USDA Launches New Online Tool - SuperTracker

Uploaded by usda on 21.12.2011

As we enter the new year, many Americans are looking
for ways to meet their New Year's Resolutions.
Topping many Americans' lists are healthy eating
and being active.
Here at USDA we want to make meeting your
resolutions easier in your already busy lives.
I'm excited to let you know about SuperTracker,
USDA's new resource to help you meet your diet
and physical activity goals.
SuperTracker is an online tool where you can get a
personalized nutrition plan and activity plan.
You can track what you eat and your activities
to see how they stack up.
Get tips and support to help you make healthier choices.
Along with MyPlate, SuperTracker helps
Americans put the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for
Americans into action.
MyPlate reminds us to make healthy food choices.
SuperTracker has the tools to help you do it.
You can do anything from quickly looking up a food
to working toward a long term goal.
Let's take a look at the Food Tracker tool.
This is the place to track the foods you eat each day.
See how you're doing with the MyPlate food groups,
Calories, and important nutrients, as you go.
A key to a healthier new year is balancing healthy
food choices with regular physical activity.
Use SuperTracker's Physical Activity Tracker
to see how you're doing.
Enter your activities and track progress as you move.
See your minutes add up and learn more about
the benefits of your favorite activity.
And that's just the beginning of SuperTracker.
You can also set goals, track your weight,
run reports, and journal about your progress.
So I encourage you to get started with SuperTracker today.
It's available now from the website.
Make 2012 your healthiest year yet.
Share with us on Twitter how SuperTracker
is helping you make great choices for a great year!