Might be best if we, like, move on to talk about
something else, and then we'll come back to it.
-Oh, OK.
-'Cause it could take some time.
Well, I was raised in New Hampshire, but I've been here
almost five years.
And one day, I hope to start a blog.
-You know, what just totally kills me about Rosewood
Junction is Jeremiah's breakdown.
When he lost it, I lost it.
I mean, this is a guy who had everything--
-I'm sorry, but I--
I don't think you've asked me like one personal question
this entire time.
-Hey, hey, hey.
You're starting to sound like Manuel.
Before he left the Junction, I mean.
-Do you even know my last name?
-Do I--?
Do I even--?
Do you even know my last name?
-You've got to be kidding me.
-No, I'm not kidding you.
-This is you. (IN WEIRD VOICE) Uh, do you even know my last
-That's an impression of me?
-Now, but that's how stupid you sound.
I'm just--I'm saying what a stupid question--
-All right.
You know what?
-Well, don't leave.
Have a great life.
-You're misinterpreting what I'm saying.
-Snicklepickercocker is my last name.
Which you wouldn't know, because you didn't ask.
I'm gonna walk home.
-Goodbye, Arielle Snicklepickercocker.
-Sorry, Wain-o.
Rejection can be rough.
I should know.
I've submitted over 100 cartoons to The New Yorker,
and they rejected five of them.
-Hey, here it is.
I hope Chez appreciates us coming to his show.
-I think it's sweet that you're supporting a neighbor,
even though he burger-doinked your girlfriend.
-Ah, welcome, theater lovers.
-Hold on a second.
-Oh, yes, you're right.
We own the theatre.
This is our theatre.
Goodbye to books on tape.
-And goodbye to rent collecting and hello to livin'
the dream.
-Oh, I think it's sweet that you guys found true love.
-Also, you might have noticed, I'm not in
a wheelchair anymore.

-Long story short, I'm not in a wheelchair anymore.
-Well, that is a very short version of the story.
-That Patricia.
She takes the long out of everything.
MR. STICKLAND (OFFSCREEN): Come on, come on, come on.