Sculpted Arms and Killer Legs | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 15.08.2012

Hi, I'm Ashley Borden, and welcome to Perfect Form. I have a fun workout for you today.
It's a little bit challenging, and we're gonna only be using one piece of equipment, which
is a pair of dumbbells. The way you're gonna find your dumbbell selection is on a scale
from 1 to 10 -- you wanna find a set of dumbbells that feel like a 7 for you. 10 being the heaviest,
1 being the easiest. So if you're friend's using a pair of 15s, and that's right for
her, you need to find the right pair for you. Alright, so I'm gonna take you through the
warm-up. And then the circuit: You're gonna go through the circuit four times through
-- and then at the end of that circuit, you've got one more move to complete, and you're
gonna do that move. All of this is written right below the video, so you can find all
that information and follow that. Also, I want you to see my download for my Rolling
Out pdf -- you need to roll-out your whole body before you start. That's all available
for you on my Facebook page, and you can find that there. Okay, so let's get started. First
thing we're gonna do is a Split Squat with an External Shoulder Rotation. That's gonna
open up the legs -- especially your quads. And it's gonna open up and really fire up
your shoulders to get warm. So to get into position, you wanna make sure that your feet
are what I call jump position. So that means, it's a little bit more narrow than your shoulders.
You're gonna find that jump position. You're gonna take a big step back. You wanna have
your weight between your first and second toe -- it's not a lunge. I'm not in a high
lunge position. My back knee's slightly bent, my glute's tight, and my weight is in my front
heel. Elbows are right at your side. So when I open from here, I'm not moving my elbows
side to side -- it's like I have a stick through my elbows. I'm just opening and closing right
from there, okay. So you're gonna start -- back glute tight -- 1, 2, 3. Really focusing on
keeping that back tush real tight and weight in that front heel -- 6. The bellybutton stays
pulled in -- 7, 8. Big, high chest. Big, open chest -- 9. One more. And 10. Very nice. So
next position: The thumbs are gonna be hitchhiker out. You're just gonna change your feet, we're
gonna take a nice step back again. First and second toe. Glute tight. Fingers or hands
are straight forward and out -- 1, 2. Keeping that back glute tight -- 3. Weight in your
front heel -- 4, 5. Keeping that belly tight -- 6, 7, 8. Nice. Keep that back glute real
tight -- 9. One more. And 10. Excellent. Alright, let's go into your Good Mornings. Good Mornings
are gonna open up and stretch your hamstrings, a little bit of glutes, and your calves. The
position, again, you're gonna stay in that jump position with your feet. Your hands are
either gonna be on your tummy -- or if you want it a little bit more advanced -- you
can interlace your hands behind your head and push those elbows out. The bellybutton
stays in. The knees are slightly bent. You're gonna rotate at the hip, and then all the
way up to the top -- 1. Squeeze the glute. Forward -- 2. Or you can do hands on the tummy
-- 3. Forward -- 4. So I'm gonna show you a little bit more advanced again -- 5. And
notice that when I'm going forward, my elbows are not coming in -- they're staying pushed
out to both sides of the room. Two more -- 9. One more. Bellybutton stays in. And 10. Fantastic.
Okay, so let me quickly explain to you what we're gonna do with your circuit: You're gonna
be doing three exercises with the dumbbells, okay. You're gonna go through that exercise
four times through in that circuit. When you're done doing that, you're gonna finish with
one more move that I'm gonna go through with you at the end. So right now, I'm gonna take
the dumbbells, we're gonna go through the circuit one time through, I want you to do
it four times through at home, and then we're gonna finish with the last move. Alright,
so you're gonna take those dumbbells, and we're gonna start with Reverse Lunges. So
Reverse Lunges, I'm gonna have you hold the dumbbells up at your shoulders -- that makes
you use your core more as opposed to holding them down here, okay. So we're gonna start
with the dumbbells right at your shoulders, same position that you just did with your
split squats, but you're gonna alternative stepping back. And we're gonna do six of them.
So, again, these should feel kinda heavy for you -- that's why we're only keeping the reps
low -- 1 and 1. 2 -- same cue with that front heel -- 2. All that weight stays in the front
-- 3, 3. See, I'm keeping my chest up real high. I'm not collapsing -- 4, 4. 5 -- and
this should feel very challenging -- 5. One more, each side -- 6 and 6. Very good. Okay,
now we move to your Bicep Curls. You're not gonna put the weights down. Chest is gonna
be real high, and you're gonna do what I call a "hammer angle." So the hands are gonna stay
straight. You're gonna bicep up, turn at the top -- 1, 2. Real quick cue with bicep curls:
Push your lats down in order to curl the dumbbells up, so that way you're not curling from your
traps. Really push those shoulders away from your ears as you're curling them -- 4, 5,
6. And I'm doing them with you, so I'm breathing hard -- 7, 8. Really brace your core as well
-- 9, 10. And squeeze right between your bicep and your forearm at the top -- 11. So you're
not death-gripping the weights -- 12, 13. Two more. I'm sweating -- 14. Last one -- 15.
Excellent. Then we go down to the ground, and we do your Push-Ups. So we use the dumbbells
for your hands. And again, your push-ups -- you can either do full-body, or you can do on
your knees. And you're gonna do ten push-ups. Here's the deal: If you can only do three,
and then you need to take a break, do three, rest for a couple seconds, then do as many
as you can, come back to it until you can complete ten. So even if you have to break
and stop, that's fine, you don't have to be consecutive through it. I just want you to
complete ten, no matter how long it takes you, okay. So I'm gonna show you the push-up
in full-body position: Your feet are wide, your glutes are gonna be tight, and you're
gonna push your toes in the ground from there, okay. Strong quads, strong glutes. Down and
up -- 1, 2. Keep those glutes tight -- 3, 4, 5. And then I'm gonna complete my five
on the knees. Glutes are tight, same position. Glutes are tight, shoulders away from your
ears -- 1, 2. Keeping that chest nice and open -- 3, 4. One more. Excellent. Alright,
so now we're gonna finish with four sets of your Dumbbell Rows, okay. Position is gonna
be that same jump position with your feet. Chest is high, knees slightly bent, hands
are directly underneath your shoulders, you're gonna pull straight back and pinch those shoulder
blades -- 1. Squeeze -- 2. You're only gonna do eight -- 3, 4, 5. Keeping that core tight
-- 6, 7. One more. And 8. There you go. Alright, so that is your entire circuit. Excellent
job. Remember, I want you to really make sure that you take your time going through the
motions. But most importantly: I want you to connect to your body.