Yuva (2004) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 13

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Is Lallan Singh your husband?
Yes. - Is he in the bathroom?
So, is he sitting in some other car?
What do I know where he is blackening his face?
Whether he is alive or dead.
Whether is in some other compartment...
...in some other city, or whether in this world.
In some hotel or some prison? With some mistress...
...or with some prostitute. I don't know anything.
All men are like this. All of them are dogs.
Hey, his name is written here. Therefore I asked you.
You are getting angry needlessly.
Brother, ticket..
Come in Gopal. Come. Finished the Job?
I committed a big mistake.
But my heart knew that Lallan will not run.
You made me kill my own brother?
I understand. When I was ten years old...
...I killed my father with a stick. I understand your pain.
Tell me, what can I do for you? Whatever...
...I gave to Gopal, take all of that.
Who wants all that?
There are fifty Gopals in this city...
...and hundreds are his fathers.
I don't want to become another Gopal.
I want your money.
I want your power and position.
You are more useless than me.
You are bargaining with me showing me my own gun?
Everybody advised us, not to forsake studies for politics.
That it's dirty. That we can't do anything.
But I ask you, why shouldn't we get in?
If it is filthy, why shouldn't we clean it?
How can nothing happen?
Am I wrong? - No!
Can anyone stop us? - No!
Are we ready to fight? - Yes!
To get inside the muck of politics...
...and to fight in the forthcoming elections...
...are we really ready? - Yes!
What should we do then?
' Move aside. Move aside, move aside.'
'We are happy go lucky people.'
' If we feel like it, we will Just move and walk away.'
'Then maybe someone doesn't...
...meddle in the matters like this, nor does he explain... '
'This is our strength, We swear! '
'We don't believe anyone. We don't wait for anyone! '
' If anyone provokes us, we don't spare him.'
'We don't harm anyone ever.' 'Come! '
The passion is new and the colors are attractive.
The path is new, the travelers are new.
And the people who come in between...
...don’t come in the middle Just like that!
If our opinions differ, better shut your mouth.
Pardon me if you disagree with us.
Teachers inculcate honesty in us.
Our Juggernaut recognizes only green color.
If anyone stops us he gets derailed.
O Youth!t
We did see that Kapil Kumar Mahanta...
Was fighting elections in Assam as a student.
Let's talk to the student leader Michael MukerJee.
Who is spearheading this new movement.
What do you think? Will you and... ...your friends win this election?
Do you think that four of you can change politics?
Why not? One needs to score one run first to make a century.
We have started off with a boundary
The new start of the young generation.
Whether this is a new ray of hope... ...or whether this is a new problem...
Have you gone crazy?
Get your head scanned. What has happened to you?
What do you know about politics?
I'm educated. I know right and wrong.
Don't talk nonsense. You were to do IAS till yesterday.
Then you were going to America.
And today, this foolishness...
The truth is...w
I can say that about you too.
When I was to go to America, you wanted to keep me here.
Now when I want to be here, you're chasing me to the US.
I don't know what's going to happen in the election.
But I want to do this. Even I don't know.
I Just want to do it. Have faith in me, a bit.
Do whatever you want. Don't show me your face ever.
Pa, can I say something? - What?
Once I become a Minister, you can't scold me like this.
I will give you one slap!
You'll think this is a big Joke.
That man was beaten once shot thrice and still he's alive.
If the damn hot blood gets to his brain, he will have us.
He should be shot in the head!
Brother, we can't even touch Michael today.
He is front page news today.
What should I do? Hide my face in my clothes?
I know what to do. Cut his roots.
Cut his support. The person who is standing with him...