Gift Tag Tarjetas para Regalos 2 - Pintura Facil Para Ti.wmv

Uploaded by PinturaFacil on 18.06.2012

Now that our background is ready
what we are going to paint
is some golden spirals
we will use some acrylic paint
and we are going to do a small spiral
Depending on the thickness of the paint
if your paint is as thick
as mine, don’t worry
you can do it by passing twoce the stroke
then we paint the rays of this little sun as if they were small petals
The golden paint is not very gold right now
but it’ll turn golder as soon as dry up
I’ll go now to the next little sun
Your hand has to be comfortable to paint
Don’t be afraid to paint on your watercolor
the idea is to obtain a red sky full of stars or suns
Now that my little gift tag is dry
I only have to cut the cardboard
As always, I’m going to use this little scissors
that I only use for this kind of works.
I have it only for crafts, for cutting cardboard or foamy
So it always stays so sharp
in this case
this card I’m cutting
will be very nice for any gift
to decorate
any gifts this Christmas
by the way, you can also use this same idea
for example to create nice bookmarkers
So here you have the gift tag
then the only thing left is to drill it
with a
Now it it ready to use
I hope you liked this watercolor project
with marble and littles suns or stars
that you can use on Christmas gifts, for your birthday gifts ...
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