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Hey DanceOn, it's Mia.
And I am here to do your Glee Project recap for the week.
This just looked really gansta.
This week's theme was sexuality.
It was a steamy week.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
As soon as they announced it, Aylin was
all over it, of course.
She was like, I'm totally going to rock this week.
And I can't really decide if I'm for her confidence.
I mean, if you've got it, flaunt it.
But I don't know, she's obnoxious and annoying.
And I can't really tell if I like her
yet, but I don't know.
The homework assignment was "I Want to Sex You
Up." You know it?
You know it? (SINGING) I wanna sex you up, ooh-ooh-ooh.

That one.
The guest is none other than Naya Rivera.
She plays Santana on Glee, and she's fantastic at her part,
so she was perfect for the guest judge this week.
And she had really good advice for the contestants.
She just said, less is more and that confidence is key,
which is true.
Naya ended up thinking Aylin was over the top, which was
really funny to me.
And she ended up actually choosing Charlie because she
thinks beatboxing is sexy.
So that's basically why she said she chose him.
But the project.
Oh my gosh, the project for the week.
I died and went to heaven.
I died.
I died.
They announced that they were doing a mashup for the week,
and I wanted to cry buckets of joy.
On top of that, the mashup was "Moves Like Jagger" and
"Milkshake." Tell me, in this moment, what
is better than that?

So choreography--
Nellie, I really like her.
She had this move, she turns and then she dips in low.
And it was fantastic.
And I enjoyed it.
Was that too much?
I know, sorry.
This episode just did things to me.
It's getting hot.
Shooting of the music video.
Nellie, like I said, she was very, very surprising.
She said that she's the least sexy, and she's like, I don't
know what to do.
She brought it the most.
She definitely brought it, and she was very,
very good in the video.
Tyler, Tyler-- he was struggling again.
He was struggling so hard.
I feel bad, because I like him.
But since week one--
anyway, the video turned out very hot.
It turned out to be a boy versus
girl sexy battle thingy.
The bottom three, oh boy.
So the first one was Charlie because he was trying to
direct the music video, and that's not his job.
And also because he was flirting with Aylin while he
was in the vocal booth.
Michael, he's a cutie, but he was super awkward this week,
and he hasn't been a standout at all this
whole competition yet.
And Tyler because, like I said, he's been struggling
since week one.
And in the end, it is Tyler that goes home.
I'll see you guys next week, and I'll be right here.
So thank you for watching.
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Peace out, girl scout.