BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad Full Live Action Movie (Eng Sub)

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Subtitle by Aldi Arman
I'm already 16 years old...
but I already know how my life'll look like...
Yesterday, today...
Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow...
Every day, without many changes...
Hey Tanaka!
What's with this melon bread you bought?
Don't say 'eh'!!!
The surface is spoilt all over!
This is not how the melon bread should be!
even if I exist or not...
the world is still moving forward.
Hey, koyuki!
How long are you going to let the Hyoudo band bother you?
He's Yukio Tanaka, right?
Why call him Koyuki?
Earlier, there were two Yukio Tanakas in class.
The smaller one was given the name Koyuki.
It's right.
I'm a boring guy.
I was wondering if I'll always lead this kind of boring life...
Until I met this one guy...
He looks so scared.
Shaking like a leaf, Man.
You don't hold on tight.
Come on, let's see you jump it.
He ain't taking the risk.
You want us help you jump, huh?
Just f**king jump, Man.
He's f**king ugly!
Do you want us to push you over? You little freak of nature!
What's that?
Are you some kind of hero?
What are you doing, man?... - Sorry, sorry.
Mother fucker man!
Skinny bastard!
You think you can get away with anything, you fucking white trash?
Fuck you!
Apologise to him!
APOLOGISE, Goddamnit!
Are you fine?
It hurts, it hurts!
I got carried away..
This one is Beck!
He is my friend!
I'm Minami Ryusuke.
I'm Yukio Tanaka.
All the people call me Koyuki.
Ah, shit!
Wha... Wait!
Serial Mama Open/5:30pm-Start/6pm.
Didn't you hear what I said?
Hey Yuji!
Why do we have to die our hair for the same colour?
That's our band policy.
Our music is not going to get better with the hair color.
Calm down, calm down!
Calm down, calm down.
That guy's there!
He's got decent technique.
It seems that
guys from the recording company came!
Hey! This guitar! It has holes!
They won't do.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
It was a failure!
Us working together.
I will create the best band ever!
I will create one too.
This is your punishment!
I'll throw you into the darkest pitch!!
It's your fault!
They found out my meals, my habit even my address!
I'll pay you back.
Since when do you have that much?
I'm sorry.
Can't do!
I said calm down!
I'll introduce you to girls!
There are lots to choose from.
I promise man!
I want a hottie!
This... what time is... this this one...
What time is your... you know.
Closing time?
Yes, this one!
Japanese language is haaaard!
Obasan, I'm home.
Oh, Beck, welcome home.
I'm living and working here.
I see.
You have lots of CDs here.
Did Beck run away again?
A regular customer of the fishing pond - mr. Satou.
Greatful Sound.
A festival gathering for all the best bands.
Right, Ryuusuke-kun?
Here, 300 yen.
Good night! Good Night!
This song... you played it today?
We covered Dying Breed's "Flatliner".
The guy holding a guitar is Dying Breed's Eddy, my close friend.
Are you ready asshole? Telecaster SG.
____caster..Rick 'n Becka ..White Falcon Rock 'n Roll.
That guitar...
Get the F**K out of here.
Come on Man! I need to see him.
Dying Breed just got a major record deal.
And I can deal with the F***ing top flights, you know that?
Please I gotta leave New York tomorrow.
Hey!... Eddy... Hey, man!
Listen, bro.
You're gonna keep playin' in Japan, right?
Yeah, man.
I know music is gonna keep us together.
Listen, we gotta jam together again some time, ok?
Doesn't matter if it's a huge festival... or some tiny fckn club.
Listen... Take this, okay?
Just take it man.
Just take it, man.
Take care.
Hey, Eddy!
I'll ______ this
one day.
Aaaaaargh! For God's sake!
Can't you just shut up?!>
I'm trying to read a manga.
Damn it, Maho, I told you not to come with that act.
Hey! Hey!
My little sis, Maho.
My parents aren't home, so she's staying here.
Oh Yea!
I have to give you something for saving Beck.
Are you talking about reward?
Oh, don't bother.
C'mon tell me.
Is there anything I can do for you.
teach me how to play a guitar.
I'll give you this guitar.
If you want me to teach you.
Stop by anytime.
Hyoudo-Kun asked you to... buy him a Melon bread.
We told him!
Sensei... Sensei.
Sensei... Sensei!
It's locked.
You! Stop it right now! Hey!
What are you doing!?!!
Stop it, you brat!
It's Dying Breed's "Flatliner".
You chose a cool song.
Who are you?
I'm in Class 1 B... Sakurai Yuji... I just transferred today.
It's better if you don't talk to me a lot.
That guy... is playing guitar at the roof.
That Koyuki is so cocky!
So you guys are Hyouda group.
The guys who make school unbearable, huh?
Who the hell are you?
I thought I'll give this to you.
Dying breed's live from Germany.
The stairs are barricaded.
The first one was for five days.
Can you go drinking today?
So that... erm...
But... we can split the cost...
During the time we didn't see each other, your Japanese improved greatly.
It might be sudden, but...
Would you like to be in a band with me?
To be honest, Eiji asked me too.
The earlier jam with him, you know...
he's improved so much so quickly.
If you want me to play with you... come when you find an amazing voice.
Let's eat yakiniku (fried meat).
Hey, hey, do you know him?
I ain't gonna tell ya... You'll know when ya hear him.
Who asked you? You're just a nobody.
You should never get the mic... Let me tell ya, you gonna get dumped.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
If you're for the MC. Make some noise!
If you're for Chiba. Make some noise!
That's for sure, CHIBA!
DJ Harry, drop it!
Yeah, come on let's do it.
Let's go!
Hurry and just finish it to the final.
Your rapping is just plain boring.
Shut up and stop your barking... You'll soon go crying.
Just get it over, I want no more.
I feel sorry for this guy here.
The music, listen to the music... Or are you deaf and can't hear it?
You've been babbling gibberish..
All this time nothing but gibberish.
You've got no fans, no brothers... Just go home!
Hey, we've started so I hafta finish it.
There's still time if you wanna quit now.
I'll make you regret it all... I'm gonna beat ya in this show case.
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Look, look...
If you're for Chiba, make some noise!
People for Oz, give him a shout!
The victory goes to Chiba!
Oi, what's wrong, Chiba?
It's not here...
After all, there's only Taira's bass for our band!
Just tell me the truth.
Is it all about money?... Aah, that hurts, Man..
Or maybe it's your lucky day.
I don't care whichever way.
You can just do it your way.
I've still got some business to deal with, so you two can leave first.
I thought you're going to take me out to yakiniku!
Get Koyuki to treat you.
Hello... Yakiniku?
Hey, Yoshito... What's up!
Right now?
Hey, the girls are really coming?
Wait just a little bit.
The hotties will be here.
Lots to choose from...
Here he comes.
The bassist from earlier...?
Ryusuke, is this that Chiba guy?
Can he really sing?
The other day I met a guy.
He tried to pick me up... But he's such an asshole, right.
But he drives a BM convertible.
Really? Oh my god, I love that car.
I know, me too...
But you know, he's gross... Like he twitches his eye when he talks..
Which is so disgusting.
So lame... But there are guys like that at American schools too, right.
Hey, Guys...
Yoshito!... Hey Maho.
Hey Saori.
You finished shooting?
That means toilet, right!
I guess so.
Oh yea, ... You're not so good with Kanji, right!
Shut the F**K up!... Mind your own business.
Who are you?
What the heck?
What's wrong?
I'm not going home today.
I'll go to Ryusuke's place.
I'm sorry about earlier.
It's ok... It's true that I'm not good at Japanese.
That's the reason why yesterday... I got fired from my part time job.
Your Japanese is good enough.
Just Kidding.
I see how it is.
Ryusuke, what's the song?... Evolution.
Let me borrow this mic to tell ya... There are things out there you've gotta respect.
Now we're here, just try to grab it.
Whatever goal you're aiming for.
Nice to see y'all here, folks..
How do you say full moon in Japanese?
Ah, that's it.
I'm walking down this believe in the hope to find the sun.
And I'm guided by the wind that blows against my face.
Well, you know I...
"Naked" wasn't it?
Dying Breed's song, right?!
I like it very much so I remembered it.
Was my pronunciation okay?
That guitar...
Let us borrow it for a lil bit.
Did you just...
laugh at me?
Don't play dumb!... You just laughed at me!
I did not.
"Ryusuke's Snake Pit"... - Nope!
Minami Ryusuke and Family..
Why's all got your name?!... So lame!!
Shut up... Why don't you come up with a name then?
Is Beck ok?
But that's a dog.
Lets just use it as a temporary until we come up with a cooler name.
Who are you?
Oh, you came!
What's this?
I'm sorry.
It's my fault that this happened.
I'm sorry.
Get the F**K out of here.
What's wrong?
Yelling out loud.
Did you go to Ryusuke's place?
This can be fixed.
Give it two months, I can have it fixed.
Are you sure?
Why don't I pay for the repair?
You're a big help!
The Sri Lankan guy who worked here before just quit... I didn't know what to do.
Doing slave work like this... no wonder he ran away!
Hey, don't slack!... Hurry up and finish the job!
We've got a deadline at six o'clock!
The pay is only 500 yen an hour..
This is slavery!
Stop complaining!
Just get the job done!
And then...
Wrong! How many times do I need to tell you?
Pick on the notes one by one.
Do it again!
But why are you wearing swimming gear?
It's hard to tell now, ... but I was an pre-olympic swimmer when I was young.
Wow, you looked totally different!
When I failed the Olympics selection, ... I was so depressed... But you know my consolation...?
These guitars!
Now, do it from the beginning!
Chiba and Taira and Toma and Ryu... We're BECK.
Ryusuke-kun, ... I'm sorry but working with you isn't fun anymore.
You just don't fit in my scale..
Hey Toma-kun!
Let him go.
Why are you so hasty?
Why did you come here?
I've got the guitar fixed.
Get outta here!
I've got more important stuff to do.
I've got no time to fool around with you guys!
What the..?!
Shut up, you ass!!
Do you even know how hard he worked to fix that?
You know..
Yo, Koyuki.
Isn't that the guitar from before?
You got it fixed, huh?
Lend it to me.
No way.
Stop staring, it's annoying!
Teach him a lesson!
Take this.
Hold him.
Stop it there!
Whatcha boys doing?
What's with you?
Get away!
He told me everything.
I know..
1..2..3... YAYYY...!
Doesn't sound like he's just started playing the guitar a few months ago.
He must be practicing so hard.
The drums... Wanna play?
He's got the feeling for it too.
You want those two with BECK?
Just as supporting members first.
Saku is okay... but Koyuki isn't up at our level yet.
I just wanna... give them a go.
No way!
If we keep going like this, ... we might have to disband.
Having great musicians doesn't always guarantee the band's success.
Chemistry is also important.
Is it really okay?...
It's too soon..
You'll make it through.
Let's do it!
After you.
Yeah... After you.
After you.
Come on now.
New members of BECK... Koyuki and Saku... Give 'em your support... Evolution.
Koyuki, stop gazing at the floor!
So terrible!
I missed the last train... Let me crash here, Koyuki.
You made this, Maho?
Yeah, it's my dream.
I wanna be a movie director.
I'm sure you can do it... This is so cool!
I'm off to bed now.
Lend me a T-shirt.
Will I make it?
I feel that I'm stuck.
Ryusuke told me that... you put too much effort on the action..
But lacking in the feeling, Koyuki.
He said the most important thing is what you want to express.
You can have that... It's the pic used by Dying Breed's Eddy.
You sure I can have it?
Koyuki, the time will come when you want to express your feelings too.
But it's been a long time since I saw Ryusuke having so much fun.
Umm... Eh?!
Dying Breed... is coming to Japan!
You think Ryusuke-kun will take us to meet Eddy?
No way!
Dying Breed sold millions now all over the States.
Anyway, is he really friends with them?
The new song, "Looking Back"
It's not completely done yet.
The music is pretty good, but...
It won't suit Chiba's vocal?
That's it... That's the problem!
But it's my song, so I'll sing it.
It's in English... So I'll do it.
I've passed the English Proficiency Test level 2.
This song... Can I sing it?
Ah, I mean..
It's about Maho, right?
Jesus Christ...!
Hey! it..?
You've got a new vocal, so I'm out?
Idiot!... Our concert won't be fun without you!
You're our band's greatest front man!
We'd never fire you.
Really?... Really!... That's great!
TV... ON!... Their major debut has finally been set.
This video clip you're watching now is their single "Falling"
which was shot at a studio in New York. ... Eiji!
It was directed by the famous Chris Montgomery.
And produced by the former producer of Noir.
Rumour has it the promotion costs 30 million yen..
Hey, hey... he suddenly shot up to stardom!
The CD for their single has been sold out.
A member of the Legendary Visual Kei band "Noir" commented that...
with this upcoming band We'll see the birth of another legend.
The venue is open now.
Please proceed slowly to the hall.
Get in the venue.
I can't wait for it!
Wow, the hall's packed!
We're really this popular?
Dying Breed's Eddy will be dropping by today.
Eh?!... Huh...?!?
The info must have leaked.
You're kidding, right?
Don't say that calmly!!
I'm not kidding... I didn't say anything 'coz I didn't want to put pressure on you guys.
I see.
If you're not kidding, ... then this is the chance to sell our band.
Koyuki... you're in the middle of the concert!!
Let's change the song... Eh?
God, it's so...!
Listen man, your band is sick!
Yea, yea, yea, esp Koyuki man, he's off the hook.
And listen, even Matt was blown away by his performance.
You know... he really reminds me of my old self.
Yea, yea.
When I first met you... and fell in love with rock!
That' nice man, that' nice. But listen, ... do you think I can borrow Lucille?
Are you serious?
Yeah man, I really want to play it on my gig, two days from now.
But, what if he finds out?
You're dead then...!
Hihihi, I was praised by Eddy!
It's 10th time you're saying that!
Aaaaa... Eddy!
Ooook! I got you, man!
By the way, it was the song "Looking back"...
It touched my heart and soul.
I was shakin'.
I'm sorry, but could you say it in Japanese?
Can I sleep over at your place?
Oh well... I'll go home today.
Don't tease me like that!
Because if your heart beats too fast, you won't be able to sleep.
Good night.
It's a day to remember!
Somehow I can't believe it...
Our performance... Dying Breed guys listened to our concert...
Good night.
Gud nait...
What is the matter Koyuki?
Oh... Eh?
Ah, it's nothing special...
Excuse me... You're Tanaka-kun and Sakurai-kun from Beck, right?
That's right...
I was at yesterday's concert. It was the best!
I'm Hiromi Masuoka. I'll come again, so if you decide on your next concert, tell me right away!
See you.
Don't tell me she's our fan?
What was that girl's name again?
Masuoka Hiromi, she's first year, training gymnastics.
Why do you know that?
I've done some research.
But it's quite scary, huh? Dying Breed session!
After all it's business, Eiji.
Talking through the band manager made things smoother.
That will be the best topic for the debut.
Do it well.
Thank you very much.
Hoi everybody, now we have a special guest... Eiji Kimura.
Why Eiji...?
Hey, I'll give him the guitar.
Subtitle by Aldi Arman
I've your CD... it's fucking garbage man.
If you think I'm gonna share this stage with you. You are out of your fucking mind.
What's with this stinky atmosphere?
Koyuki, come on.
Dude, get up on the stage.
He's asking you to sing with them.
Hang on..
Koyuki! Come on!
Good evening.
I'm Yukio Tanaka from Beck.
Koyuki, what's your favourite song from us?
He asked what's your favourite song of Dying Breed!
It reminds me of something important.
Ray... Come on.
Come on... Get up on the stage.
Come on, buddy.
Just do it, come on.
What's with this vocal?
Slowly, we rise to the truth.
And somehow the fire still burns.
The love and greediness...
We just get at life and just wonder at it.
Yes, please.
Good bye.
They said to bring a demo to them!
As expected.
I'm taking a beer.
300 yen right?
Thank you.
What, what, what?
Yes something like that.
Thank you.
The recording will cost 60 thousands yen per person.
We have to pay this much?
If we bring the recorded CD to our concerts and sell them...
We will get more well known.
Let's work hard! It's a chance for us!
Get the bait firmly in the hook.
In the ed it will look like an ear plug.
Ear plug?
Good fishing today... Thank you.
Auntie, here you are.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Here's the fried noodles set. Thank you.
Come here and clean up.
Thank you... Don't forget to keep it cool.
Another good day.
What the hell are you doing?... I'm sorry.
Don't be messing around you rascal.
Hey... I'm sorry.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you very much.
Cut the veggies..cut..cut...
Good luck with your rapping.
What did I get in this darkness.
"What did I get in this duckness?"
"In this darkness"!... How many times do I have to tell you?
- Do you know this band? - No, I don't.
It's called BECK... I'm sure they'll be big soon.
The music is pretty good... I know!
We are the best... We are the best... Yes... Yes.
We're the best!... Whoa..whoa..
Hello... Good afternoon.
I listened... to your sample.
Who are you?
Metal Crew... Don't tell me...?!
You're the manager for "Greatful Sound"?
Long time ago, one OL quit her job
to hang out with musician friends and they started..
Greatful Sound.
She was so impressed with the UK's Glastonbury Festival.
She wanted to simply bring the music to dedicated fans in Japan.
That was how it started.
Could you perhaps be that OL?
She is my sister who died a year ago.
My sister was a person who thought that...
music can change the people and the world itself.
Why don't you guys try and participate in Greatful Sound?
Eh?... Are you serious?
I think your music...
has the power to bring about change in the world.
So, do you think...
you have what it takes to participate?
Of course... With Pleasure.
Long time ago...
I had a vision, right?
Being on stage in Greatful Sound.
The concert venue was choc-a-block full!
And Koyuki was singing with all his heart.
In this world...
we don't know what people really think of.
But there's definitely a band that was formed out of a miracle!
It cannot be just anybody.
Nobody but them.
Wait a minute.
I haven't seen such a dream.
it was just a sky high ambition for us... Don't worry too much over it.
Rascal, don't act like a Pro.
When did you see it?
Calm down, Chiba-Kun.
Ray, it's me.
Eddy? Hey Eddy!
Listen, I've got awesome news, Man...
Listen man, I got bad news okay!
I've got bullets in the mail.
It's the same number that shot Lucille.
Man, I've got a f**king phone call from him, too... He wants me to join his record label.
He knows about Lucille.
What's wrong Ryusuke?'s nothing.
Hey. Why don't you tell me...
where did you get this Lucille guitar?
This is...
the guitar of Sunnyboy Waters.
That legendary black guitarist?!
Long time ago...
A guy named Sunnyboy..
Met a female singer named Lucille at a night club.
The day after that a jealous guy went raving mad.
He killed Sunnyboy during a performance.
That's how the guitar get called the Legendary Lucille.
How did you get your hands on such a guitar?
It was when Eddy and I were still young punks.
Yes. this Lucille?
Wow Eddie, ...
Look at this Man!
Let's get him back later...
I did the last, but I'm not really...
I don't really like dogs.
Whoa, you don't like my dog?...
Somebody's gotta do it as well.
Somebody will... But I know it won't be me, Man.
But you know..
We found out about it later.
Check it out.
Lucille's owner...
is a very dangerous guy.
The name of that guy is...
Leon Sykes...
He's a manager of music in America.
He's the kind of guy who wouldn't hesitate killing people for money.
And now that guy..
Is looking for BECK to get Lucille back.
You f**king thief!
Found you.
I got the wrong number.
Are you perhaps Koyuki-kun?
I am Morozomi Yoshito.
Last time I met you at the cafe, right!
Is Maho there?
Oh, Maho is taking a shower right now.
Is that so?
What's wrong Koyuki?
So?... What's your answer?
Jim Walsh is the director you respect the most, right?
It's such a great opportunity to work in his studio while going to school!
There won't be a second chance.
If it was half a year ago, I would have said Yes in an instant...
What is it?
Let me think a bit more.
Maho is taking a shower now.
They stole the limelight.
But those guys won't go major any time soon.
Thank you for your support... The music you're listening to now is our new single.
We are having a press conference at 3 PM today.
What is it about?
You have to stay tune for it!
Wait, what do you mean by...
Pulling BECK out of it?
The new producer requested that.
A new producer?
Then, am I...
You'll be working under him.
I am the new producer Raan.
Nice to meet you.
Then, let's start this preliminary meeting right away.
Although the sales were going so well...
Wait a minute.
We can't participate in Grateful sound... What do you mean by that?
I have been entrusted as the producer...
for the next Greatful Sound.
And the new band I'm producing, Belle Ame..
Will perform featuring Yoshito on the event.
Everyone just wait and see...
We'll give you the gift of an amazing evening.
Those guys...!
That Raan guy plotted this.
Playing such a dirty tricks.
The American music producer, Leon Sykes..
Has announced that he would participate in the event.
Hey... Is it true that you got into Grateful Sounds?
I mean, why didn't you let me know about this?
That didn't turn out good.
What?... Why?
Why don't you ask Yoshito-Kun?
I can't connect to his cellphone... Wonder where he went?
Do you think he got frustated with the whole situation ahead and just ran away?
Ryuske-kun isn't like that.
Then, where and what the hell is he doing?
So boss...
Do we get rid of him?
We got this dumb-arse right here, with his dog and guitar.
Underneath my foot.
Is that the Japanese boy you was telling me about?
Are you...
By any chance,
John Lee Davis?
You know my name.
Yeah, of course.
I mean, you may not be an house hold name...
But, no doubt, you're a real blues man.
Are you touring Japan right now?
Japanese people are very knowledgeable, you know what's going on.
Hey, Leon!!
You're gonna kill me anyways, right?
Let me play with him.
Just once.
Hey Leon, this Blues is kinda hot man.
Doesn't make any money.
Guess you're right.
My God, your performance reminds me of The Sunny Boys.
No shit,
Sonny boy showed me how to play.
Sonny boy had no family,
so he left Lucille to me.
But I'm not towering up
to carry his legacy.
I've been waiting for the right guy that deserve Lucille.
I've had a good time.
Good luck Ray!
He's too good to be dead.
You know, take care son.
You have any last words?
Saku-chan, what about your band practice today?
We are taking a break, kind of.
Is that so.
Perhaps Beck...
Hiromi-Chan, shall we go home together?
Give me one thing, just stay with me..
Beautiful love..
Ready for you...
The snow is falling from the sky...
to frame our love.
Someday you'll know... Beautiful love.
Today we're free... to be together forever.
Koyuki, you really created this song?
A very good song.
Hello, Ryusuke-kun?
Yeah... I just got back from taking Beck for a walk.
Just that...
Beck and Lucile might not come back.
I kill for money.
But I'm not making any...
Why would I?
Get the fuck out of here, you punk ass.
For him, I was...
just a trash not worthy enough to kill.
How can a person like me... create a song that can move people's heart?
Why are you saying all these now?
It's you who said he wanted to create a great band in the first place!
world changed when I met Ryusuke-kun.
Before, my everyday life was boring...
I thought that would continue forever.
Listen to this.
The snare sound is a bit low...
but it's rolling nicely with a good bass.
What's the title?
"Moon Beams"
I brought Beck's favorite.
You guys! How did you do it?
Its decided.
BECK's appearance on the Greatful Sound!
Leon Sykes pushed it forward!
On the Stage 3.
At 7pm.
I'm sorry.
It's your song after all!
Hey, don't get so worked up.
To win this battle on Greatful Sound,
each one of us have to raise the skills.
If you can't do that much...
I'll make you quit the band.
Let's go from the top.
Hey, Chiba!
What was that?
You're not making any progress at all.
I am also doing the best I can.
Let's go for Encore.
Hey Chiba, why are you here?
Just wanna check out how things progress here.
You don't belong here.
Move, move, move.
The other day I just did a part-time job.
I did great but still wasn't happy.
I really couldn't figure it out on my own.
Hey, Chiba! Why don'cha stop rapping?
We don't need your kind of music.
Get the hell outta here!
You scared me!
Greatful Sound
is coming soon.
I will cheer you on.
Do your best.
You'll cheer Saku-san, right.
Do your best, okay?
Yeah, I'll show it to you later.
Maho, ... Where are you going?
Wait a minute, Maho.
Leave me alone.
You're not picking up when I call you.
I was invited to study in America.
You're studying abroad?
So that I can learn in the studio of respected movie director...
Yoshito arranged it for me.
It's my dream.
I can't sleep thinking about it, what am I suppose to do?
I'm staying.
I know.
You had a fight with Koyuki-kun, am I right?
Don't get angry. It was a joke!
You wouldn't understand, would you?
You're as much as difficult every other way. You have never really been in love.
That's why I was sick with you.
Are you satisfied now, huh?
Now that you've torn apart your band members.
I have responsibilities.
As the leader.
Alright. That's it.
That's it. That's exactly how it was back in New York.
Nothing has changed.
Imagine what Eddie would think of you.
I promised Eddie.
I won't stop running until I reach that place we spoke of.
you can change.
Don't pull away from BECK, please...
Well, good night.
What are you doing? We have practice.
You are who you are.
I know what you want to say.
But you know, our band is not just for friendship.
We have to overcome our problems alone.
What is going on with you and Maho?
I don't know what happened between you two but...
but you know... the people who appear strong are actually weaker.
My sister is looking like this too
but she's crying a lot.
Let's start our practice.
We have only 2 days left.
BECK's and Belle Ame's performances are at the same time...
Maho, you'll definitely come to the Belle's live, right?
This main stage will be for Belle Ame.
Greatful Sound has changed a lot.
Then, this second stage will be for Malcolm.
Under Leon Sykes' management, in America alone he sold 5 million copies.
What do you think?
Here will be yours to perform on, the third stage.
It's this big...
We're really going to perform here?
Well then, everyone.
Hey, are you okay?
Sorry, sorry... lately I can't digest food too well...
What kind of deal did you agree on with Leon Sykes?
Answer us properly.
We have the right to know.
If we don't gather more spectators
than the Stage 1's Belle Ame
and than the Stage 2's Malcolm
this live will be our last, and we'll have to disband.
You're saying 'disband'?
And from then on, I'll have to work for this guy till I die.
But behind all that...
he's just using me to get Eddie to sign the deal.
It's not like we can gather the most spectators, right?!?
When I listened to Koyuki's lyrics,
I had a vision that we'd be able do it!
Do you still wanna live?!
Stop messing up the band!!
Tomorrow might be our last live performance.
So, this will be the end, right?
Which stage do you think Maho will see?
If Maho prefers to come and see my stage...
Why don't you just give up,
and never appear before Maho again.
I was thinking about inviting her clearly too.
Yoshito! Yoshito!!
Main Stage - The Shirotama 6000 people
2nd Stage - no entry 2000 people
3rd Stage - ZINGI 390 people.
No matter how you think of it, it's going to be impossile.
No way we're gonna gather more people than Eiji's band and Malcolm.
Let's think about it calmly.
I still believe in our chances.
Oi! Where is your confidence coming from?
Is it the song Koyuki made?
I had this vision!
I had a vision when Koyuki first sang "Looking back".
It's a good sing, no doubt.
That's why I told you, I couldn't see that image.
Then maybe you're not supposed to be a Beck's member?
There's no person in Beck that isn't needed.
Hey, Chiba!
Chiba loves our band more then anyone else!
If Chiba quits, I'll quit Beck.
Found him?
It's no use.
The festival grounds are too big.
There's no time till our performance.
Taira-kun, let's just quit.
When you punched me, I realized it.
I made a preposterous deal with the Sykes guy.
Now we've lost Chiba.
We still have time until the live performance.
We'll find him somehow and persuade him.
Hey, Ryusuke.
It's John's wishes that you have this.
I got my eye on you.
2nd stage - Malcolm 10 000 people.
Main Stage - Belle Ame feat. Yoshito 15 000 people.
Right at the beginning..
Of our delicate relationship.
There were words that I couldn't say.
This long distance between us..
Is piercing my heart.
The affection within me
is overflowing.
I'm reminded of you,
Beautiful love.
Looking for you..
The love between us that cannot unite..
Don't you forget it..
Maho, you'll come to Belle Ame's stage, right?
It's almost time!
Where's Ryusuke and Chiba?
sorry, but we have to withdraw.
Hold on! What do you mean?
That can't be!
Don't joke around!
In order to see Beck, an audience of 500 people are waiting in the rain!!
Excuse me.
Hiromi-chan, you came alone?
I came with 3 of my friends,
but two of them went to the main stage.
there are many people who are always coming on BECK's live concerts.
please do your best.
Taira-kun, don't you feel anything?
The people who came to see Beck's live performance,
I want to tell them,
the painful feelings now.
The meaning of everyone getting this far,
I'm going.
It was great jammin' with you the other night.
There are no more guitar players
like you.
I look forward to jamming with you again.
Carry on the legend of Sunny Boy.
To Ray Minami.
19:05 (7:05PM) 3rd Stage: BECK 500 people.
Get yourself together!
Hey, Koyuki!!
Stop gazing at the floor!
The time will come when you want to express yourself.
Hey, Eddy!
I'll swear to this,
one day,
I'll have my own kick ass band!
And rock the stage with you.
Now, let's do it!!
The rain's not a big deal, right?
Then, let's rock it 'till the end!!
Because of the extensive rain we have to make a break.
We have to check everything, so
we're really sorry to disturb Belle Ame's concert.
Is it fine, doing this on our own?
Well, the artists there are taking a break now.
Why shouldn't we broadcast another performance in the mean time?
Oy, oy, oy... Today Koyuki's really good!
He put his life on the line to protect BECK...
This can't be real!
I saw this image!
No doubt it's a good sign!
I AM here right now!
Too bad we don't get as many people as the first and second stage..
We can only disband after this.
Get out of my way!
Hey, stop it there!
Don't misunderstand.
I just came to fulfill the vision.
let's play it.
Just one thing..
What! What!! What!!! What!!!
It's gonna get BURNING HOT, guys!!
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's the show time.
We gonna heat it up, guys.
Long..long..long time a go..
When our legs slowly straightened..
And we turned to what we're now.
We've become a new society.
Go on and on and then repeated.
Just go on and on and repeated.
We might know all this.
Only when we look at our reflection..
That we can start saving ourselves.
Gimme the camera!
No, don't worry, we won't stoop that low!
Come ON!
- Swimsuits... - Yeah.
Seems like Malcolm quit the live and left stage 2.
And a shit load of people are moving to the Stage 3.
Hey, you!
It's fine.
Please don't rush!
Let's do it!... You can fly!
Hey, I wanna get high on stimulation!
The next one will be the last song.
Let's do "Moon Beams"!
Thrown into darkness.
I stumble over my life.
The stone I held in my hand.
Broken into sand.
So black I cannot see... All ruined now.
You're not gonna stop that?!
Voice calling..
Said, "Find what you lose."
Please show me
my whispering moon.
Your dream came true!
What you wished for has come true..
Runnin' from the sound of the blackness.
I'm so thirsty.
My mouth's so dry I don't even wonder.
Please do not rush!
No need to run.
If the water's clear... Go slowly, don't rush!
Stop to take a drink
and though I cannot speak.
I scream out anyway.
No wonder..
Take one step
with so far to go.
There's so much.
I really don't know.
Subtitle by Aldi Arman