Online Video Marketing Strategy (Tip #362: Death By Details!)

Uploaded by jameswedmore on 01.08.2011

Welcome to DEATH BY DETAILS. Now what do I mean by that? Well, whenever someone starts
talking about video, video marketing or using video online, drive traffic or increase conversions,
they tend to get a little bit up on their head about the details meaning, what type
of camera they need, what kind of software to use, and how they export their videos.
Those are the details now, the details are important but your first step is to have a
strategy. And there’s a good friend Stephen Covey of “the 7 Habits of Highly Effective
People” said, “We need to start with the end in mind”. So that means we have to have
a video marketing strategy in place first, before we start dealing with any of the details
on how to export and how to film, so what is your video marketing strategy? Well, step
one, is you have to figure out what is your intension is, on internet. Any type of business
where you’re marketing, they’re really only 2 components that you need to focus on,
just 2. You need to get TRAFFIC and you need to get CONVERSIONS. You need to have targeted
specific people prospect driving to your website, that’s traffic and then you got to have
them do something take in action, opt-in, register, buy, that’s conversions once they
get to your website. So in this video we’ll talk a little bit about creating a traffic
strategy for video marketing. Ok, so our intention with our video is to drive traffic well the
most obvious place is YouTube creating content, valuable, highly engaging content putting
in on YouTube people gonna stumble up on it, in Google search result and while searching
other videos in YouTube. YouTube getting now over 3 billion daily views its about time
you get your slot on that 3 billion, right? Then the next, people have is to get stock
in a viral video track. They think I gotta get viral video, I gotta get something that
gets a cup of million views, that gonna shared, shared and shared and that’s it that all
I need, I need to get that. The problem with that is, it’s a lot more work and if doesn’t
work, you're stock. You got no views. And the third thing is viral videos tend to be
time-sensitive and trendy which means one day or one week, everyone is watching this
video but 6 months later, its got no views, that’s not what we want. We want your videos
to be found every single day by all of your prospects. Every time they’re going to Google
and every time they’re going to YouTube. So how we do that? First, it comes down to
a little market and keyword research. You must know the keywords, the exact keyword
that your ideal costumer and prospect are searching for on Google every single day.
Where we do that? Google’s wonderful keyword research tool, start there, do the investigatory
research and start searching for exactly what keyword theyre typing in every single day.
Then you can begin to create an optimized video marketing campaign around those keywords.
Now like I said, we don’t want viral video instead, I want you not to focus on 1 video,
one, one hit wonder that you gonna put your time and effort in. Instead I want you to
look at your entire video marketing channel, your entire campaign or collection of videos
in its entire day instead of just one or two videos. Start putting up videos on a consistent
basis, better optimized for all those 30 to 50 to 100 keywords that your buyers and prospects
are searching for and your gonna be all over the place inside of YouTube and of course
inside of Google. Now here’s a thing 80% of your traffic is gonna come from 20% of
your videos, so the more videos you get out there, there are optimized keywords, the better.
Then not only you’re found on the first page of the Google, and inside search result
for YouTube but you’re also gonna start pop-in up as a related video for other trending
and popular videos as well. So, there are 2 big last lessons for today, first one is
do not worry about the details, don’t let the details hang you up. We're gonna have
a ton of videos that gonna answers some your details related questions. Listen to Stephen
Covey when it says focus on end the mind first. And then second of all, don’t just try and
create one or two random haphazard videos that have no strategy or no big picture plan
in place. Instead create an entire channel of videos you posting in a weekly or daily
basis so you can get more and more of your content out there on YouTube as quickly as
possible. But lastly, remember, if you focus on only the details and you fail to look at
your big picture, your video marketing strategy will die. Hence the name DEATH BY DETAILS.
Im James Wedmore, thank you very much for watching this video. For more information,
tips, strategies and more to help you get more traffic, leads and sales using video,
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