Hells Kitchen US Season 10 Episode 6

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(Male announcer) Previously on Hell's Kitchen...
I'm blue now, man!
(Announcer) Roshni joined the blue team...
Welcome to team blue.
(Announcer) And left behind a splintered red team.
Nobody's talking to each other. Nobody's communicating.
It's gonna start getting dirty.
We all hate each other.
(Announcer) In the gourmet Mexican challenge...
You'll be turning Mexican classics
into fine dining food.
(Announcer) Patrick made an executive decision...
Whose dish are you dropping?
Guys, I'm going with Royce's.
(Announcer) Choosing Royce's taco dish over Brian's.
You gotta be [bleep] kidding me, man.
(Announcer) A decision...
The one thing that doesn't attract me
is the greasiness of the tortilla.
(Announcer) The whole team came to regret.
I'm gonna have to go with the red team on this one.
Congratulations, red team.
(Announcer) And they won their fourth challenge
out of the last five,
causing the blue team to question Patrick's leadership.
I'm asking you questions, you just walk away from me.
If you're gonna take the [bleep] lead, lead.
That's like the tenth time!
I've got everybody asking me questions.
I'm trying to give directions.
(Announcer) At dinner service,
Dana and Kimmie were at each other's throats.
(Kimmie) I'm ready to kill this bitch.
Come hit me if you want. Get off my station.
Kimmie, like, for a big girl, is a big baby.
(Announcer) Barbie had trouble communicating.
You just said you were ready!
The mussels are overcooked!
And she doesn't give a [bleep].
(Announcer) And Danielle's confidence...
Yo, my pork is like the bomb.
(Announcer) Was severely misplaced.
All of you! Yes, chef?
Stop! Raw pork!
I felt really bad for the pig.
The pig didn't do it. It was Danielle.
(Announcer) On the blue team, Guy started the team off
on the wrong foot.
Come here! Touch that!
Get it back in the oven!
(Announcer) From there, they made...
What are you doing, young man?
(Announcer) Mistake...
Talk to me, Guy!
(Announcer) After mistake...
Thank you so much, chef Patrick,
for a great sabotage.
(Announcer) Forcing chef Ramsay...
Piss off!
(Announcer) To get rid of the weak links.
Get out.
Chef Ramsay is on, like, a kicking-out spree tonight.
Get out!
Piss off!
Get out! Get out of here.
Sorry. I don't care.
Both teams lose. Let's get that right.
(Announcer) Blue team nominated...
Pat. (Announcer) And...
(Announcer) The red team nominated...
Dani, chef. (Announcer) And...
Me, chef.
(Announcer) But Barbie made a convincing argument.
I don't feel like I deserve to be here.
You know what? You're right.
Back in line.
(Announcer) Find out right now
if the blue team loses
their self-appointed leader, Patrick,
or catering chef, Guy.
Or will it be Dana and Christina's close ally, Danielle?
Find out who will lose their chance
to become head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak
at Paris, Las Vegas.
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♪ Fire ♪
♪ unh ♪
♪ when you shake what you got ♪
♪ and, girl, you've got a lot ♪
♪ you're really something, child ♪
♪ yes, you are ♪
♪ the way you walk and talk ♪
♪ really sets me off ♪
♪ and I'm so excited ♪
♪ the way you swerve and curve ♪
♪ really wrecks my nerves ♪
♪ 'cause I'm smokin', baby, baby ♪
♪ whoo, whoo, whoo ♪
♪ the way you push ♪
♪ push ♪
♪ lets me know that you're goo-oo-ood ♪
♪ you're gonna get your wish ♪
♪ oh, no, fire ♪
♪ what I said, child ♪
♪ fire ♪
♪ fire ♪
(Announcer) And now the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.
Tonight, both teams have had to nominate
two members for elimination.
Back in line.
But Barbie has been granted a reprieve.
My decision is...
Back in line. Thank you, chef.
The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...
Time to go.
Give me your jacket, please.
Thank you. Good night.
Good night.
I'm... honestly, I'm pissed off.
I don't deserve to go home.
Kimmie and Barbie, they're sneaky.
They're out for themselves. They're fake.
I would love to see Dana win.
She's a strong cook,
and I hope that she makes it to the end.
What's wrong, Dana?
I'm upset, chef.
You're upset?
Nowhere near as much as I am.
Tonight's performance
was embarrassing.
I've got one question for you all.
Are you ready to fight back?
(All) Yes, chef!
I can't hear you.
(All) Yes, chef!
I still can't hear you.
(All) Yes, chef!
Sweet dreams.
Now [bleep] off.
Danielle was my best friend here,
[crying] and she's gone.
I feel devastated right now.
[Blows nose]
(Patrick) Chef Ramsay keeps calling me out,
asking me, am I beaten? Am I tired?
I'm not beaten or tired. I'm geared up, I'm ready,
I'm amped, and I'm here to win it.
I just feel like, now,
like, I have you, and, like, I have nobody else.
I'm right here, girl. I'm not going anywhere.
You know the three of them are [bleep] sticking together.
They're not putting each other up there for [bleep].
I know that the Kimmie-Tiffany-Robyn alliance
is definitely gonna target me next.
I don't want to see it get personal.
I hope, for their own well being,
that I don't get pushed to that point.
'Cause I think it's gonna get real ugly.
Now it's not just a [bleep] competition.
It's a competition and it's a [bleep] game.
I feel like I have a target on my back,
so Kimmie and Tiffany, it's on, bitches.
From here on out, it is on.
I mean, there's no more playing nice.
Dana thinks she's gonna win.
I'm sorry that Dana feels threatened by me,
but I'm not going anywhere, so she can kiss my ass.
Dana and Christina are gonna blame us
for putting up Danielle.
We're all kinds of divided right now.
Christina and Dana, they're all sad and [bleep].
Time to pluck them bitches out.
I already got one out. Now I got two more to go.
Her crying after Danielle left, that just shows weakness.
(Tiffany) This is a competition, and if you can't handle it,
then get the [bleep] out.
(Announcer) While the red team is split up
into two clear alliances,
one member of the blue team...
You're our leader, and I felt that you don't.
(Announcer) Has selected a scapegoat.
I don't feel that Patrick's really leading.
There should be things poppin' in your head quicker.
And they're not. He's an old man.
He needs to go home.
I'm gonna say something,
being that, in the past couple days,
even with the day of prep,
you know, and the way we should get it done...
Royce just talks.
I'll put my name up there
if you guys want a new leader.
He talks a lot.
If that's what you feel, then that's fine.
If not, then that's fine too.
I don't see him as a leader.
He talks, "I'm like this, I'm like that.
I'm like this, I'm like that, that, that."
Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. I-I-I, blah blah-blah blah.
Shut the [bleep] up.
This team has gotten better and stronger
because of my leadership.
You have done certain things very well.
But I feel, at certain times,
you've just taken a left and everybody's taken a right.
You know what? I don't sit around and play
armchair quarterback on somebody's decisions.
Hey, Royce, [bleep] you.
I don't trust him.
I don't think anybody trusts him.
He's gonna sell us all out soon enough.
Every day, when you said you were [bleep] leader,
have I not pushed as hard as I [bleep] can?
Shut up, dude. Shut up!
I look at Patrick, and he's about to go crazy.
When you told me, "you need to to this,
you need to do this, you need to do this for garnish,"
and I still had fish to go...
And I still set up the [bleep] fish station.
All I did was [bleep] push!
And you don't even give a [bleep] anyway.
(Patrick) That's called a [bleep] mistake!
(Announcer) After a tense elimination,
both teams are more fractured than ever.
(Announcer) On the blue team, Royce...
You're our leader, and I felt that you don't.
(Announcer) Sees an opportunity to take the leadership role
away from Patrick.
When you told me, "you need to do this,
you need to to this, you need to do this for garnish,"
and I still had fish to go.
That's called a [bleep] mistake!
(Patrick) Nobody wants him to lead the team, that's the thing.
Nobody has faith in Royce whatsoever.
Everybody, including myself,
at point in service has gotten
frazzled over [bleep]!
And that's the realization of it.
Every one of us needs to wake up.
Man up, get over it, and let's move on!
Man, we need to win tomorrow.
[I ain't shovelin' bleep]
Chasin' [bleep] sheep, but diggin' up trees no more.
I just ain't [bleep] doin' it.
We need to dial it down a notch
and just take a breather.
Royce, to me, is just puttin' on a show.
I don't think he's ready to be the leader right now.
We all got attitude problems.
We are not going to win a challenge
if we do not act as one.
(Announcer) Royce was unable to talk his way
into the leadership of the blue team.
But with a new day,
he hopes he'll be able to talk his way into
something else.
Talk to me, girl.
You don't? You sure?
If you wanna take another shower
and use me as a loofah, you could.
That's why he's not a leader.
He's too immature.
Yo, you better...
Royce, I mean, seriously,
let's try to focus.
Otherwise, we're gonna [Bleep] fail.
Yes, chef.
Let's go, guys, right now.
He wants us down in the kitchen right now.
Tiffany, come on!
I definitely think that we can put
whatever conflicts aside
to focus on the challenge... we've done that so far.
(Announcer) While there is dissention on both teams...
Come on, guys. (Announcer) The chefs know
they must put it aside and stay focused
on what chef Ramsay has in store for them.
Right, good morning.
(All) Morning, chef.
When I began as a young chef in Paris,
I can remember thinking that French food was it.
There was nothing better.
I don't know what this is gonna be about,
but I'm assuming it has something to do
with classical French technique.
It's, like, one of the things I do best.
I honestly thought
the food that I was learning and serving
would never change.
I don't know what's happening.
What is this?
(Gordon) But you know that food evolves,
and that it changes like fashion, right?
What are we doing?
Let's take a look at a few examples
of trends in the food business.
Let me show you what I mean.
In the 1950s, housewives all across America
were serving these crazy, colorful dishes.
Is that you shaking, or was it the jell-o?
Oh, the jell-o's supposed to shake.
The jell-o's shaking. Amazing.
I don't know what the [bleep]'s happening.
You know, this beautiful girl walks out
in this sleek, nice dress,
and she's carrying a jell-o mold,
and things are wiggling, and believe me,
it wasn't just the jell-o.
You got a hot chick or a jell-o mold.
You got problems if you're looking at the jell-o mold.
(Gordon) Also in the '50s, the TV dinner.
Clearly ideal for watching in front of the telly,
but let's be honest... it tasted of crap, right?
(Dana) Maybe we're gonna have to, like, recreate a TV dinner
and make it fine dining?
I'm just so confused.
Time for our next model.
There was a type of food that became highly fashionable
in the 1970s... the fondue.
We're gonna be reinterpreting fondue.
I hate fondue. I've never liked fondue.
I don't get fondue.
You gotta melt some kind of sauce
that people dip [bleep] in.
(Gordon) I mean, it spread like wildfire.
Every restaurant, everywhere in the country,
were putting fondues on their menu.
It was trendy, it was hip,
and it was something to share.
I have no idea what the challenge is gonna be.
But I am happy to see these models.
Hopefully, they want to talk to us and... and cuddle.
(Gordon) And then, in the '90s,
Asian fusion was born.
The diners were expanding their taste buds
with dishes like this:
Teriyaki tuna, wasabi mashed potatoes,
and it became a real trend
that fusion was here to stay.
(Justin) Asian fusion doesn't really excite me much.
But hot ladies definitely do.
(Gordon) Isn't it amazing,
when you just look at those three dishes,
how the food evolved?
Ladies, thank you so much for coming
and giving us a little insight.
Good to see you.
So we're gonna have to make a dish for each era,
and I'm just like, "we're so [bleep]."
[Applause] Now, again,
there are trends in food, just like there are in fashion.
So, for the first time ever,
it's fashion night in Hell's Kitchen.
Now, listen carefully.
You'll be creating a tasting menu
for three fashion designers.
And they'll be judging
your next challenge.
I don't know [bleep] about fashion.
My wife dresses me.
And I-I think I look pretty good.
Let's meet our designers.
His clothes are often seen
on the pages of Vogue and Glamour.
Please welcome David Meister.
Next, we have a swimwear designer.
Regularly featured in sports illustrated,
Amanda Che. [Applause]
And finally,
Ina Soltani.
Her clothes are worn by celebrities
like Eva Longoria and Kristen Stewart.
Clemenza, you can put your tongue back in now.
Honestly, like an antelope. Okay, listen carefully.
Each team will produce one stunning appetizer
and two entrees.
One entree is seafood
and another one is poultry.
Got it? (All) Yes, chef.
David, in terms of a dish,
what do you look for?
I'm looking for something that's healthy.
Favorite protein:
I love swordfish.
I like spicy food.
So maybe something with a little bit of spice as well.
Ina... My whole collection
is inspired by mediterranean.
So I'm looking for something very colorful,
heavy on seasoning.
(Royce) Being that I come from Miami,
I've seen all this fashion stuff.
I know what these people want. Flavor!
Amanda... I can't have anything unhealthy.
Or fatty presented to my guests.
Mm-hmm. Guys, like, we get it.
You don't like to eat, ever,
and, uh, all you care about is your image.
Everybody ready?
(All) Yes, chef!
Because your 30 minutes
starts now... let's go!
(Announcer) Both teams must come up with a three-course tasting menu,
consisting of an appetizer, one poultry entree,
and one seafood entree,
fit for fashionistas and their guests.
I think the appetizer should be lobster medallion.
Yes, he said he likes swordfish.
He likes swordfish, so that should be a main.
Okay, let's go. Right.
(Announcer) The winning dishes will be on the menu
at the first-ever Hell's Kitchen fashion night.
You guys are on the swordfish, right, Royce?
I'm gonna work with Roshni.
I'm thinking, like, shitake mushrooms.
Okay. All marinated, but in salad form.
A little warm, but not cooked.
Then the lobster... lobster medallion,
kind of on top of the lobster?
Exactly, with a little foam action.
We want to keep it simple and sweet and sexy.
All of the components are there for it to be a successful dish.
I love you, lobster. Good-bye.
(Announcer) As Justin and Brian work together
to design the blue team's appetizer,
on the red team, Dana...
Christina, come over here.
(Announcer) Takes over.
Steam the lobster.
Yes, chef.
This is my appetizer. This represents me.
So I'm making sure that it's done properly.
Gotta crack this claw, 'cause it...
we're taking out the claw meat, right?
Um, let's try to...
can we one claw out, like, nice?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can you do it or no?
I think I can.
Dana is just a perfectionist at heart.
I appreciate it,
but just let me do this, you know?
(Dana) Here, let's put some of this back,
'cause we just need a little, little bit.
If Christina messes something up on the dish,
that's gonna be a reflection of me too,
because we're working together as a team.
And I need to prove to chef Ramsay
why I should be here.
(Announcer) While Dana is in charge of the appetizer,
in the blue kitchen, Clemenza...
Yo, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Check this out. I have an idea.
(Announcer) Collaborates with Royce and guy
on the fish entree.
The sauce, let me do like a puttanesca.
Like a traditional puttanesca?
I like that. Yeah, but I wanna go outside the box
with some clams and some mussels.
My father has spoon fed me puttanesca
since I'm a little baby, so, I mean,
I see the fresh tomatoes.
I see some capers, some olives.
The grilled swordfish. You know, it's just...
it pops... two seconds.
I had that whole dish composed in my head in two seconds.
Let's do a little broccolini.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that'll give us a nice color on the plate.
For the most part, Royce is all talk
and smoke and mirrors.
But when he said broccolini, I'm like,
"wait a minute, that all [bleep] works perfect.
We just came up with something without fighting or arguin"
Gotta give it to him. Royce made a pretty good call.
I got three-color potatoes.
Broccolini and potatoes, yes.
I'm starting on the potatoes. I'm putting them up.
Why don't you work on [bleep] seasoning the fish.
I'll start rockin' out a sauce.
(Announcer) With Clemenza, Royce, and Guy in sync on their swordfish,
in the red kitchen, Robyn and Kimmie...
You gonna go swordfish, Robyn?
Swordfish is like a tuna.
And I don't really like cooking with that.
That's what he said he likes.
(Announcer) Aren't exactly seeing eye to eye.
(Kimmie) Sometimes I get quiet, and I just let people,
you know, run all over me.
That's the downfall I have.
I will do the sea bass.
(Announcer) While Robyn dictates the design of the fish dish,
All right, what are we gonna do with the squab?
I don't wanna grill it.
(Announcer) Is in control of the poultry.
Let's do eggplant.
That's very mediterranean.
Then we'll do some eggplant fries.
I don't want to work with Tiffany.
But I'm keeping my mouth shut
because I don't want to cause any more waves.
Put the wondra in with this. Okay.
Think fashion, think food, think trends.
We need to put some kind of seasoning on there.
Well, I don't know, I wouldn't...
I usually only season with salt and pepper.
Let all the natural flavors come out.
Salt and pepper is not real spice.
I'm talking cayenne, smoked paprika.
I mean, the list goes on and on and on.
Kimmie. What?
Keep it simple.
Five minutes to window!
(Announcer) With the clock running down,
the blue team is nervous about one guy.
Cook, bitches.
How are your potatoes looking?
They're cooking.
Gotta give it a little bit of time.
But it will work.
Guy is going to the last minute possible.
So, uh, I'm a little concerned.
Just make sure they're cooked, baby.
Yeah, of course.
If they're not, take 'em out,
cut 'em down, break 'em down.
Just watch that fish.
I got the fish. Don't worry about this fish.
One minute, guys! Let's go.
Where's your potatoes? Are they ready?
It's coming up.
They need to be ready. Yeah, I'm gonna make sure.
(Royce) Guy is having a little trouble with the potatoes.
I think that's ridiculous, 'cause they're, like,
so simple and easy.
(Gordon) 20 seconds to go!
Come on! You gonna put it on the plate?
On the plate! Come on, man!
(Gordon) Five...Four...
Where's your potatoes? Three...
Are they ready? Two...
They need to be ready! One...
(Announcer) In today's challenge,
the chefs must cook a three-course tasting menu
for the first-ever Hell's Kitchen fashion night.
45 seconds!
Bring up the salsa. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
(Announcer) The read team has completed all their dishes.
I feel like it needs to be sweeter.
(Announcer) But, in the blue kitchen,
Clemenza's swordfish...
Where's your potatoes? Coming up.
On the plate! Come on, man!
(Announcer) Is being held up by Guy's potatoes.
If you got any kind of [bleep] restaurant experience,
put out a [bleep] thing of potatoes!
Screw those potatoes. Let's go.
Let's go!
(Gordon) Three...Two...
And serve, guys.
Whew, just [bleep] made it, babe.
(Gordon) Have we created something cutting edge?
(All) Yes, chef!
Good. Appetizers.
Let's go.
(Brian) Mine and Justin's dish is damn sexy.
Okay? That is pure sex on a plate.
Justin, please present your dish.
We did a seasonal bean salad,
and we put a little lobster in there.
And there's also a vanilla and fennel foam right there.
[Laughing] This is not very visually appealing.
No? And the foam
is something that I don't think
I can handle. Not appetizing.
Yeah, it looks like a sort of
regurgitated vomit on the plate.
I have never done foam in my life.
I don't like foam. Never have, never will.
It needs to be intriguing to the eye
and to the person to want to taste it.
And it's really not.
It's all over the place.
I don't understand what the big deal is about foam.
I mean, I... have they ever been to dinner before?
It's not, like, one unified thought,
like a design.
And I don't think it looks elegant or sophisticated.
It just looks ordinary.
It's a lot of food
for an appetizer, I feel.
Let's dig in.
It may taste better than it looks.
I think the foam
is a little sweet.
Was it supposed to be that sweet?
We wanted to bring out the sweetness of the lobster,
and then cut it with the acid of the bean salad.
(Amanda) I feel like this is a little bland.
There's no kick, there's no spice.
There's nothing special going on.
I emphasized spices,
and I emphasized zest. Yes.
And I'm not getting the "wow" from this.
(Kimmie) This is not good.
These judges are some hardcore judges.
I'm scared for the red team at this point.
All right, Dana, what is that, please?
Here we have a chilled mango broth.
And jumbo lump crab meat.
Visually, it's a little clumsy.
(Gordon) Mm-hmm.
I was expecting something a little more chic,
sleek, elegant.
It's not really the most appealing color.
The, uh, the mango wasn't quite as ripe as we'd hoped.
There's no fat in there,
except for a tiny bit of olive oil.
The taste is interesting.
You do get that little
after-hint of spice, which I think is nice.
Thank you.
David, red or blue, please.
Um, red.
Amanda, red or blue, please.
I'd have to agree on red.
Ina, red or blue, please? Thank you.
Red. Wow, congratulations.
I don't care what the hell those three [bleep] say.
It was a nice dish. It was a very nice dish.
Dana, well thought out.
Thank you, chef. Really well thought out.
Uh-huh, that's what's up.
Okay, next course.
Poultry, let's go.
Domes off, please.
(Patrick) I love mine and Roshni's dish.
My plan is to... is to wow them.
So this afternoon we've prepared for you
a Moroccan spice influenced squab.
There's a touch of vinegar in there as well.
I believe vinegar helps to thin the mucous.
[Needle scratches on record]
Thin the what?
(Brian) Oh, my God...Patrick...
It thins the mucous?
(Gordon) I've never heard mucous in the description of food.
We're trying to turn them on, not turn them off.
Agh, that was the dumbest thing I've ever said.
[Gunshot sound effect]
I love vinegar... I put a touch of vinegar in anything.
Sorry for that one.
I think, with the sauce,
if you're gonna do a sauce,
it can't be, like, blob-like,
'cause that, to me, says non-sophistication.
(Gordon) Let's dig in.
How does it taste? Hmm...
It's interesting. It's interesting,
but there's no kick in it.
(Amanda) I love kale.
So that's huge for me.
I mean, it's a heavy portion.
It's weighted,
which I think is clumsily...
who worked on this dish with you?
Uh, Roshni.
I like it. I don't love it.
Clearly, I'm not that fashionable.
But listening to their comments will make me
look at a plate differently from now on.
Tiffany, explain the dish, thank you.
What I have here is
a pan-roasted squab.
There is eggplant pureed.
Um, I have an eggplant fry.
Fried? Yes.
Deep fat fried?
Uh, yes.
Fried food is a big no-no.
Fried? Fr-fr... like...
Tiffany, were you in the bathroom
when they were explaining that they wanted everything
to be super-healthy?
Because, you know, healthy and deep fried
don't really go together.
Well, here's the thing with fried eggplant with me.
I'm a big dude, and I'm Italian.
Fried, great. Eggplant, even better.
But is it the right thing to do
for some pretentious fashion people? No.
I don't think this looks really, again,
chic or clean
or sophisticated or modern.
No, I don't think the fashion crowd
are coming with bibs.
Exactly! No. No.
Jump in, please.
Watch out for the fried eggplant.
That is delicious.
The pomegranate salad is actually...
Nice. Thank you.
This is too much, too greasy.
Whose idea was it to do fried eggplant?
That was me, chef.
Do you want to eat a fried eggplant,
and then jump into a, you know, a swimsuit?
Uh, no, chef. No, no. Come on.
We [bleep] up.
Deep fat fried and models...
Don't mix.
But I know now.
If you had to choose
between the red team and the blue team,
David, red or blue, please.
Blue, thank you. Amanda.
Blue as well.
Ina, red or blue, please.
Blue it is.
All right, blue it is.
Good job. We got a tie.
(Clemenza) I'm psyched right now.
We got a shot to actually win this.
Blue team's pumped right now. We're ready to go, man.
(Announcer) With the score tied...
Seafood, let's go.
(Announcer) It all comes down to guy,
Clemenza, and Royce's swordfish
versus Robyn and Kimmie's sea bass.
(Kimmie) I'm not sure about this dish.
The judges wanted spice, and she didn't listen to me.
Domes off.
Wow. Guy...
Present the dish. Thank you.
We have, uh, swordfish puttanesca,
seasoned with chili,
paprika, and saffron.
What we wanted to do is bring
the spiciness of Spain
and Italy.
I know this is two countries
that produce a lot of fashion.
I have a very personal connection with Italy
and Spain.
(Guy) Ina gave me the eyes.
As soon as I see that connection,
"oh, Italy is my favorite. Ah, ah, ah!"
Yeah, okay. Okay.
I know what's your favorite. You're not fooling me.
I'm going to surrender to this one.
It's not new to me.
Most women surrender.
Well, I really do love the mussels and clams,
being a swimwear designer.
I think that will
resonate with a lot of our guests.
Please dig in.
Mmm, delicious. Mmm.
Thank you. Thank you.
I think you just need to really refine
and simplify and edit that presentation.
And the sauce on the bottom,
I would leave that out.
It doesn't sound like they love it.
But all that matters is my girl Ina.
Next. Robyn, present the dish, thank you.
We did a seared sea bass
with, uh, grapes, sprouts,
as well as micro basil.
I'm drawn to it
because of the pink and green at the bottom.
It just needs to be sharper and more precise.
Thank you. Dig in, please.
I do think the grape is interesting.
I like that. Mm-hmm.
But the vinegar is overwhelming.
Quite bland.
What about the spices? Right.
What about zesty? What about pungent?
What about...Kick?
Who the [bleep] do you think you are?
You ladies come back here and try to cook
in your damn stiletto heels.
So if you have to choose?
Amanda, red or blue, please.
Red. Wow.
David, red or blue, please.
(Announcer) The chefs have been challenged to come up with a tasting menu
for the first-ever Hell's Kitchen fashion night.
So if you have to choose... Blue!
Amanda, red or blue, please?
Red. Wow.
(Announcer) With the score tied,
it all comes down to the final judge's vote.
It's the men's swordfish puttanesca
versus the women's sea bass.
David, red or blue, please.
Blue all the way.
[Applause] Yes!
Great job.
Wow, Robyn.
We asked for something spicy.
I told her three times.
"We need to add spice. We need to add spice.
We need to add spice."
And it was like she didn't want to listen.
I'm sure.
You're all gonna join me
in thanking our esteemed judges.
[Applause] Thank you.
I [bleep] hate 'em.
I hate 'em all.
All of 'em.
Best wishes.
(Robyn) Kimmie is definitely taking it hard, you know,
and I feel like she's blaming it on me, like...
If she wanted to use a little bit more bold flavors,
then she should have spoke up a little bit more.
Blue team...
[Cheers and applause]
You're in for a great day, let me tell you that.
I've got a couple of grand
for you to spend in a boutique in Malibu!
[Men cheering]
Feels great to be a winner! Whoo hoo!
You're all gonna get
amazing new outfits.
Ooh. Then...
You will spend the rest of the afternoon
wine tasting in the beautiful hills of Malibu.
Thank you, chef.
Are you [bleep] kidding me?
I wanted that! [Bleep] damn it.
Get upstairs, get changed.
Malibu awaits. Thank you, chef!
Are you all right?
Crying tears of joy? Yeah.
I'm so happy. I'm really, really happy.
Blue team needed this.
We really needed this.
Kimmie and Robyn, you heard them. Spice!
I said spice. She didn't want to use it.
(Gordon) You need to put your own input on there.
Don't get bullied by Robyn.
Trust your instincts.
When you believe in something, that you want it spicy,
take the risk.
I'm pissed off.
And I really don't want to talk right now.
Like, for real... I do not want to speak to anybody.
Ladies, unfortunately,
you have a lot of work to do today.
First of all,
you'll be transforming this entire
restaurant into something chic and stunning
ahead of our first-ever fashion night.
You'll be hand-building
a runway.
Making centerpieces.
You're gonna be under the guidance of
a top fashion producer.
She'll be arriving shortly.
Let's go.
(Robyn) Punishment sucks.
I'm tired of [bleep] going out like a loser.
[Humming] Yeah!
(Tiffany) Have a wonderful time shopping, bitch.
'Scuse me! 'Scuse me!
'Scuse me!
'Scuse me! [Bleep].
We're just going on a shopping spree into Malibu.
Have fun being girls.
Life is good on the blue team right now,
and not so much on the red team.
They get to spend thousands of dollars
on clothes that they probably don't need.
I need new clothes!
[Whimpers] Oh, I wanna go shopping!
Let's go, baby. Buon giorno!
No, this is it, right here.
This is it.
Welcome, hi. Elena.
Gonna be your personal shopper today.
Congratulations on a win.
Oh, my God, dress me forever.
Okay! Please.
My heart skipped a beat.
She's attractive.
So we're gonna get you guys dressed.
Very, very, very attractive.
Let me have that one. Okay.
I already saw it. You wanna go with that?
I like having a personal shopper.
This shirt's badass. I like that one.
I love shopping to begin with, for myself,
but when it's not my money, it's even better.
Hey, Elena... Do you like what's happened here?
I love what's happening right now.
You enjoy what's happening here?
I know there's something special between us.
I know there's something special.
To match your eyes.
You like that?
[Phony accent] You don't find me sexy in my tight clothes?
Look at you.
Damn! Damn!
Oh, my God, I'm wearing $800 worth
of product on my body.
I feel like royalty.
I broke out of my shell.
Come on out! Nice job.
(Announcer) While the blue team sets off
on part two of their reward...
The red team faces a day of hard work.
Let's hustle, hustle, hustle!
(Announcer) Supervised by the event planner
for the Hell's Kitchen fashion show.
We're under a time constraint.
I know that a good amount of my teammates
aren't really down for the physical labor.
Could you help me?
When I see the pieces of the runway
that we have to move in,
my heart just kind of drops.
I'm gonna be doing a good amount of the brunt work.
Stand it, carry it from the...
Christi... carry it from the bottom. I got it.
Lifting one of these things
is like carrying Clemenza up the [bleep] stairs.
So, like, I'm already starting to feel it in my back.
On to the next piece.
We have to hustle.
Could two of the people do something else with you?
Somebody can do the wrenches,
and the rest of you can go out and get the platform.
Instead of doing one task at a time,
we can multiple-task. You know what I'm saying?
Kimmie, let's sit here and tie [bleep] together.
[Bleep], look at this.
Let's take the four smallest people
out to get the next piece.
Robyn volunteers to stay back and
screw in the runway.
Who's with me?
Oh, [bleep]. No way.
I'm gonna go help them.
You ready? One, two...
Four, now. Okay.
My forearm is [bleep] killin' me.
Ladies, let's put a move on!
Christina... Yes?
We don't know where this t-wrench is connect...
how to connect it.
Help me, where a t-wrench might go in a...
turn it, because...
Oh, crap.
(Barbie) Robyn is apparently a Jack of all trades,
but a master of none.
Way to be a team player, Robyn.
You selfish bitch.
There we go.
You wanna play screwdriver?
Have fun at it.
I don't have time for this [bleep].
Oh, everybody was so excited to put the stage together.
It's fun, isn't it?
Dude, are you [bleep] serious? Come on, man.
Help me out.
(Dana) Christina is scary when she's mad.
She needs to just relax.
Ohh! [bleep] you all right?
I just [bleep] smacked my tooth.
I'm sweating all the way down my back,
like, it's pouring off my face, and I'm getting frustrated.
I'm just realizing this is gonna take forever.
Carry it like this.
Whoa, you gotta let me know when you're doing that, dude.
Let's get the next one in.
Keep it moving.
I'm losing it.
This is getting to be really ridiculous.
All right, Christina.
[Bleep] Get somebody else to hold it.
Christina... Where are you going?
(Announcer) After losing the tasting menu challenge,
the red team must transform the dining room
for the first-ever Hell's Kitchen fashion night.
Carry it like this.
(Announcer) But after two hours of pushing
and motivating her teammates...
[Bleep] that. Somebody else hold it.
(Announcer) Christina has had enough.
Let's get the next one in.
Keep it moving. Let's connect it.
(Dana) Christina is kind of pissed off.
And I need her to stay strong.
So I think we all need to blow off some steam.
[All cheering]
Go ahead and do a stare!
All right! Let's see it!
[All cheering]
It, go. Come on, Kimmie.
Work, work, work! Come on, girl!
Go do a good stare! Do the stare!
[Cheers and applause]
Ohh! All right!
Oh, my God. [Laughs]
Just seeing this, it's hard to be upset.
This is about as close to fashion
as you guys are gonna get.
(Announcer) While the women are miles away from the high life,
the blue team enjoys a taste of luxury...
(Man) Hi, everybody. Come on in.
(Announcer) At Rosenthal Estate in Malibu.
Fantastic. This is perfect.
(Clemenza) We got bottles of wine and these platters of food.
This waiter's at our beck and call.
It doesn't get much better than that.
We're pouring three wines for you right now.
You know, I lived in Napa for a little bit.
Mm-hmm. That's some great bright notes right upfront.
Right on the palate.
You've got touch of a green apple.
Good minerality.
Decent amount of pineapple, but not over the top.
Love the touch of acidity on my finish here.
Patrick is a know-it-all.
(Patrick) You don't find any 100%-ers.
It's always 85% and under.
What is he talking about right now?
We're just trying to enjoy ourselves.
It's just wine, bro.
Thank you, Neil. Guys.
Whee! This is fun.
This is fun. Let me have that cheese.
Let me have that prosciutto.
I'm half-baked. [Laughs]
Everything that you could possibly think of was beautiful.
It felt really, really nice
to be out of the kitchen for one day.
Since we've been nothing but losing, I'm full of love.
Here's a genuine hug from me
to the entire world.
I'm hugging you.
Cheers. Salud.
[Glasses clinking]
[Flatulence] Ahh.
I just totally ripped ass.
I've got some gas today.
Dude! [Laughs]
How [bleep] gross is that?
See, I'm burping.
Tiffany is [bleep] disgusting.
[Bleep] reeks over here.
She's farting over here.
Somebody's gonna love me for who I am.
Give me a catwalk!
Let's go, a catwalk!
Hi, guys.
[Overlapping chatter]
I'm three feet too short to be a model,
and I walk the runway.
I'm on cloud 9,
I'm on cloud 10, I'm on cloud 11.
I mean, I felt like an Indian princess today.
Rosh! I'm coming!
This day really [bleep] sucks.
Like, I really wish we would have won.
I'm still [bleep] pissed.
I don't even want to look at Robyn,
because she makes me sick.
So I'm trying to put this nasty bitch
in the back of my head.
I'm annoyed that she blamed it all on me.
(Robyn) Kimmie got pissed off, and she told chef Ramsay
I said no to everything, and I'm like,
"I didn't say no to everything."
That's what I'm pissed off about.
Somebody as big as Kimmie
should be able to stand up for herself.
I think the people on the red team
don't respect her, and we have good reason.
I didn't call her out up there.
Right. I didn't say that.
You gonna [bleep] call me out like that?
That shows your character now.
Kimmie never takes fault for anything.
I've been nothing but helping this girl out
since the [bleep] beginning.
We will not make any progress with her.
The only thing that we're gonna do
is put ourselves even further behind.
Kimmie's usefulness is running thin with the red team.
I can't push someone who doesn't want to be pushed.
Nobody's really talking about
the fact that I fried the [bleep] eggplant.
So thank God for that.
Somehow, she just keeps [bleep] skating by.
I don't give a [bleep] how tall you are,
how big you are,
do not step up to me like that.
(Kimmie) Leave me the [bleep] alone.
It's ridiculous. We have to [bleep] talk about it.
Red team's breaking down from the inside out.
And it's... it is not good.
Even the two that were ride-or-die with each other
are not even in the same room.
(Announcer) After a day of hard work for the women
and hard play for the men,
both teams get to bed early.
But one chef is feeling the pressure.
So he gets up early.
Let's go, people! Wake up!
(Announcer) And decides he shouldn't be the only one.
(Clemenza) It's my dish on the menu.
I'm not gonna waste time.
[Bleep] gonna get done.
It's time to start your day.
If I gotta crack the whip on some people,
I'm [bleep] doing it.
Everybody get the [bleep] up!
Wake up!
Shut up, Clemenza.
Get your ass back into bed.
Get up, get up, get up!
Clemenza's shouting.
Let's go, people!
Shouting and shouting and shouting.
(Clemenza) I'm [bleep] ready to go.
It was [bleep] wonderful.
(Announcer) As the chefs get their day started,
preparations are beginning for tonight's fashion show.
I want the models all done with hair and makeup.
Please finish up.
(Announcer) And with a brand-new menu,
the kitchens definitely have their work cut out for them.
We're gonna do this.
Who set up fish?
I did. You should keep that organized.
Where's that little bit of clam stock?
Clam juice. What are you doing?
You taking my station over now?
Come on, come on, man.
Clemenza... Take a breath for a [bleep] second.
We're all a team. We're all in this together.
Justin, when you gonna have some free time?
Um... I don't know.
The puttanesca is Clemenza's recipe.
But it's not really a big deal.
It's not like making a...
a crazy thing, you know.
Just quick tomato sauce.
[Bleep] peeling potatoes.
This guy's making a [bleep] appetizer.
Don't [bleep] start
yelling under your [bleep] breath, all right?
I said you're [bleep] peelin' potatoes,
this guy's over there choppin' [bleep] lobster.
That's what I said.
I'm gonna say it to your [bleep] face.
Help me the [bleep] out, [Bleep]!
[Bleep] bitch about everything, man.
(Announcer) While frustration mounts in the blue kitchen,
over in the red kitchen...
The fallout from yesterday's challenge
is turning toxic.
She lost it for us because she didn't listen to me.
We need to put some kind of seasoning on there.
Quite bland.
What about spices? Right.
(Kimmie) Robyn, I don't want to talk about this.
Let's move on.
But it's not dead yet. It's not dead yet.
I'm not gonna drop it.
I wanna [bleep] discuss it.
And if you hide it from me,
then that makes me wonder about your character.
I didn't sabotage you, and I just...
I never... those words never came out of my mouth.
See, now you're putting words into my mouth.
No, I'm not telling you that you said that.
Kimmie doesn't want to admit to anything,
because she's [bleep] weak.
Don't talk to me right now.
I'm done with Robyn walking over me.
I'm just so [bleep] mad that,
I mean, if I could hit her, I would.
(Announcer) Tonight, Hell's Kitchen is opening
for its first-ever fashion night.
Ooh la-la. Gorgeous.
(Announcer) And while the models are getting ready backstage,
Robyn and Kimmie continue to fight.
Kimmie... Don't talk to me right now.
(Announcer) And now the red team is one chef short.
Robyn pushed me to a limit I never thought I would get to.
This was a kick in the stomach, and at this point,
she's kind of like my enemy.
(Gordon) Let's go, ladies.
I need to see a bit of...
A bit of consistency.
Yes, chef. I mean, when you
screwed it for your team across the challenge,
that's gone, but you gotta start nailing it a little bit now.
Yes, chef.
Robyn, [bleep].
Robyn is just trying to be a little bitch.
But, you know, that's just how she is.
So I'm gonna have to put it aside
and buckle down with the girls
and get through dinner service.
I mean, that's all we can do.
(Announcer) With Hell's Kitchen moments from opening...
Line up, please.
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay gathers the chefs
for some last minute instructions.
Tonight is our first-ever
Hell's Kitchen fashion night.
And I want success.
(All) Yes, chef!
Listen carefully.
The first catwalk takes place
before we serve appetizers.
Once we've served the appetizers,
the next part of the show then starts.
After that, we'll serve our entrees.
Everybody understands?
(All) Yes, chef!
If there was ever a night
that timing was absolutely critical,
it is tonight.
Because the finesse of those plates
really need to look stunning,
I would like
one person from each team
help plate.
Red team, Kimmie.
In the window with Andy and I.
Yes, chef.
Blue team...
Yes, chef.
Trust me, these are not easy customers tonight.
Let me tell you that.
Do not screw it up.
Go in your sections. Let's go, guys.
(All) Yes, chef. Let's go.
The biggest crucial moment so far
is the timing of tonight.
We gotta get it right.
Let's [bleep] do it.
Cut the makeup now, please,
and give me the girls, dressed, in order.
(Announcer) Minutes before Hell's Kitchen opens
for its first-ever fashion night,
the red team...
Uh, ladies, once that last model
has walked off the catwalk...
Bang, we go. (All) Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Is standing by, ready for action.
Is everyone ready?
(Announcer) Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Let's go.
(Announcer) Clemenza, on the fish station,
is waiting for no one.
(Gordon) Stop!
What are you doing?
Scallops, chef.
We're not even open yet.
Why is he cooking the scallops?!
Oh, God, Clemenza.
How many portions of scallops have we wasted?
Clemenza, what the [bleep] are you doing?
I'm [bleep] pissed off!
Oh, my God.
Someone's leaving right now.
Ready to go home? No way, chef!