The Rock of Atheism

Uploaded by Cimbolic on 05.12.2008

Cimbolic: Alright, Maurice. This is Cimbolic.
Girlfriend: "Oh my God, look at him!"
"Woo Wooo!"
Cim: What's the cat doing?
GF: "He don't know where to go!"
Cim: Sorry, we have a cat-drama
going on over here.
You're on the Internet, you know.
"Oh wo wo, Mama's baby, Mama's baby,"
oh, wo wo .... wo wo wo"
Cim: Haha! I've got to start
this video over.
No, I'll leave the video
the way it is.
Hey! You're on the Internet, so
SHAPE UP! ha ha.
Girlfriend: "Shut up!"
Cim: Maurice, how ya doing?
It's Nick.
This is in response to your video
called "We're On Our Way".
I think that's great, man.
I knew you'd appreciate, I knew you'd relate
to that video VioletKitty made called
"Sheeps and Goats", because it's just
what you've been talking about.
That's why I forwarded it to you, you know.
You know, it's a beautiful passage that she read.
And it's clear to me, listening to the passage
that the passage is about kindness.
It's about helping people, visiting people
in hospitals, bringing people food
when they're hungry. And
one of the funny things is that one
of the people who left a comment
on that video said "Well, you know,
this, this, this story makes sense, if the ..."
What did he say? "This story make sense
if the sheep are the producers, and
the goats are the consumers."
And then he mentioned Socialism.
So I just, I just left him a message saying
"You know, I think it's about kindness."
I don't think it was a lesson in
Dialectical Materialism, you know.
But I thought you'd find that ...
I believe heartily in building a foundation
of respect among people, always.
There's got to be respect, man.
It's the foundation of all communication.
It's the foundation of pluralism,
diversity, understanding: all that.
And if you add kindness in there, see,
kindness is the key. You know when
I joined YouTube back in March, oh
about nine months ago, now.
I hadn't thought of entering into
any kind religious dialogues with people.
Or arguments, you know. I discovered it (YT),
I started looking up things on mathematics,
and topics, subjects I'm interested in
and then I stumbled, of course, on the
the Great Religious Debates -- some
are debates, and some are just
arguments, you know, on YouTube.
It's pretty easy to get pulled into them,
you know. And I, too, was struck by the
the animosity, the level of animosity
that goes on. You know, I think the
anonymity of YouTube makes people
lose their civility, you know. They feel
protected, because they've got sort of
an anonymous username. And you
really wonder about people. As soon as
they've got 5 degrees of anonymity
they start showing an unkind side
of themselves. I did a video called
"The Death of Civility" over just the rudeness
that's on YouTube.
"Two talents."
Yeah, I have about two talents. :)
I'm trying to develop more talents.
You know? But, I had to throw
that pun in there. :)
You know, a lot of the arguments
and stuff; I mentioned, real quickly, in
in another video that there's a cyclical -
it's like a cycle, it's kind of like
cycle of violence, in a way. It doesn't
matter who started conflict. If it keeps
going around, and around, and around,
at some point it becomes irrelevant who
started it. What's important is to break
the cycle of violence. Or to break the cycle
of conflict, or disrespect, in this manner
in this manner. You've got to forgive
my voice - I've got a cold.
But, even on my best days, Maurice,
my voice is not going to sound as good
as yours, man, you have a PERFECT
broadcasting voice. It's just beautiful, man.
It's great. So, just, having a cold puts it
high relief. High relief, yeah. See? I can't
even really hear what I'm saying.
What was I going to tell you, man?
Yeah, the blog idea is a great idea, and
the Respect Builders idea, I think is just
a great idea. And I look forward to
talking about more details as to how
you envision going forward with your
Oh, I don't want to use the word "agenda".
What's a better word? Your "mission"
on this, or your plan on this thing, see
where you envision it going, and stuff
like that. It sounds like you've got alot
of really good ideas. Hey, I agree with you
on ... Hey, by the way, people who stop in
and comment on videos, they come from
all over, they stumble across videos, so
everybody who comments on my video
is not necessarily my "friend". They comment,
you know. And I remember part of the
comment you're talking about. You know,
I don't think anybody expects Christians
to "keep their belief at home".
I think your point is right, that when
you present somebody with a belief,
and they say, basically, they're not
interested, or they have some other
belief, you know it's best for all of us just
to leave that alone. I was thinking that
the interesting thing about the people
who do engage in either debates or
or arguments over religion on YouTube,
theists, and atheists, and whoever,
one thing they share in common is
they're serious about whatever it is they
believe in, or don't believe in. There's
a seriousness. Wherever they're finding
meaning and truth, they're serious
about that. And they share that in common.
I don't think people really realize it,
because they're too busy arguing; but
they are, in a sense, defending where they
find their own meaning, or their own value.
And that's something that they share
in common. Otherwise, they wouldn't
bother. They wouldn't care. They'd
say "Ah, this; I'm not going to watch this, this
is boring to me." Because to many people
these kinds of things are just very
boring, you know. Why would they
bother with THAT, when they can
just simply entertain themselves, you know?
Oh, ............................................. the Truth.
I think Truth is the core thing.
And other meanings, too. But, I keep
coming back to Truth. I know that this
has something to do with it.
Various of the religious groups, the
Christians, as you know. The Christians,
the Mulsims, any of the groups that
actually have a belief that they must
go out and "spread the Word",
it puts you guys in a really tough
position, I mean, because you do, I mean,
the system, not that it's "the system"
I don't want to make this sound too
distant, or too over intellectualized
and I don't want to say "doctrine",
but the creed, the belief, or the assigment,
or mission to actually go out and spread
the Word, puts you in a difficult position,
because, naturally, you have to do that.
If you believe that you must do that,
you must do that - in all good faith.
In a sense, you have no choice, in
that regard. And so then, you're going
to, of course come into - well, I guess the
whole idea is to spread the Faith to people
who don't have the faith. So, some of those
will want it, or not want it, or think they
don't, or whatever. But, it forces you into
position. The atheist position, there's nothing
that says that they have to actually go out
and spread atheism or communicate atheism.
So, they're not placed in that similar dilemma;
or that similar challenge does not exist.
You know, I was thinking about atheism today.
I was thnking of some of the definitions of
atheism - it's a very broad word, you know.
You may have seen some of the videos
on the difference between "strong" atheists
(who believe that God does not exist, or
assert that God does not exist), and "weak"
atheists (who do not assert that God does
not exist, but do not assert that God does exist),
and some definitions of atheism as having
a "lack" of belief. I was thinking today
about physical matter. I was thinking about
rocks. And I was thinking "Well, you know,
the rock doesn't have a belief either. Is
the rock atheist? Is a table atheist, because
it doesn't have a belief in God?
So, the line I was thinking along is that
even in order to have a lack of belief in the
sense of being an atheist, you have to have
the capacity for believing in something,
otherwise inert matter would be atheistic.
Just an interesting idea.
I think that's the strory Maurice. Yeah, get in
touch with me, man. I'm looking forward
to talking to you. Church and State, yeah,
you may have seen a video I did recently
that certain core tenets of religion, certain
fundamentals are not to be compromised.
Any, yet, Politics is the art of compromise and
negotiation. So, in a sense, I think when
a religious group tries to obtain power, political
power, and to wield political power, they
find themselves risking basically, risking the
purity - too strong a word, but OK - risking
the purity of their religion. But, I don't have
time, I only have time, I've only got a few
seconds left, so I can't really develop that
thought, but I think it's kind of interesting.
I haven't thought of the Catholics as a
group who are trying to wield political
power in the Country. I've always thought of
it as the Evangelicals being the ones in the
United States. I've got to go. I'm out of
time. Love ya, buddy. Bye-bye.