Modern Warfare 2 in 60 Seconds

Uploaded by LeoPirate on 21.11.2009

LEOPIRATE: So this guy, who will betray you, opens with this pretentious speech about war
and how it's important to know how to use the weapons of Modern Warfare...
See what he did there?
Anyway, while undercover in Moscow, you kill a bunch of innocent people and delay
their flights. Makarov then shoots you out of jealously, because you got the achievement
for killing the most civilians.
In retaliation, Russia then invades America, proving that the United Nations is about as
useful as a blind service dog.
You then look for Rojas, because he and Makarov were best buds. He almost gets away,
but Paul Walker makes a cameo appearance and tackles the guy through a window.
Infinity Ward then fucks a hole in the fourth wall by showing the emergency broadcast
system, just to scare the shit out of anyone who thinks they sat on the remote.
Captain Price then launches an EMP missile for Washington D.C., because he couldn't use
the Goldeneye, as it was under repair.
Back in D.C., all the Rangers are like,
"Whoa! Our holographic sights don't have dots, bro!"
After downloading Makarov's porn, you get betrayed by General Shepherd who shoots you
and Ghost and uses your body to roast marshmallows.
MacTavish and Price then team up to make sure history is written correctly and not
by General Shepherd (who lacks a history degree).
When Shepherd is cornered, he CQCs your ass and is all like, "FUCK YOU." So then you're
like, "FUCK YOU" and throw a knife in his face.
Nikolai then is all like, "Vhat are you doing?!" and you're like, "I'm finishing the fight!"