"Build A Religion" by Maxime Ginolin

Uploaded by magicjackproduction on 14.05.2012

I woke up in a morning, or rather awoke.
A force, a power had spoken to me.
He had chosen me to guide humanity
and reveal them the Holy Word of God.
I suddenly understood my destiny.
He told me :
Open the eyes of the ignorant and show him who his Lord is.
Transmit my holy words all around the world.
That they fear me, worship me, cheer me and pray me.
On the spur of the moment, I felt possessed,
in between dream and reality.
I was in a trance with the afterlife,
in contact with the invisible and the powerful.
He spoke through me and said:
Bend them in front of their Creator,
they must be submissive, obedient and
He'll be indulgent because He's the only one loving them.
Dirty and meaningless they are and they will stay,
but tell them I love them.
Salvation of their souls will depend on their submission to me.
Kill the unfaithful, dominate the low
and overwhelm man with good sense,
questioning is a heresy,
it's dangerous and venomous, only Me can enlighten manlike.
I am your reason for existing.
Don't think by yourself and don't go away from me.
Have faith.
Otherwise I'll chasten you and sent you perish in Hell.
Never forget I'm your Savior.
I've created life and offered it to you as a present,
Use the animal and all ressources of Earth,
they are infinite and unalterable such as their Creator.
I am Alpha and Omega.
Kneel down, Look down, and dare not to ask yourself.
Kill anyone who will contest your faith.
Kill anyone who refuses to believe in me.
Only your obedience
is a symbol of love and peace.
I give you an answer to the death,
a sedative and the hope of an afterlife.
Tolerance and empathy are heresies
because they pervert the judgment of the human.
Let that to the wifes you must submit,
let that to the child you must dominate.
Woman is an impure creature,
vicious and by definition heretic.
You shall not kill except for your Lord.
Divert them and impress them to dominate them.
Be strong and powerful.
Establish fear in them,
it'll be your better ally in their needing of being submitted and guided.
Draw blood.
Create darkness to offer them a better light.
You'll only have three opportunities to succeed.
Falsify History,
hide truth,
terrify Humanity and pledged them Heaven.
You are the chosen of thy Lord.
The one who will guide them
to the salvation of their sinful souls.
You are my messenger.
Impose yourself to them.
Force them to believe you.
That they fear you like they fear me.
You are their shepherd,
their prophet, their messenger,
get up and propagate the faith.
Am I dreaming ?
Is all of this real ?
I don't know
So Why not ?