【Ita + Eng sub Parody】 Shaman King Abridged Series (ep.1)

Uploaded by MinazukiLushia on 11.12.2011

Also if I'm a rich nerd guy it is impossible to follow MAC's lessons until this time
beside I'm a Windows-fag so this is even more annoying.
It is so annoying I found myself in a cemetery instead of go to the main street.
This is creepy but it make me laugh.
Anyway if I get lost I can call my manager and...
Look, an UFO!
Eh? Where? What?
There are the stars! but, who are you?!
Ah~ I'm somebody who casually is here to make a party with these people.
Do you want to tell me that in 12 years of my life I never saw any spirit
and now I can see a lot of them when they make a party with this guy?
...call me this story's writer, please.
These are my friends, in the truth they are a little stupid...
but I don't think they are so "friends" with me.
She is Eugenia the Bitch: she is so nice when she want but enough bastard when she needs.
This fat-guy who are speaking is Piersilvio but he has nothing to do with the italian Premier.
This guy is Ugo the Tall: he isn't so tall but giving his a surname is cool.
In this moment I'm just telling my boring story about yesterday, nothing interesting.
Of course they don't believe me.
Better if I sit down before I'm going crazy, speaking with stupids is useless...uh?
The little nerd guy seems somewhat shocked, it is unusual.
Well... ehm...
Noob, you can ignore him and you'll see he isn't so weird.
This loser next to me is Asakura Yoh, he is a random guy so don't look him thru your monitors like stupids.
I'd ask Yoh's fangirls to turn off their PCs and go find a boyfriend instead.
Good evening, welcome to this new episode of Manta & friends!
I'm here.
I have to take some photos to the spirits as a proof, forgetting that spirits can't be filmed and photographed.
What? A kid?
Ah Giant Banana... and it is black!
I really don't know who he is...
I heard he comes to the cemetery to get drunk.
This cemetery is my Best Place, I can't allow kids who go here to get drunk.
Do you see this stone? Now I'm going to make you see my cruelty and my power breaking it with a fragile wooden sword.
Ryu but in that stone there's a powerful demon!
A demon? In this stone?
He is the cruel Amidamaru!
a samurai who lived many century ago
I don't believe in the Amida-Things nor in the evil stones.
OMG they are crazy, better to run awa-
Hi Lord of Bananas, I'm a little and rich nerd guy and I was walking around.
Don't you want to hurt me, right? I've a lot of money!
Oh really? And do you have an iPhone?
Err no... I don't have it...
Oh, did you hear it? He doen't have an iPhone!
Ah... I hate Apple... I know it... I should buy an iPhone...
WTF happened to you? Who make you that?
Lord of the Black Bananas... because I don't have an iPhone...
You don't have an iPhone?! How can you live?
but i don't like it...
Everyone have it, this is the most awesome mobile phone of the moment!
It is horrible don't have an iPhone. Sorry Manta, I overestimated you.
Yep, me too. I hate them too.
Manta, right?
What do yah want? You are the usual complicated and strangely lucky main character, you don't need me.
Oh yes. A nerd is always needed in party.
But I don't even have an iPhone!
Me neither, but I tell you a secret: In my short life I didn't have a Playstation or a Nintendo's Gameboy.
Now there is the Nintendo DS, are you trying to tell me you don't have that?
What did you do in your life without playing Super Mario or Zelda?
And why now I see a Lord of the Black Bananas's image?
Oh, right, but that guy beaten me up, dont' tell me we are going to him!
Is possible.
I fell bound.
Yoh, can you unbind me, please?
No, because you would run away.
Oh, other kids getting drunk... But seems they are making some bondage games.
Hi, I'm Asakura Yoh and this bound guy is the co-starring Manta.
In the truth I'm the narrator.
Ehy, we have to beat up them!
Yeah, I think so.
I know you want to beat up us but I ask you to go away without say anything.
I don't give a fuck about you. Listen, let's end this ith a fight.
Ehy, It is strange, I'm the only one who can see a light that comes out from the stone! And there is a shadow behind Yoh!
The shadow became first a guy and after a ball!
Amidamaru! Hitodama Mode! I'm a shaman and let me act as the cool one.
Hyoui Gattai!
He already won!
Perfect, the stone is all right.
...What is this white thing, Yoh?
Just glue, Manta, keep calm because this is just glue.
eheheh why everything happen to me?