ARMA III | E3 2012 Czech interview | ENG subtitles 1/2

Uploaded by sukyII on 06.06.2012

Welcome everybody at camp Maxwell
The camp where all missions on E3 start
It's hands-on and I'll try show you some of the
attractive aspects of our interactive presentation
Camp Maxwell is the last point of NATO units on the island Stratis
After the island gets invaded by Iranian armed forces
For E3 we chose a little more casual style of the game
I can equip myself with various weapons
There lies some scattered Iranian rifles
I can select a mission
which are as well visible on a in-game map
And of course visit the shooting range to test weapons and activities
I'll now quickly show what firing drill offers
The interface is especially made for E3 needs
but also controls are still the same
And we may promise that these activities will be in regular game too
Can advance tactically..
I didn't beat my record, however that's not bad time
Whoever on E3 can beat 30 seconds is master
Let's have a look at one of the missions
Interviewer: Can we get a T-Shirt?
If some T-Shirts are left after 1st day on E3
It might be possible
We've prepared loads of missions
They'll consist of traditional mechanisms
..who knows what he sees...
Missions include driving, flying, diving...
Or a night mission demonstration
That's just visually attractive...
Which we hope fans of other engines will like
We've improved the HDR a lot recently
The vehicles' lights
Also particle effects simulating hot air
Also using it for vehicles' exhausts
Now I'll follow this way, marked with chem-lights
I also am able to turn night vision goggles on
Friendly soldiers coming here and using flashlights
I can, using the new gear menu, change the flashlight
To a laser sights
Which would help if I had gun without scope
And now I have flashlight as well
Moving to another mission ...
which is underwater combat
Apart from moving underwater
We've prepared the underwater combat
Naturally, game is still under development
including sounds, animations or AI behavior
So this is not final release
Stop babbling, we're finally underwater
I can use assist of my...whoops..
let's ride that SDV!
These hints are especially for E3
We're expecting that many people will like to try this game
A little simplification wont be amiss
You can see Render to Texture technology, also known as picture to picture
To make it harder I can ...
... close in
I shouldn't hit the rock with periscope
Soon we'll be able to see sunken ship
There it is!
And over there is enemy diver
so we can exit the SDV
The main target in this missions is
defuse the Iranian mines
That was way easy..
Oh that was pretty close!
Interviewer: Will underwater combat be regular part of campaign?
Because I remember that you said diving will be only for infiltrating behind enemy lines
My personal opinion is when underwater combat
Will work as we desire, there won't be problem to create such a mission
because it's really nice alternative to regular combat
And it will make the environment more used
Helicopter just passed over our heads
and you can see the particle effects
Fortunately they haven't seen us
and there is Iranian SDV
I'll rather keep the distance
Now I can finally activate (defuse) the mines
Apart from mines...
.. game has land vehicles, let's have a look...
That naval mines are offshoot of anti-infantry mines
Which are unfortunately...
part of the war conflicts..
Before we examine the mines, let's try vehicles
The armored vehicle Strider
Working rear-view mirrors...
Driving wheel animations and nice view of the island
Radar station far back there

Missions prepared for E3 are different
from ARMA 3 final version
The main reason for this is
that E3 is just tech demo
In this case, tech demo of shooting
Here comes the first...
We were ambushed, so we have to defend ourselves
I won't get out of this situation unharmed
So I quit this showcase :-) and have a look at helicopter flying
Besides, it's a good opportunity to see
more of the environment
which will be part of open alpha testing
I think the public is familiar with volumetric clouds
just a demonstration ..
This demonstration will be harder for people
Flying the helicopter and hitting targets
ain't easy
Unfortunately, 2nd pilot was shot down
We've taken the sound engine from Take On Helicopters
where the simulation is very detailed
As I change camera position, the sound changes
Interviewer: (kinda unclear) Is the flying model taken out from TOH?
No no no, we still consider that, however this is original flying model
As you can see, it's time to leave, according to post-process I'm hurt
I'm bleeding a little, so it's better to RTB