HYFR and Lil' Wayne's Sex Life: What's Up With Drake 001

Uploaded by vice on Apr 23, 2012


Hey, I'm Hanson O'Haver.
Welcome to this week on Drake, Vice's look at what Drake's
been up to lately.
So there are really two big pieces of
Drake news this week.
The first is that he announced a tour that's sort of like
monsters of blog rap tour.
It's with 2 Chainz, formerly Tity Boi, J Cole, Waka Flocka,
and the geographically confoundingly
named French Montana.
Personally, I'm not really a big fan of concerts, because I
think all the best Drake songs are kind of sad, like about
being lonely.
I think it's sort of weird to be with 2,000 people in a room
feeling alienated.
The other piece of news, he was in Miami alongside of
Birdman, Lil' Wayne, and DJ Khaled filming a video for
"HYFR." Personally, I think that "HYFR" is probably one of
the worst songs on Take Care, just because the chorus of
"Hell yeah, fucking right" is really dumb.
Like, to just repeat that over and over doesn't really do
much for me.
And also because in the song, Drake and Lil' Wayne talk
about fucking the same girls, and it's kind of weird.
Like, I just think Lil' Wayne's sort of gross.
But to be fair to Wayne, I knew this girl in high school
that moved to LA, and I heard that she sucked his dick, and
nothing bad happened to her.
Like, she's fine and everything.
So if Drake's cool with that, more power to Drake.
But anyways, the video's supposed to
be Bar Mitzvah themed.
I never got a chance to go to a Bar Mitzvah, so I hope that
the video will kind of show me what that's all about.
Take care.