Costco Amagasaki is only one in Kansai area. report from KIYO

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Have you ever try Japanese food? KIYO introduce you Japaese food that local loves from Osaka with geo tags, photoes.
There are lots of fantastic Japanese foods. We Japanese do not eats sushi, sashimi, or tempura every day.
And lots of tourist and foreign people discover wonderful local Japanese foods. So I want you to know and enjoy them!!
I am introducing Japanese real local popular restaurants from Osaka. And Osaka have special food culture like "Takoyaki(Octopus dumpling)" or "Udon(noodles)" "Okonomiyaki(a meat [seafood] and vegetable pancake)"
Search "Sonoda station, Japan" in Google Map is KIYO's hometown Amagasaki city where locates next to Osaka.
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I am planning "Real Local Food tour in OSAKA".I am a real local Japanese and Osakan, so I can take you to real delicious and popular Japanese food shop with no commercial connection.
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