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Welcome to Agent Aid
first class providers of digital first aid for your sales and lettings business
Here at Agent Aid we recognise that running your business can be time consuming
and leave less time than you would like to develop your brand and market your services
Constantly evolving online platforms create an ever-changing marketing mix
that can leave you working harder than you need to
in order to make your voice heard in a crowded market
Search engine optimisation providers promise high ranking on Google results pages
but can end up costing more than you'd like
Agent Aid offer an all-inclusive service encompassing website design
search engine optimisation
social media integration
and mobile management
Unlike others we do not charge hugely inflated prices for our services
and our affordable subscriptions ensure that you benefit
from an ever-upgrading service that will not go out of date
So, how does the service work?
Lets take a look at how one of our clients
has improved their online presence and simplified their online marketing strategy
Mr ME Lettings felt that his online presence was lacking something
He arranged a meeting with one of our friendly consultants who took the time to get to know his brand
Agent Aid delivered a revamped brand identity
to convey the sense of character Mr ME Lettings felt was missing from his business
Using these new brand elements
Agent Aid delivered a new bespoke search-engine optimised website
Mr ME Lettings can easily add new properties to his website
with the user-friendly content management system
If he is on the road, he can keep his site up to date
using the companion iPhone and iPad apps to add properties and upload images
The site then automatically feeds his properties to his preferred portals
and publishes posts to his Twitter account and business Facebook page
Agent Aid also created a custom Facebook application
allowing users to browse available properties without leaving Facebook
Since the launch of the new site, Mr ME Lettings has noticed a marked improvement
in his search engine results which has lead to an increased number of visits to his website
and many more leads than before, making him
very happy!
To find out how Agent Aid can help give your online strategy a winning edge
contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation
Agent Aid - digital first aid for your sales and lettings business