Black Ops 2 Zombies: Nuketown Map CONFIRMED

Uploaded by NiikThatGamingShow on 27.08.2012

>> Niik: What's up guys it's Niik here right now
you're lookoing at a brand new image that was
just posted to the official Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Facebook page
Remember last week we saw that bloody handprint? well right now you're seeing our first look
at Nuketown Zombies which we can expect will
to be a brand new map for Black Ops 2 Nazi zombies
you can see here they've got.. the welcome to nuketown
sign, it's very worn down, theres a hand, some
blood, uh zombies is of course written across the board there and then you can see the player
counter where normally it shows how many players are on the map it shows only one. So uh maybe
this is a hint that this is a solo only map which
could be very possible. this could be one of the 4v4
versions of the map possibly you know how they have 4
players versus another 4 players its possible that the 4
players will duke it out on a version of nuketown that's
been made for zombies. And then at the bottom you can
see some interesting stuff which may be our first look
at some type of perk um something along those lines. so once again guys Nuketown zombies
is confirmed for Black Ops 2 this is a shot of
it you're looking at right here I'm going to
link you down below once again this comes from the
official Call of Duty facebook ... hopefully you guys
enjoyes I can't wait until we got more info everything's building up, maybe we'll get
a trailer soon I'll see you guys later.