Hunter x Hunter Pilot anime opening

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Here he comes, here he comes!
Hey, what is that?
Aunt Mito, I did it!
Aunt Mito!
Would you look at that.
He got the Master of the Swamp! Five grown men couldn't even land 'im!
I didn't think I'd see anyone on this island ever accomplish such a feat, yet...
See? I caught 'im just like I said I would!
Time to keep your end of the deal, Aunt Mito!
You should let him take the Exam.
Gon's got the stuff to make a swell Hunter, right?
Easy for you to say!
Yeah, it's easy to say stuff...
...but the one who told me not to become someone who can't keep his promises was you, Aunt Mito.
Do as you like...
Thank you!
A foxbear with a cub.
Rotten shame, but it's harmed a human.
You idiot!
Look at theses!
Those are the territorial marks of a foxbear with its cub!
They're everywhere!
Didn't your father bother to teach you anything?!
Damn, it's been a while since I've had to make such a meaningless kill.
I should have just ignored the warning call of that speckled squirrel! {the first thing he says is specked squirrel -- madaraisu or whatever}
I don't have a father, or a mother. They were killed in an accident soon after I was born.
Sorry about that.
What'cha gonna do with the cub?
Put it down.
It hasn't been weaned yet, so it won't survive long.
Even if it did manage, it might bear a grudge against humans for the murder of its mother.
I'll take care of it!
Impossible. Foxbears are wild to the core.
By chance was your father's name Ging?
You know my dad, mister?
I'm Kite, a Hunter.
Ging drilled the basics of the Hunt into me.
And now I'm traveling around searching for him.
If I hadn't met him, I would have died long ago like a dog in some pestilent alley.
Those two aren't dead.
Your eyes have the same sort of glow as you father's.
Looks like you're a little scratched up. That's a good look for a Hunter.
Now then...
Kon, I won't see you after this.
Y'see, I'm gonna be a Hunter!
You get what I'm saying?
Kon, take care of yourself!
I'm home.
When are you leaving?
Sometime early next week.
I see.
Did you know this was also your father's job?
He left you, you know!
For him to even leave his child...
...that shows just how amazing the job of being a Hunter is.
You really are his son.
I'm sorry, Aunt Mito.
Your absolutely right, it's because I'm his son...
...that I'm going to go find him.
I'm off.
Raise the sails!
Take care!
I'll come back after I become a Hunter.
I always knew this would happen someday.
And we would watch him sail off, with eyes just like his father's.
A Hunter?
It seems you've underestimated the profession.
Every year, tens of thousands gather for the Hunter Exam and still only a few pass.
Some even die in the process, you know.
The wind is coming.
It's gonna be a rough one tonight.
This is the captain speaking.
The ship will soon pass through monster inhabited waters.
Everyone be on alert so as not to be attacked.
Monsters?! Don't make me laugh!
I will explain the Exam an hour after the monsters start attacking.
Those wishing to become Hunters should come above deck.
That is all.
Do you think anyone will actually come up?
Of course, I am expecting great things from this lot.
Hey, shut the door properly!
Oh yeah, it takes about a week to recover if they get to you!
Right, everyone to your positions!
It seems this is as far as we'll go this year as well.
Oh, there you are! I'm game.
Is it that time already?
So what is this Exam all about then, captain?
Oh! Only two this year, huh? What happened to the others?
They were overwhelmed by some jellyfish-looking monsters.
It seems like they cause some intense hallucinations.
They became a horny mob for a while.
Seriously, I was nearly embraced by a guy.
There's still one left!
That's the last of em.
Did you catch them all by yourself?
Yeah, I'm good at fishing.
What an interesting fellow. Come line up.
Right, let's hear your names.
I'm Gon.
I go by the name Kurapika.
And I'm Leorio!
Why do you want to become Hunters?
Is it something you really want?
I don't have to answer that.
C'mon, answer me.
That's not something you should be asking with such a superior tone.
You're not even an examiner.
I want to see what my father's job is like.
Hey, wait there, you kid!
Don't just answer him.
It's fine. I only told him the reason.
No, it's not fine.
I agree with Leorio.
Hey, you. How old are you?
Don't just call me by my first name!
It's easy to lie in order to avoid unpleasant questions.
But, perjury is equivalent to greed and so I think it is best to do so.
But still, to honestly answer someone I just met...
The reason is too deeply rooted within me.
This is why I cannot answer you here.
Oh, is that so? Then you two get off this ship immediately.
What was that?
Do you still not get it?
The Hunter Exam has already begun.
There aren't enough examiners to consider the monumental number of applicants.
So people like us are employed to engage you in a battle-like instance.
The monsters you just faced were part of the Exam.
You three are the only ones who have not already failed.
So I hope you understand that it's up to me whether you get to take the Exam.
Have you got that?
The night air seems a bit humid.
Wh-What's that?
I am a survivor of the Kurta Clan.
I want to become a Hunter to capture the ones who slaughtered my brethren.
So you want revenge? You don't have to go through the trouble of becoming a Hunter in order to do that.
I have no intention of answering you, Leorio.
What?! You bastard!
Stop it! Leorio, what is your goal?
It's money! If you have money, you can obtain anything!
You cannot obtain life with money, Leorio.
That's the third time. Kurapika, look here.
I'll eradicate that filthy Kurta Clan's bloodline.
You've gone far enough, Leorio!
It's "Mr. Leorio!!"
Wait a second.
It's pointless trying to stop me.
I can't stop you, but the wind seems to have...
The wind?
What's this all about?
They're saying a monster is coming.
You understand what the birds are saying?
Not everything, but...
Right, this test is over!
Everyone, man your positions!
We've got to get out of here as soon as possible.
Captain, there is no one keeping watch at the bow!
There's also no one holding the wheel!
What a monster! Interesting...
But I've got business to finish here first.
Here it comes!
How many are there?
Take a close look.
What's that?
This is terrible. Another unthinkable horror has appeared.
Apologize immediately and I'll forgive you, Leorio!
You first, Kurapika!
What's that?!
Here I come!
Bring it!
Hey! Don't act so recklessly!
Everyone of them is ignoring the captain's orders.
Hey! That's dangerous!
Return all of the people you swallowed!
I'm fine.
I'm going after it again.
There's no way you could beat him now that he's out.
Leave the rest to us.
Hey, you many-eyed bastard! I'm not going to let you rampage on this ship any longer!
Open your eyes and look at this!
Now! Pull!
How's that?! With your eyes blocked, you can't use your magic!
You're so reckless!
Don't just jump in like that without looking!
Thanks for saving me, you two.
No problem...
Here it comes.
So what now?!
Are you alright?
This thing becomes gigantic during a full moon.
The legend says that if you close its eyes, its magic disappears as well.
Have we failed already?
Its eyes?
If that's the case, then this won't work.
Could you both distract him?
Please do that and leave the rest to me.
No choice.
Got it.
Let's go!
Take this!
Stand back!
Here it goes!
It just keeps coming!
What was that?
Did he do it?
Yeah! He did it!
Are you okay?
Huh? What is that?
Could that be?
Yeah, this is what the monster really looks like.
And these are its eyes.
You saw them from that far away?
Yeah, you didn't?
He was staring at us from the start.
Did you notice?
Not at all.
Thanks you guys.
I like you lot.
I feel great today.
I shall take it upon myself to deliver you to a port near the examination venue.
Become great Hunters!
We did it!