NOOB : S01 ep12 : LE DONJON DE MORTEGARDE (partie 1/2)

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My friends,
since the fundation of the Noob Guild,
we never have managed to finish a single dungeon.
Not even Deathguard.
It's with pride that saw you level up and from now on hope is born again.
Together, we defeated Dardane, the keeper.
And for the first time,
we managed to reach the entrance of Horizon 1.0 easiest dungeon.
My Friends
Omega Zell,
Gaea, Bandaid,
if we succeed, nothing will ever be the same again.
We will be able to be proud of ourselves
and yell our belongment to the noob guild on all the game servers !
Level 12 : Deathguard Dungeon Part. 1
I knew it.. I knew it !
Ah ! It was just to good to last !
Ah ! But everything was going perfectly, what happened ?
Take a wild guess ! He was out of mana again, him !
That's not true ! I even got three mana points left !
No, but well, we simply used up of all our most powerfull powers
on the mobs, and when the boss showed up we were all flatted out.
Well, it's not so bad.
At least we managed to clear the dungeon's first part.
Hum yep, let see it that way.
Alright ! Go, let's get back to it !
Hell Yes !
Here's the strategy !
Its most powerfull attack
is the shock wave.
If he hits us even a single time, we're out for good.
Totally wiped out. Game Over.
Yeah, well I think that we got this part all figured out !
And what do we do to avoid it ?
I was at the otherside of the hall earlier on, and it still managed to kill me !
In order to avoid, there is only
a simple way.
Everyone of us needs to stick in the room's corner.
And how in the nine hells are we supposed to predict his attack pattern ?
Easy. At a certain point, you'll see,
his eyes turn blue, they are going to shine.
At this moment, we'll have five seconds to go hide at the end of the room
and if you manage to survive, he is going to become highly vulnerable.
It will be the time to strike !
You got that Bandaid ?
Of course I did !
Yeah, as usual...
Alrigtht then, let's go !
Shockwave !
But, get out of the way !
Bandaid ! No !
You loot : 800 gold pieces
Gratz Gaea ! You powned him !
Ah ! Everything is fine ! Beginner's luck...
If the other noob didn't get in my way I would have...
It was I that...
You have defeated Arthanös.
I congratulate you, mortals.
But, savor your victory well
for Deathguard shall be your Tomb !
Alright, everything's fine. It was just an Event !
Let's take a look at what we looted
and we're go for the dungeon's second part.
Amazing, you finally says something that makes sense !
Hum... But...
Hey, friends ! Did you notice my Sword ?
It exaclty looks like Artheon's !
Isn't it extra beautifull ?
But I didn't know that priests, could also wield swords...
What ?
Oh, fuck !
Shit !
We definitely have a problem here !
To be continued...
Synchronization : Florian Beaume Translation : Guillaume Picchi