Elias - PART 32 (English subtitles)

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What do you think about that?
It's not your style.
Maybe I'm going to dress up as a superhero.
And then I could just beat up Lari if he starts to act like an idiot again.
I wish he has game or practice at the same time with the party.
Althought, Ida is certainly making him to come with her.
You can always hide under my cape.
What are you doing after school?
I have school till 3 pm, nothing after that.
I think they're gonna be fine there, you've missed half of the movie.
They have been there half an hour already.
They have some school thing going on.
Two snogging teenage boys? I doubt that.
No one is getting pregnant by the front door, if that's what you're worrying about.
And in Elias's case, not even in his bedroom.
Bye, it was nice to meet you.
So, did you have a great evening?
We got things done.
I still have to do my homework.
What things are you talking about?
We were searching for costumes for Moose's party.
Oh, costumes.
You would make a cute couple.
You can spend your time with whoever you like, but how are people dealing with this at school?
They're fine. And I don't even know if we are a couple.
I just don't want you to be bullied.
I don't care about that. I'm not gonna stay in closet, not in school nor home.
Try to focus, you leeches.
There is no way I'm gonna do this on my own.
Why isn't Ida joining us?
She's fighting with Elias.
Long story.
Maybe you should go talk to her. I'm sure she wants to make up too.
Do you want to come and sit with us? We're planning Moose's party and we could use more taste.
But I'm not helping betrayers.
The Facebook video was just a joke. Besides, I already apologised to Lari but he just got angry and started threatning.
Well that's what you deserve.
Is he bothering you?
Whatever. You can go anyway.
It was cute how you stood up for me. Even though I would've managed on my own.
Of course I stand up for my girl.
Can't believe Elias wants your forgiveness.
He wanted to make up with you too.
I couldn't care less.
Those two aren't going to forgive very easily, are they.
Ida would, but he's always ruining everything.
He's just acting like a badass.
I going to go to do my homework. See you.
Do you think you can just leave us with the decorations?
You're our fashion clown!
I'll continue next time. Have fun.
Look at them. Disgusting.
You have no limits then, do you?
What are you talking about?
You're stalking Ida even thoug she doesn't wanna talk with you.
I just wanted to make up with her.
Just stay with your own girlfriend.
But don't come snogging in front of us.
Why do Ville and me bug you so much?
You should try yourself if you're that interested.
Shut up, queer.
What is going on here?
Stay away from my son.