Un Año Sin Televisión - Episodio 1: El Misterio del Viernes 13

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I like TV.
Me too.
I also like the computer.
I like TV so much that I'm enrolled in the TV University.
Assignment number one: Cristian P. Action!
Aren't you supposed to go to Film School to -what was it?- Create something unique...
That conception is so last week, Matías.
Besides, I'm looking for a new style. I got it! Christianism...
-No, wait, that isn't right. -Oh man! What now?
Christianitis... no.
Christian U.
God Dammit! I don't know why I study Computer Science. This never happens with the TV.
That looks OK... I have no idea what that is...
Oh!, the date isn't right! This is not the year 2000, is it?
Hey, can you check the date in the calendar?
Why don't you check it yourself? Can't you see I'm working here?
'Cause If I stop typing for a second I have to start all over again!
What do you think this is? Windows?
If I didn't love you so much, Matías... If I didn't love you so much!
Ok, let's see...
If I didn't rip up Tuesday and Wednesday pages,
and The Nanny was on yesterday, then today should be...
What is it? The Red Tide?
Worse, Matías, much worse.
What? Is your mom coming over?
But the appartment is still clean!
No, Matías... Today it's Friday the 13th!
Don't tell me you believe in that stuff!
I WANT to believe, Matías!
Besides, it's the TV who taught me to believe in this stuff and...
Who am I to ignore it.
Yes, it also once told you to start wearing diapers again, and how did that end up for you?
Bad, I think.
See? You don't have to believe in everything the TV tells you to!
We learned that lesson last season... which doesn't exist.
I guess you are right.
I'm always right.
You are always right.
Hey heeey!
Oh no! NOW I'm scared.
Why? What's wrong? It's Hernan.
Yeah, it's me!
But I didn't bring the stun gun this time.
-It's not that! -What is it then?
Oh, holy shit.
Don't tell me you also-
You don't understand, Matías, this is serious!
Hernán is, let's say, utterly unlucky.
And what about me? I live with this thing.
This is serious, Matías. Hernán is a natural yinx.
In the boarding house where he lives everybody stays at least two meters away from him.
That's true, and if anybody calls me by my last name I get liquid farts.
-And what about the time with the baby and the needles. -The worst thing is that I was born on Friday the 13th.
The midwife had an asthma attack and the nurse, while trying to help her, slipped and fell on my father
and they instantly started making out.
-Come on, and you remember all that? -I don't need to, it's all recorded.
And also my mom died a few minutes later.
I think you need to go. Today is the worst of all days.
True. I better go to the isolation chamber.
-OH! -Oh, good Lord.
This is serious, Matías. Call the locksmith if you want to live.
Yes, don't worry. I won't stay bounded to you, superticious freaks.
This is real, Matías! Too real...
And do you know what else I'm going to do? I will prove that you are full of bullshit, you'll see.
You can come closer if you want. We are already dead anyway...
I'm sorry for all of this.
Don't worry. It's not your fault that you were born this way.
Hi, I'm Pedro.
The door. The door. The door!
What are we watching? Can I change the channel? Sad shows depress me.
Ok, it's going to take a while for the locksmith to get here. He's coming all the way from Gonzalez Catán.
But... Look what I brought!
See? Nothing's happened.
What about you Pedro? Have you felt anything?
I wish...
Meanwhile, in the bathroom...
Then I guess nothing will happen now either. Right? Huh?
-Is anything happening, Pedro? -Nope.
Nixon. Nixon, Nixon, Nixon.
Hey! That's where the other Pedro used to live! :(
At least now I have the whole banana to myself.
Look what I found. Look!
-No, Matías. No. Not the cat. Not the cat! -Don't do it, Matías! Anything but the cat!
Look, Pedro! Look.
-See? See what you're doing? -We are all going to hell!
Huh? What? That crack in the wall? Are you kidding me?
With the amount of money we spend on rent we are lucky to be alive.
He's not listening. He just doesn't get it.
Only 1 in 35 million times computer defragmentations fail.
It's true. There IS such thing as bad luck.
Stop it, Hernan. This is for you own good.
Help me take this off, I can fix everything in a second.
Sure, like the time you fixed Pedro's hormones.
At least you didn't have to pay to touch a pair of tits.
No, Hernán. You are doing enough damage all taped as you are.
We don't have much time.
-What do we do? The locksmith isn't going to make it. -I don't know.
Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure playing with you tonight.
I'm so scared! What if there's no TV in heaven?
Easy, Matías! Easy. We will always have the puppet theatre.
The clowns...
-Shush! Can you hear that? -Who's that?
I think it's Franco, the scary neighbour with supernatural powers.
Hey, Franco! Buddy!
We are locked in! Can you help us?
Pull, boys! Pull hard!
Oh, excuse me.
Oh!, that feels chilly.
Look, there's the locksmith!