#2 London UK - Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

Uploaded by streetsoccertour on 22.05.2010

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>>Edgar Davids: Today we're going to London to go into the second battle, second city.
Still feel energized from yesterday.
English soccer style is a bit physical but you have to get used to that.
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>>Terror: Now we're in London.
We're the Street Legends.
And we're gonna take on anyone who wants to challenge us.
>>Rocky: Everybody who wants to play, everybody can come.
As long as you have a team of 5 players,
you come, 3 goals, you're out.
>>Michael: That's our mentality.
Go everywhere in the world,
play on any street against any opponents and get the job done.
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>>Edgar Davids: The thing is with the street on the weekend we can do a lot of things.
We can give a show or when we have to be clinical,
we can be clinical.
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>>Michael Essein: What's up man? I gotta leave.
>>Edgar Davids: Okay man. Thanks for comin'.
>>Michael Essein: I'm here to support Edgar.
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>>Michael Essein: It's a pleasure for me to be here.
>>Kemar: We're Hammersmith and Fulham Boys.
We're the best team in London for the past two years
and we're going to take on the Street Legends.
>>Howard: We're gonna play Edgar David's team,
the Street Legends and we're gonna thrash them.
That's what we do to everybody anyway.
>>Dju Dju: We don't care who plays against us so long as we just win.
We have to win.
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>>Edgar Davids: It's tough, tough.
The players are very, very aggressive.
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>>Michael: They want to win the game.
That's fair enough.
♪ [music playing] [crowd cheers]
♪ [music playing]
>>Rocky: Street Legends are definitely gonna win today.
♪ [music playing]
[crowd cheers]
♪ [music playing]
[crowd cheers]
>>Wasinho: Yeah, it was a really tough day but we won.
>>Howard: A little bit disappointed but it was a good game experience
>>Edgar Davids: They're a pretty good team.
We just outplayed them.
>>Howard: They were legends.
That's all I can say about that.
♪ [music playing]