Three Ways to Use a Craft Knife.m4v

Uploaded by TheMadStamper on 12.10.2012

I want to show you three ways that I use my craft knife, even though Stampin Up doesn't
sell these anymore, it's one of my
most used tools in my tool caddy.
There are other brands besides Stampin Up,so if you don't have one
in your
studio then you'll be able to find one
pretty easily
either at the craft stores or
even a hardware store.
So the first thing I'm going to show you is something I
do a lot and that is
when I've got a bow or a ribbon across the front of a card,
I like to
secure it with a blue dot so it doesn't move around.
So I'll just pick it up
at the end of my knife
like so
and then slip it under the bow,
press down on the bow and pull my knife out
and that has secured that bow against the card stock underneath.
Another way I use it a lot is with sticky strip.
Because stickey strip can be a little difficult to
pull the layers apart
to remove that red liner,
the first thing I like to do with sticky strip is to rub it with a bone folder or
just with my finger nail
because that will help the layer separate.
Then if i just take my knife, and get to the point of it
under the corner of the red stuff
then I can just pull it off really easily like that.
Anything I use
my knife for is to
brine stones or pearls
from the sheet they're on
place them on my work
like so.
When its in place, I just put my finger over it and pull the knife out.
Lay it out
I hope these tips are helpful for you and you'll use them in your studio.
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Happy stamping!