Guided Meditation For Centering Yourself

Uploaded by AndyBramhill on 07.11.2010

[Guided Meditation for relaxation]
First find a quiet place to sit
A place with no distractions
where you will not be disturbed.
Turn off your telephones and
mobile devices
Its best to sit in an upright position
with the back straight
But you can do this meditation
in any position that you
find comfortable.
Begin by closing your eyes
and taking a few deep breaths
in through your nose
and out through your mouth
Now, center your attention on your chest
on your heart
feel it beating
feel the blood rushing through
listen to it beating and observe it
if you have trouble sensing your hear or
hearing it then simply imagine it beating
Focus all of your attention onto your heart
go right inside yourself

let the music wash over any thoughts
that may come
just be inside your heart

Now that you are completely in your center
imagine a ball of light
a ball of energy surrounding your heart
a ball of golden light at your center
see this light begin to extend downwards
down through your body
moving down through your base chakra
down through your legs and
through your feet

see the golden energy flowing out of
the soles of your feet
and out of your root chakra
like a long tail going down
burrowing down into the ground
like three huge roots
three roots of energy
flowing out from you
going deep, deep into the ground
beneath you
watch the energy travel deep
down into the planet
right down into the center of the earth

once at the energy center of the earth
your energetic roots will
wrap themselves securely around the
huge great crystal at the center of the planet
Now you are at one with the planet
observe how the planet feels

Just like you the earth has its own heartbeat
listen to it
If you cant hear it then simply imagine
the steady deep pulse of
the planet's heart beating
Spend a few minutes with this heartbeat

Now let the beating of the planet's heart
begin to travel up along your roots
Up through the roots you just laid down into the earth
up to the surface of the earth
and up into your feet
going up through your legs and your body
until it reaches your heart
your now have the earth's heartbeat
on top of you own
The two hearts beating together
surrounded by a ball of
golden light and energy
let this energy now flow upwards
up through your neck
into your head
and out of your crown chakra
on the top of your head
see the golden light
pouring out of the top
of your head
a column of light
traveling up from your heart
up into the sky above
into the heavens
up into the spiritual realm
into the place where we are all one
the place where we are all connected
the place where we are at one with God
Feel the heartbeat of the sky
of the heavens
observe how this heart is beating
and how you are connected to it
again, if you can't sense the heartbeat
of the heavens
then simply imagine it pulsing
the heartbeat of the heavens
the spiritual realm
Enjoy being in this place for a few moments

Now observe as the heartbeat of
the heavens starts to
travel down the column of light
towards you
feel as is it comes down onto
the top of your head
down through your head and neck
and finally into your heart.
You are now back in your own center
You now have your own heart beating
together with the heartbeat of the heavens
and the heartbeat of the earth
Feel the three hearts beating together
Feel yourself connected to the heavens
and the earth at the same time
by a golden light and the heartbeats of both
You are now truly connected and balanced
in tune with the above and below

Take a few deep breaths and
center yourself in this feeling

You can now start to bring yourself
back to consciousness slowly

start to move your fingers
your toes
and when you feel ready
you can now open your eyes