Dendi trolling ARS-ART @ StarSeries Season 2 Final

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 13, 2012

- Come on, Dendi, boast of yourself.
- I won't boast.
- What are you doing?
- iG is playing.
Let's have a look.
It starts in 17 sec.
- You'd better show us your statistics.
- I don't want.
Have you seen anything new here?
- iG, let’s turn chlenix on.
- Right, film them.
They communicate and discuss something.
They feed in every single game.
- It's communication Dendi.
How much did Smile feed yesterday?
- 50%.
- See, 50%. Smile, what can you say?
- You are yesterday's hero.
- Do they shit me over?
- Dendi, it was a good game.
- Picks are coming now.
- Dima, tell us what are you constantly noting?
- Letters which gather into words.
- Scrabble?
- Yep.
- And the main question - do you kick them?
- Kick? No.
- Do they kick you?
- Dendi is the one who kicks.
- What are you writing? Seriously?
- Mistakes + Roshan + communications.
- Do they hear you or you note for yourself?
- We discuss arguable moments after the match.
During the game I communicate only with Puppey.
He can turn backwards and ask whatever he needs.
- See, who's playing? Ferrari.
- Bloody hell!
- Dendi, talk as a professional commentator.
- No, not now.
Let's watch?
- Ferrari on Batrider.
Look at his cap. Viking.
By the way, we'll gonna see a battle SteelSeries vs Razer.
- Really?
- Yep.
shoulder to shoulder.
- Look here. Puppey, have a look!
Do you see the way he is moving?
He is flying.
He is a tough guy.
I've never seen stuff like this.
Have you seen this guy?
Just have a look at him running.
It's holy shit.
- I'd be scared to kill this chicken.
Does the game begin?
We are back after a break.
It's DOTA 2 LAN Finals at StarLadder Season 2.
Natus Vincere, the defending champions as for now,
going head to head against mousesports.