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BETH HOYT: I've got naked nails.
BETH HOYT: Hey, everyone.
Beth Hoyt here.
It's Tuesday and rainy in New York.
And I woke up feeling super nauseous, but I am a pro, so I
took my Pepto, and I grabbed my umbrella, and here I am.
Kind of a special Tuesday show for us because we've got a
special guest today.
The star of MyDamnChannel's prank series is here.
That's right, McMayhem in the flesh.
But joining me in the studio to talk about what he does,
why he calls it human graffiti, and what we can
expect from him in the future.
To get you guys in the mood, here is the world premiere of
the latest McMayhem video.
Ready for this title?
"Kisses for Gay Guys." Enjoy.

-We're here in West Hollywood.
No matter who you are or where you're at,
you're getting kissed.
"Kisses for Gay Guys."
-Where are the gay guys at.
What, you didn't know?
No, he ain't playing.
-I'm just looking around for gay guys because
they need my kisses.
I'm handing kisses out to gay men in West Hollywood today.
-How do you know I'm gay?
I see you're at the bank, but I want to make a deposit, too.
I want to give you a kiss today.
I'm going to give a kiss to you guys.
-Thank you.
-I want to give a kiss to you guys.
Now, you're having spaghetti?
-And that's your meal?
That's your lunch?
-It actually is.
-This is your freaking dessert.
-Can I give you a kiss on the cheek?
And a kiss on the shoulder.
-Could you ask for anything more?
You're in a Miata?
-You're gay?
-Oh, you get a kiss.
-Oh, who are you guys?
-I'm going to give you a kiss.
I'm going to give you a kiss.
Are you gay, bro?
You guys are super gay?
For you.
-All righty.
-For being gay.
Thank you.
-Are you a really good boy?
-Then you get two kisses.
-Ding dong.
Yes or no?
-You're gay, right?
-That's all right, you still get a kiss.
-Kiss on your hat.
Kiss on your nose.
Kiss in your pocket.
Are you gay?
-That's all right.
You deserve them not just because you're gay, but
because you're really gay.
-Say thank you for your kiss.
-Thank you for your kiss.
-No problem, dude.

BETH HOYT: Welcome back.
I'm here with Matt Mcmanus, aka McMayhem.
Thank you so much for being here.
MATT MCMANUS: Thank you for having me.
BETH HOYT: It's awesome.
Now you are--
you're based in LA.
MATT MCMANUS: Mm-hmm, But I'm from New York.
I'm sorry.
MATT MCMANUS: OK, so she's--
MALE SPEAKER: Ask him to read the prompter.
MATT MCMANUS: Well, it's great to have you here.
Sorry, I'm just a little flushed that you're actually
here in the studio with me.
I have to admit, Matt.
When I first started watching the McMayhem videos, I was
just a little scared of you because your
face is just perfect.
But then I kept watching and then I realized I needed a
haircut way before you came in here today.
Because you're just the best.
I mean, you're the best at being in the street.
You're the best at being here in the studio.
And honestly, your haircut's the best thing
I've ever seen, period.
Obviously I'm reading Beth's lines for her today because
she's a little under the weather and I'm here in the
audience in the studio helping you guys out today.
Let me give you a little intro to myself.

I'm from New York.
I live in Los Angeles now.
I met Stephen, the host of the show when we worked at a
nightclub together.
And we decided to take our love of the
street to the next level--
hip-hop, graffiti, and having fun with people and strangers.
And that's what we did with this show.
BETH HOYT: McMayhem!
BETH HOYT: I'm not sick.
I'm fine.
I'm sorry.

Oh, funny bone.
Now I got to go.
We punked you.
MATT MCMANUS: You punked me?
BETH HOYT: I'm not sick.
MATT MCMANUS: Oh my god.
I had no idea what to do.
BETH HOYT: It was really scary.
We've never done a live prank before.
MATT MCMANUS: Well, did I take it in stride?
BETH HOYT: You did.
It was almost--
well, I mean, we're not as good as you, but we tried.
You totally just trumped us with how you handle that.
MATT MCMANUS: Handle the situation.
BETH HOYT: It was really exhilarating for me, though.
And now I feel nauseous because I've been faking sick
ever since you got here.
Because I've been like, he has to believe I'm sick.
So I've been putting on this--
MATT MCMANUS: So that whole time we were in the green room
and I was trying to get a chance to know you--
BETH HOYT: I was suppressing my energy.
MATT MCMANUS: No eye contact.
She was being a little bit of a brat.
BETH HOYT: I was like really trying to fake sick.
I was like, we need some ginger ale
in here to get this--
She was drinking Pepto-Bismol like it was
going out of style.
Yeah, the Pepto-Bismol was right on my thighs.
MATT MCMANUS: So I didn't read anything on the teleprompter.
I just--
BETH HOYT: It's really funny, our writer wrote it
for you to read it.
Do you want to read it?
Why not.
BETH HOYT: Not that we are know, you know.
All right, McMayhem responds--
MATT MCMANUS: It's so great to have you here.
Sorry, I'm just a little flushed that you're actually
here in the studio with me.
I have to admit, Matt.
When I was first started watching the McMayhem videos I
was a little scared of you and you seemed like you might be a
little nuts.
But then I kept watching them and I had this really weird
experience where I began to get really turned on by the
stuff you do.
I mean, sexually.
Just really revved up.
And I guess it was because I knew you were going to be in
the studio today, but I had this insane dream about you
last night.
We were water skiing together on a lake in Germany, and we
each had one of these heavy wool sweaters and absolutely
nothing else.
But that wasn't the weird thing.
The weird thing was that you, McMayhem, had this enormous
jelly donut where your crotch would be and you kept yelling,
they forgot the sugar powder.
They forgot the sugar powder.
And then we suddenly were testifying in front of
Congress and you were getting yelled at by all these
senators because you were wetting your bed again.
And then I hit you over the head with this baseball bat
made entirely of ham.
And that's when I woke up.
And I knew we had to play a prank on
McMayhem live on the air.
BETH HOYT: McMayhem.
MATT MCMANUS: Give me a hug.
That was a great job.
I honestly had no idea what to do, so I just stopped reading.
BETH HOYT: No, it was awesome.
You're obviously really good at being a host, too.
So you just-- you nailed it.
But anyway, that was funny.
We wanted to get that in there because we put it in there and
we figured we'd just read that.
MATT MCMANUS: Well, thank you very much, MyDamnChannel.
Had no idea.
I'm glad I'm not really sick.
Although it will take me a while to calm
down from faking sick.
But I mean, we're going to come back and we're going to
talk to you for real in a minute.
But we want to play another McMayhem
BETH HOYT: I stopped you mid-word right there.
What was that word going to be?
MATT MCMANUS: Let's get into it.
This one's a classic.
It's called "Stop Sign Slobberfest."
We'll be right back.

-The world's a crazy place.
People aren't being very nice to each other.
Sometimes you just need to stop in the name of love.
What, you didn't know?
No, he ain't playing.

-Get over here.
-I'm sorry.

He hit me.

-What the fuck is your problem?
Get the fuck out of the street.
Come on.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

BETH HOYT: We're back.
Did he really chase you down then after that?
MATT MCMANUS: No, he didn't.
He didn't.
He realized how big my biceps were and then he just went
running back [INAUDIBLE].
BETH HOYT: He was like, uh, never mind.
Do you know those girls?
What was the casting process like for those ladies?
MATT MCMANUS: Honestly, I just wanted them to be tan
and have big boobs.
That was basically it.
Most of them didn't speak any English whatsoever.
BETH HOYT: Doesn't matter.
MATT MCMANUS: And one of them didn't have any feet.
BETH HOYT: No feet?
BETH HOYT: Doesn't matter.
MATT MCMANUS: Yeah, it doesn't matter whatsoever.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, probably a better kisser to make up for
the fact that she had no feet.
I mean, that's the thing.
I mean, it's like when you lose one sense.
Like, say you lose your hearing,
your sight gets amplified.
When you lose your feet, you can make out like a pro.
Yeah, absolutely.
MATT MCMANUS: And French kissing's dead.
It's a dying art.
BETH HOYT: It's over.
MATT MCMANUS: I'm bringing it back though,
one kiss at a time.
Work it out.
MATT MCMANUS: Work it out.
BETH HOYT: So I'm sorry I called
these all pranks before.
I mean, that's just our like layman terms are.
But you call it human graffiti.
Can you explain to us that?
I get a kick out of different people.
I get a kick out of social situations.
And obviously I get a kick out of myself.
So what Stephen and I did was we decided to showcase all
those things.
I like taking a situat--
basically the nouns around me, the people, places, and things
around me, and orchestrating some kind of grand event.
Something where a lot of people aren't privy to it.
Some of the episodes, obviously people understand
what's going on.
They're on camera.
Some of them, they don't.
Those are basically my favorite ones because it takes
a lot of time to be like, all right, we're going to put a
cameraman here, a cameraman here.
And hopefully these people show up.
And hopefully this is what happens.
We go out searching for gold.
Sometimes we get silver, but most of the time we get gold
because I strive for perfection.
BETH HOYT: So you're from New York, right?
I'm from Long Island.
BETH HOYT: Awesome.
BETH HOYT: And you're back here.
So you visiting your family while you're here?
I am.
I was here for a christening, and I spent the last couple of
days with my daddy.
BETH HOYT: How's that?
You guys get along?
MATT MCMANUS: My dad's the best person around.
I'd much rather be sitting at a bar next to my dad drinking
a beer, making a couple people laugh than anything else.
BETH HOYT: Awesome.
Actually, he's kind of the inspiration behind just about
everything I do.
BETH HOYT: Really?
MATT MCMANUS: The biggest nonsensical person I could
possibly imagine.
He led me to believe at five years old that every room I
walked into, I had to be a member to get into there.
So he'd have me stand in doorways and be like, Matt,
are you a member here?
And I'd be like, I don't know.
He'd be like, go try it out.
So I would.
He also led me to believe at 10 years old when we got our
first dog, Jesse, when I took it for a walk in front of all
of my family members.
When I came back, he was like, Matt, did the
dog go number one?
I said, yes.
He said, did the dog go number two?
I was, like yes.
He's like, did you wipe.
And I said, no.
He's like, you've got to wipe the dog's butt.
And I was like, I didn't know that.
So that's what I did in front of my entire family.
MATT MCMANUS: So he led me to believe--
BETH HOYT: For how long?
MATT MCMANUS: For a day.
MATT MCMANUS: But he led me to believe a whole bunch of
things that were not true.
Not maliciously, just to show me a
different side of the world.
The world could be a cartoon.
Anything can and will happen.
And I think in my ripe old age, that's what I try and do.
BETH HOYT: That's so cool.
MATT MCMANUS: I try and make the world
seem more like a cartoon.
Because when you're watching a cartoon,
you're most likely smiling.
So he was the original McMayhem
getting you in there--
what does he think of this show?
MATT MCMANUS: I actually showed it to him last night
for the first time.
BETH HOYT: Oh, really?
MATT MCMANUS: He's not that technologically savvy.
And I showed him the videos.
I showed him a couple articles that were
written about the show.
And he was like, Matt, you're a knucklehead for a living.
BETH HOYT: You're like, finally, My dad's proud of me.
MATT MCMANUS: Oh, one last story about him.
When I was 11 years old I went to a party and a
man came up to me.
He's like, you're dad is the biggest knucklehead I know.
I was on one side of a subway platform while your dad was on
the other-- we were both
businessmen in downtown Manhattan.
And I was standing next to a police officer and your dad
sees me across the platform, points at me and says, that's
the man that stole my wallet.
Got on a train and went away.
That's my dad, Phil McManus.
BETH HOYT: That's amazing.
BETH HOYT: Have you ever feared that you were going to
get hurt while you were doing one of your pranks?
Or hurt someone?
MATT MCMANUS: I learned very early on that you've got to
pick and choose the right battles.
And because I spent many years behind a bar bartending, I can
really judge a book by its cover.
And I can see someone right off the bat and know, I could
actually approach this person and they want to be
BETH HOYT: That's great.
That's a good sense to have when you're out there.
MATT MCMANUS: Yeah, it's my own little spider sense.
MATT MCMANUS: I mean, are you comfortable next to me?
BETH HOYT: Absolutely.
MATT MCMANUS: Well, then there it is.
I feel really comforted.
And I'm sad that it's over now.
MATT MCMANUS: It's over now, but it'll happen again.
BETH HOYT: Of course.
I mean, just this episode today.
I'm so like pumping with adrenaline from that prank.
MATT MCMANUS: Can I ask you for a hug?
MATT MCMANUS: Let's do the real thing.
BETH HOYT: You can ask.
You didn't ask.
MATT MCMANUS: Where's my hug?
BETH HOYT: Well, that's a demand.
MATT MCMANUS: Can I demand it?
BETH HOYT: Uh, no.
You have to ask.
MATT MCMANUS: May I please have a hug?
MATT MCMANUS: All right.
It's the initiation of a hug with McMayhem.
Thank you so much for being here and for
playing along with us.
MATT MCMANUS: Thanks for having me.
Thanks for pranking me.
Thanks for having me test my host skills on the fly.
BETH HOYT: You nailed it.
Tomorrow we've got a big show.
We're going to show the cool interview we did with Adam
Carolla earlier today.
And the great Eugene Mirman will be live in the studio.
I hope my fake illness is gone by then.
MATT MCMANUS: You heard it here
first, ladies and gentlemen.
She faked being sick.
But I'm sick in real life.
Let's give it real.
BETH HOYT: All right, see you tomorrow, guys.
Oh, and don't forget to subscribe.
Do it.
Bye, love you.