Bachir Gemayel Speech (Fake) Ktir Salbe show (Translated)-6/1/2010

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[Kataeb's song: Min Hak el Malaab]
It is so bad that in Lebanon the 10452 km^2
the Sunnis dominate, the Shiites are armed,
the Druzes are scared and the Christians are immigrating
It is so bad that in Lebanon and in 2010
the Palestinians haven't went back to their country
and nothing happens without the acceptance of the Syrians.
Neither the constitution is protected, nor the laws are enforced
the independence is not complete and the land is not free the people are not united and the nation is not sovereign
It is so bad my brothers to tell me that we followed your steps
and you, the Christians, are divided, followers and you didn't learn from your past
It is so bad to tell me don't worry Bachir about the land that you loved
while this land is being sold to strangers. and what i am saying today
I've said it the same in my presidential speech in 1982
and till today nothing changed. It is So bad, so bad, so bad, so bad.
[Kataeb's song: Min Hak el Malaab - cont'd]