(Flat tummy) 15 min workout

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Hello Hello. It's Nichole Kellerman here, founder and creator of Successful Weight
Loss School. Here we are in the midst of holiday season where the stress increases and our
time decreases. And usually what happens is you tend to want to eat more food and also
put ourselves on the back door and don't move our bodies. And then you fall onto a depressive
slump. So I create this 3-part series that really get you going this holiday season.
This workout is only 15 minutes long. You don't need much room. If you have a pair of
dumbbell you can use them to add some kind of arms to it but you don't necessarily need
to have them. I don't want that tween excuse for you. So push aside the coffee table, grab
a little bit of water, have a positive attitude and an open mind and let's get started with
this quick workout. Alright, let's get started to this awesome workout we've got for ya.
Starting off with butt-kickers and shoulder retraction. So warming up the upper back and
back of the legs hamstring. So as we're warming up here, we're really want you to create an
intention for this workout and what I mean by that is some sort of focus. Ideally, your
focus is not on losing weight or anything physical. It's maybe something a little deeper
than that like maybe you want work on your confidence in some areas. Let's move on to your
arms swing here. Arm circles I call this stir-the-pot like you're stirring a big pot of stew.Go
ahead and switch directions; really just opening up all those muscles on shoulder joint. Like
I was saying, think about something that you want to work on. Go ahead and switch arms.
You know maybe its confidence. Maybe you just want to go about with week or open a loving
cart to receive whatever is out for you. Maybe you want to work on stress. Go ahead and switch
directions. Really think about that for a minute; something that is maybe challenging
you in your life right now. Maybe it working on eating better, having better snacks, being
more consistent. Okay, we're doing hair slips back, a little hip movement there. Getting
some hips involve. It's really you want to think about that for a minute for the rest
of warm up. Something that you want to work on that you are trying to improve on yourself.
That isn't physical. The physical is gonna come. I swear. Just focus on that stuff. Now
we're on just hips side to side, opening the hips in low back. We re gonna go in circles.
Going one direction and circles the other direction. Now we're doing front and back,
exaggerated movements here. Really exaggerated. Opening up your entire trunk physically. It's
feels like a little awkward but it's really good for you. Now open the chest, open the
back. Again really exaggerated. Stick out your chest. Open the back. And lots of movements
in the ribcage. Right now we're doing some hip swings. So opening up the hips and fairly
flexible, so that doesn't need to be involved your goal here. As much as you swing, just go on
your own pace. Go ahead and switch side. Speedy warm up here only 5 minutes. Alright, good
job. We're going to make our way onto the floor. So make your way down on to the floor and
we're going to go on to our plank here. So you're either going to on your toes or knees.
I really suggest you hop on to your toes for now and you drop on to your knees any time.
Your belly button is set in to your spine. Your chin is tucked. Your butt is down. And
you're holding tight step on the board. And as you can see above is your affirmation,
"I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To". That s really good one for this isometric workout
we have for you. "I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To." Really focusing on that affirmation.
Are you going to focus on that affirmation or focusing on the pain? One or the other,
"I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To." We're almost there. We re doing great. Now we re going
to do is side plank. So you're either are going to bend your both knees for beginner,
top leg for intermediate, both legs advance. There are your options. We're gonna be holding
up, making your elbows right beneath your shoulders. And with this one you can create
your affirmation What do you want? I know I'm right when I said that. Some sort of image
popped into your mind that's a good intuition. What do you want? Creating affirmation around
that. Keep your focus there. Remember you can only focus on affirmation. We're going to
switch side a really quick; super quick switch side doing the same modification on the same
side. You can be focused on the affirmation or focused on the pain. What do you want?
We're almost there. Keep holding tight. Focus on the affirmation. So close. Breathe. Now we're
gonna go back on to our back. We're gonna do bowl and extend. Bowl and extend. Now what
you are gonna do here is if there's any pain in your low back, you're gonna keep your feet
closer to the ceiling. To make a little harder, your feet are little closer to floor like
I am here. So really listen to your body here. Not what I m doing. Not the speed that I'm
doing up. You go at your own speed. And your own depth for your body. That s very important
that you create that relationship, the conversation. You're listening to your body. And your affirmation
is, Life Rocks! Yes. So focus on that as you doing this movement. Life Rocks. Life Rocks.
Say that to yourself in your mind. Inhale as you extending up. Exhale as your bowling
up. Alright, we're gonna flip over. And we're gonna do some plank twist here. So butt
is down and you're just twisting. This is really working on the waist. You're doing
twisting which is so great. Make that twist smaller. We're sticking to that affirmation,
Life Rocks. We're gonna try some deep rotation here. The deeper the more ab result we're
gonna get which is what we want. Life Rocks. Life Rocks. Focus on that affirmation. Remember,
affirmation or pain. One or the other; easy choice. Alright, we'are going to do that one
more time. So we are going to go back into plank. You are doing so well. I know your
arms are feeling this. Your core is feeling this but that's good. My job is to push you.
So this is it. You only have few more minutes. We're going here into this plank. Tuck your
chin. Butt is down. Core is tight. Focus on the affirmation I can do anything I put my
mind to. You can do this. It's only a few more minutes. Anybody can work out when they're
fresh. This is about digging deep. The only way you're gonna see the only source
of change in your body is by pushing it pass comfort zone. You can do this. Focus on the
affirmation I can do anything I put my mind to. I can do anything I put my mind to. Focus
on that. You can do this. Alright, good. Now we're going into the side planks. Again there's
a modification. Both knees bend; one leg bends. Both legs extended. Take your modification
and go up and fold. Again we're focusing on something that you want to manifest in your
life what do you want? What just popped into your head? Create an affirmation around that.
You feel hips up. You can do this. Alright, quickly switch side. Focus on that affirmation
you created for yourself. Doing good. We're almost there. So close. And we're going to
bowl and extend. Just two more exercise. Hop on over to your back, bowl and extend. Inhale
as you extend, extend as you bowl up. Again, the closer your feet into the floor, the harder
it's gonna be. The closer to the ceiling the easier. But I want to make sure you are not
feeling any pain in your low back, if you are set you pride aside and move your feet
a little closer to the ceiling. That is much that. Listen to your body. That is the key.
Your affirmation is Life Rocks. Life Rocks. Life Rocks. Alright, one last final exercise.
You are doing so good. We're doing into this plank twist. Not only your core is going to
feel this but your arms are. How awesome is that? Life Rocks. Keep that butt down. Deep
rotation. Finish off this workout with as much energy as you started with. All you have
is a bottom minute. Not much at all, you can do this. Okay good. Awesome job. Let's move
into this stretch, deep breathe up and exhale down. Up and down and reaching to one side.
You worked so hard. You did so great. Now let's bend on over to one leg. Still taking
those deep breathes. Good. Now let's drop to the center. Hang there. Grab your elbows.
Let s slowly roll up. And take that stretch to the other side. Just coming back to that
breathe. Stretch back down to the other leg. This is very important part. Do not skip this
part. Hold with me in 5 minutes. You can stay with me here. Alright, now you're going to
bring your feet a little closer together. And you're going to lift one heal off the
ground. So really isolating one leg. Go ahead and lift the other heal. Alright, step back.
We're going to into munch here. You can put your hands on your low back. It s really gonna
stretch the front hip. Taking those nice deep breathes. Your body, your muscle needs that
oxygen right now to recover from all hard work that you did. Go and extend one hand
up into the air. And then bend over so you can intensify that stretch a little bit more.
Good. Let's go to the other side. We're stretching that hip flexor. Thinking that intention that
you've made for this workout. Really working on that. Thinking yourself succeeding with
that intention. Now we're going to sit down and either cross your legs in the in style
or a little bit more flexible. You can stop them. So that's your call your own body. And
you're keeping your back nice and straight for this stretch. You ll see my back is nice
and straight with rounding out. I really want your back straight and butt kinda out really.
And see your hip is tilted towards the back of the room the wall behind you. It's really
gonna intensify that's stretching glutes. Go ahead and switch. Taking some deep breathes.
Okay one final stretch here. On your back, we're gonna tilt your hands. And then you're
gonna have 90 degrees with one leg. And then you re gonna gently pull it over to one
side of your body. This is really opening up your hips and your low back. This is one
of my favorite stretches in the whole world. I do it every single day. It's so phenomenal.
So really taking some deep breathes into your low back. Might you feel the chest a little
bit. Good. Slowly back to center. Let's go to the other side. Few more deep breathes
right into your low back. You work so hard. You're proud of yourself. Really be proud
of yourself because it s a hard workout. Good. Alright! We're all done fabulous the rest of
your day.