BECCHINI - Episodio 1 : "Il trailer"

Uploaded by ClochardProductions on 24.01.2012

From tomorrow you’ll be gravediggers
For those considering death with dignity as my grandma used to say
our funeral home is an ideal partner.
We think of decorations, exhumations
every detail of the ceremony
We are glad to be of help.
We are the helping hand at a difficult time
because those who walk alone …
Quit whining, Crappit you’re making me sick!
Doctor Exhumit!
No worries Italians: at the dawn of the third millennium
we’re not prey of sentimentalism technology and progress matter
The camera’s there.
Oh… excellent.
Our funeral home offers more than rosaries,
we're proud to be the first in Italy to offer an on line funeral,
for those with no time to attend…
But feelings?!
And the wire-less gravestone
communicating with the iPhone of friends and family
-Hi, will you friend me on Facebook?-
In case of cremation, we can send your ashes into moon orbit.
And last but not least the “Valhalla Style” option…
-By Odin!-
…for those who raided life to the end and even beyond!
But it’s impossible!
Crappit: do you know what's Valhalla?
See! Your brain’s as empty as an empty coffin!
You don’t understand the power of technology in our hands!
And that red light blinking there?
Oh, crap: it’s the battery. I thought the plug were connected!
-This one?- -Or not?-
E.: -We need more manpower.- C.: -We might hire some interns -
E.: -Eh!- C.: -Will we pay them?-
E.: -No f****n’ way!-
-We are waiting for you!-
-As late as possible.- -Shut up idiot!-
Closed Captions by Desiree Bua