Cancun - AquaWorld

Uploaded by JCVdude on 04.02.2008

I think most everyone has some kind of a bucket list as it's now been referred to
It used to be called one hundred things to do before you die.
Well, for Cindy & I it’s called YOLO - you only live once. So get out there and experience life
and that's what we're trying to do
anyway were down in that the Mayan Riviera staying in Playacar
and I came across this little brochure for Aqua World in Cancun.
And it was a very reasonable tour
You'd be picked up at the Playacar Plaza
by bus taken into Cancun
go on your tour in the little Aqua World speedboats
and then you would be passed back to Playacar plaza and
We signed on for it. It was very reasonable
and we never expected it to be the most fun that you could have on the water
What a blast!
We're far from twenty-years-old but it made us feel like kids again
And that's one of the most exciting things that a person can do in their life
It's not about reliving youth
it's about feeling-
not feeling your age basically so here we are
2 adults out having a blast like we're kids
again I highly recommend it. It was an excellent adventure. fun
Really are a real blast, we had perfect weather
And then to top it off when we're leaving Cancun and the plane is taking off
we have a perfect view of the lagoon by Cancun
We could even see little boats from Aqua World coming out on the same tour we had done
It is a tour because we ended up going out to this reef where your snorkeling
It takes about half an hour forty five minutes of going flat out to get there
And then from their when you finish snorkeling you head back in all the gear everything is included
So there were was a lot of fun and just the perfect perfect day I mean every day
in our life should be that good and
be a lot less stress anyway
Keep it in mind if you're heading to Cancun try it