HetaQuest 31 [ENG subs]

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I think it's going to rain today...
It's an old yet well-preserved stuffed bear.
Oh, you're up.
Good morning.
What are you doing here this early in the morning?
Are you two free today?
Yes, I didn't really have anything planned for today.
Same here.
Good. Can you please clean up my shed, then?
Whaaat?! Your shed? Why don't you clean it up yourself?!
You left some of your stuff there!
I'm asking you this favour because I'm going to adjust the spell I cast on the forest. I left the door open for you.
All right. We'll take care of it.
What's Cenarf like? I wish I could go there, too...
Peter doesn't take classes seriously, but he still gets full marks on every test. When does he ever study?
Have you found any clues about Peter?
I'm worried about Peter, but I have to teach magic to the children.
My father works at the institute. I wonder how he's doing?
Casting a spell on the whole forest is something amazing. Uncle Arthur is so cool!
You might not know this, but Arthur used to be pretty brutal back in the day. He softened up a lot after he met Elizabeth, though.
It's a fluffy bunny.
Pet it? - Yes - No
It's a fluffy bunny.
Pet it? - Yes - No
Whoa! It's so dusty! When was the last time he cleaned up this place?!
Stop whining and let's get to work already!
Oh, a portrait! There are four kids...
That's Arthur when he was a kid. This is him, see? And the others around him are his brothers.
This is Arthur? He's so short!
I wonder how his brothers are doing...
Um, is something wrong?
Al, you're so apathetic about things that don't interest you...
I was very little at the time, so I didn't know this, either.
Apparently, Arthur's two eldest brothers lost to him in the Head Wizard trials, so they left the village and never came back.
And I heard that the brother closest to him in age died in an accident during the trials...
Maybe he asked us to clean up the shed because he doesn't want to remember his brothers.
I see now... Their names are written on the backside.
They're in order of height.
Well, now I know why he doesn't like cleaning up his shed.
It's an ominous-looking chair. It might be dangerous to sit on it.
What a cute girl! Who is she?
Al, you ask about that picture every time you clean the shed.
(I like bringing up that picture to make fun of Arthur!)
Haven't I told you already? That's the Rose Fairy, who lives in the castle in Cenarf.
Arthur met her when he was little, and he really wanted to see her again. But in the end, all he found was this picture.
Okay... Let me rephrase my question. This IS a girl, right?
Huh? Of course it's a girl.
A girl, huh?
Well, then, I'll clean this side of the shed, so you can take care of the other side.
OK! You can count on me!
(Okay, Matthew can't see me here.)
(Uh, what are you going to do?)
(I'm going to slack off, of course! I can't stay here cleaning all day! I'm going out for a stroll!)
(What the...?)
(Matthew is right there... I'd better get out quickly.)
(A girl, huh?)
It's the portrait of the four brothers.
Whoa, it's raining! But it was so sunny in the morning!
It happened to be sunny when you were here before, but it actually rains a lot here.
Let's take shelter in Arthur's house!
*sigh* Now I'm drenched.
I'm a ghost, so I'm totally fine!
I don't envy you.
I'd better get in to dry myself.
To be honest, I didn't want to stay in that shed, either. I might remember stuff from the past.
You, too, huh?
I only lived in this house for a short while, but it was long enough for me. My memories from that time are stuffed away in the shed.
By the by, this house itself has quite a lot of history!
Nowadays, the Head Wizard who was chosen through a royal test is the ruler of Elgnand, but back in the day, the Kirkland family were the hereditary rulers.
The proof of that is that the place where they inherited the Green Jewel is in the basement of this house.
There's a spell on it, though, so you can't usually get in there.
I wondered about something when I heard the Prime Minister in the castle.
The Green Jewel User is supposed to be the Head Wizard, right? Then why is Peter the User?
That's a complicated matter... I don't know about the other Jewels, but the Green Jewel is bound to a magic book.
By writing a name in the book, anyone who is within a certain distance from the Jewel can be a candidate to become the User.
The Jewel then chooses the candidate with the most powerful magic.
The catch is that it doesn't choose the most powerful one at the time, but the one with the highest value.
The highest value? Is that easy to tell?
You can get a pretty good idea of it if you calculate a wizard's magic progress from the moment he was born up to the present!
Some people can also tell at a glance, like the Patriarch.
I see. Who writes their name in that book, other than the Head Wizard?
The candidates to being Head Wizard can't write their names. It doesn't matter if they're going to take part in the trials.
If they don't have the highest value, they can't be chosen as candidates, so it'd be risky to write their names.
Anyone else is free to write their names through the Head Wizard, because it's obvious that they have less value than the Head Wizard.
But for some reason, Peter's name was written in that book, even though he hadn't even been born yet.
Peter was born right during the ritual. Even though he was a baby, still with little magic, the Jewel foresaw his future value and chose him as the User.
But if it was an accident, couldn't they just redo it?
Yes, they could have tried to cancel Peter's contract and erase his name from the book.
But they weren't allowed to redo it. I didn't know why back then, but now I do.
The anti-Elgnandian council members wanted to publicly humiliate Arthur for failing to become the User.
Arthur is unbelievably unlucky...
Phew, it's raining a lot... Are you guys done with the cleaning?
Um, Arthur, I can explain...
Alfred, you...!
Alfred is dead. He died the day before Peter's birthday. I'm not Alfred.
Get out! I don't want to see you ever again!
Ouch! He actually kicked me out.
...! Matthew...
Matthew... Were you listening?
I'm sorry!
Wait, Matthew!
It's just like Francis said. You should have told Arthur before. Now he's kicked us out...
I'm sorry, America. I didn't think it'd come to this...
Someone is throwing a fit...
Go after Matthew first. I think he was going in the direction of the Big Tree.
It's dangerous to go back in now.
... I'm sorry. Actually, I had already figured it out.
Ever since I fainted, the day before Peter's birthday, I had the feeling Al was gone.
The day you showed up, I was relieved, thinking I had been mistaken.
But the feeling that Al was gone didn't go away.
And yet, I didn't want to accept the truth and ignored what you said.
I thought I could be with "Alfred" for a while longer. But I couldn't.
He was your last blood relative, wasn't he? It's understandable that you didn't want to believe he was dead. Especially since I look just like him.
That's true. You actually look more like him than I do.
Even though we're twins, we're nothing alike. We have a different hair color, a different eye color, different personalities, and even different magic gifts.
Only our faces are kind of similar.
Al was like our sister, cheerful, full of life, and he couldn't use magic, but everyone in the village loved him. He was a good person. Even I was proud of him...
I didn't really mind when people couldn't see me. And it didn't bother me when people mistook me for Al.
When Al left the village and I was alone, people started seeing me. It made me so happy to be liked and relied on. But at the same time, it made me nervous.
I began to wonder if they saw me as someone else. My twin brother Al, or my sister, who was a healer.
I wondered if maybe Arthur was nice to me and Peter got attached to me because they were seeing me as someone else.
That's not true! The villagers do see you as Matthew! So do Arthur and Peter...
Those worries disappeared twice a year, when Al came home.
When Al was around, the difference between us was clearer. Al was the only one who would never lose sight of me.
But now that Al is gone, who's going to know the real me?!
I made you feel lonely? Why didn't you tell me?!
I feel like my body is eventually going to fade completely. I'm so scared.
I'm sorry, I never meant to do this to you!
With Al gone, I won't even recognize myself!
I'm right in front of you! Why can't you listen to me?
Why don't you stop crying now, Matthew? You're making Alfred angry, you know.
What? What are you talking about?!
If you were my brother, I wouldn't like it if you weren't strong enough to live without depending on my image.
Mr. America...
In case you haven't figured it out, I'll spell it out for you. You just don't realize how strong you are. You must have more confidence in yourself!
You can start your own life as Matthew now, not as just Elizabeth's little brother or Alfred's twin.
I'm sure you can do it! I'm sure everything will work out! Yes, you can!
Thank you, Mr. America.
I feel a little better now. Even though Al isn't here, it's like he's encouraging me... You really are just like him.
Nah, it was actually Alfred who told me to say those things to you. He's right there.
Trying to cover it up, huh?
Thanks, America. I'd never seen Matthew like that before, so I had no idea what to say to him.
(It's okay. I don't like seeing Matthew cry, either.)
What's your relation with Al, Mr. America?
We haven't known each other for long, but he's my best friend! He's told me a lot about you guys, too.
I see. I guess birds of a feather flock together. Al always wanted to become a hero.
By the way, can you please stop calling me Mr. America? It feels weird to be called that by you. Just call me America! You don't have to be so formal!
Okay, America.
I wonder if Arthur is all right... How did he find out you're not Al? You're identical to him...
You see, Alfred's ghost is here. He's been right in front of you all this time, actually.
Arthur could see Alfred's ghost. That's how he found out.
O-oh, my God! I said all those sappy things in front of Al! This is so embarrassing!
Well, it was kind of hilarious how you wouldn't talk to him even though he's right in front of you!
That's not funny, America! I was really desperate, you know!
That's not funny, America! If I'd known Al was here, I wouldn't have said all those things!
Wow, you are alike, after all!
Enough! Let's go check up on Arthur already!
Hm, the door is locked.
He must be really angry...
What now? Should I break it down?
No! You'll just make things worse!
Maybe he'll have calmed down by tomorrow. Let's just go home now, okay?
You're right. Let's retreat for now, then!
He's sleeping.
So, you finally found out the truth... I had no idea you felt that way. I never realized it.
I mean, you were always smiling. I'd never seen you like that before. I don't know you as well as you think.
M-Matthew! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up.
Maybe it was just my imagination... There's no one here. I just felt as if you were here.
I guess you really can't see me...
Oh, but America did say you were around. Al, are you there?
It's useless, isn't it? It's so unfair. I wish you couldn't see me, either...
If only you suddenly couldn't see me after dying, or hear me... Sometimes you'd believe you could feel my presence and look for me...
At least then you would regret dying.
Thanks to you, I've been thoroughly regretting it since this afternoon. You have no idea...
Maybe I'm being a little too harsh? But that's all right, isn't it?
I love you, brother. Until yesterday, it was always about you for me... From now on, I'll walk on my own.
Thank you...
Good night, brother. Please, just let me stay here with you a while longer. I don't think our sister will mind if I don't go see her right away.
Goddammit! Why do they all have to die and leave me?!
Even Elizabeth! Even Alfred! Why...?!
... I see. You haven't forgiven me yet.
Brother... Dave, it's you, isn't it? Very well. I won't run from you any more.
Look... let's put an end to this. Leave Peter and Matthew alone.
I'm coming there.
Hey, what's the matter, Alfred?! Did a local ghost pick on you?
Of course not! It's just that I was thinking about what happened last night...
Last night? Matthew, do you know anything about that? Alfred is really upset.
Oh... I can take a guess. (He was actually there...)
He's your brother. Do something!
There isn't really anything I can do...
Al, don't make me worry even when you're dead. It's even harder when I can't see you.
You two are so mean! So what if I'm easily moved to tears?!
You recover so fast, Matthew!
I'm just good at smoothing things over.
We should check up on Arthur now. You might think they didn't get along, but he really cared about Al. He might still be depressed.
Okay, if he's wasting away in his room, I'll totally make fun of him!