Parasha Jukat letalmidei YESHUA (subtitles can be translated)

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Parasha "Chukat"
Numbers 19: 1
"And he spoke
Yhuh to Moses and Aaron, saying it law "zot Chukat"
the name of the parasha is Chukat of the word "law"
they really are two words in Castilian but
it is a Hebrew word meaning "law."
Beginning in Numbers 19: 1 and ending in Numbers 22: 1
and we began with a prayer. We cry to you, King of kings, "YESHUA" our Lord
and pray for your mercy in this hour, for Your presence, your love
come and teach us about Your Tora. receive us, be our teacher in this
place. Exalt Your Name.
We ask you to show us about the purifications,
how you fulfill, to observe these thing's in your entire Torah that teach us about water
out of the rock, how should we respond Lord, to our
enemies, how we should fight. Teach us what it means for us
Your followers, how to be good soldiers, in that fighting spirit to you, "YESHUA"
with the love that you have. Give us your love.
Give your heart to all of us in order to please in the way
how we act, "YESHUA", give us wisdom, grant us understanding, open the window's of
and pour out upon us blessings, Lord, knowledge, wisdom,
revelation to walk more perfectly in your ways, "YESHUA".
We ask
"YESHUA" teach us to shine your light, teach us to build you
a place that pleases you so you may rest
and that your light be seen, Lord, for us and for
all, even those who do not believe Lord. Set our lives, in your kingdom, the kingdom of
heaven is at hand "YESHUA", and shine your light on us and
To all those who hear this recording, I ask "YESHUA" that
open a new spring in their lives and bless with Your
love, with your direction, "YESHUA" with Your truth "YESHUA" and all
Wisdom to deliver your truth at the right time.
We thank you for the restoration of the family's that you are doing at this time
and for the healing that liberates, Lord, all around the earth. We give
thank's to you "YESHUA" by Your mercy
and to be faithful and true, to bring our burdens, our sins, our
pains, our sicknesses
on the cross where you shed your precious blood for us to be
blessed with life. We thank you wholeheartedly. We thank you also for
Your Ruach HaKodesh, deliver us "YESHUA", which does speak of the things
to come and guide us into all truth.
Make us sensitive to Your Ruach, "YESHUA" and give us discernment of spirits
to recognize when it is Your Ruach talking to us. Teach us to test the
Spirits, "YESHUA" teach us to walk with a pure heart and a
Body also pure
In the mighty name of "YESHUA"
The Messiah of Israel we give you glory, all honor to You
and only You, King of kings "YESHUA". Alleluia
Blessed are You!
Blessed are You, "YESHUA"!
Praise and glory to the name "YESHUA". Brother's we are going to enjoy this time
we will spend together listening to this piece, this portion that we read and
comment on
we will enjoy the presence of "YESHUA" too, as we follow your
Teaching about the book of Numbers and about your wonderful marvel's in the
Torah with faith, love, trust as we approach our Master and we
sit at his feet to hear what He has to say and teach. Hallelujah!
We read in Numbers 19 verse 1: "And I speak to Moshe, Yhuh
and to Aaron, saying, this law of the Torah I instruct. Yhuh saying, Speak to
The son's of Israel and bring you red cow
perfect that no defect in it,
who had no yoke thereon. And you will give et
her to Eleazar the priest, and bring forth
Et her outside the camp and sacrifice her in front of him. and
Eleazar the priest took
of blood on his finger
spatter's to front and side of tent collection of blood seven times and
Et to burn cow to eyes of him
et skin and et its flesh and et blood with it's dung burning , and take
the priest wood of cedar and hyssop and Scarlet, wool and cast to
burning place of cow
and He wash his clothes on the Priest and wash his flesh in the
and then come into the camp
and the priest shall be unclean until the evening. and the one wash, the one burning, washing
his clothes in water and wash your flesh in the water to be unclean until
the evening. and collect the clean man et ash of the cow and leave's out of
camp and will become the place clean and to congregation of Israel to save
for cleaning water purification her sin
and he wash, one gathering et ash of cow et his clothes and be unclean
until the evening and will be for son's of Israel and sojourner
who lives midst of them
by ordinance statute of eon.
Whoever touches the dead body of any man, man's body,
shall be unclean seven days
purify himself in the water the third and on the seventh day shall be clean and
if not purified on the third day
then in the seventh day
not shall be clean. Everyone who touches a corpse in the body of man
who died and not purified et
Tabernacle of Yhuh, polluter ( defile's )
and will be cut off the person that of Israel for not using cleaning water
(Or purification, can be said.
this is called in Hebrew "mei neda"
is "water of purification",
Then keep reading: "For waters water for cleaning or purification ( for impuritie's )
not sprinkled on him shall be unclean
his uncleanness is still on "
The Torah of the red heifer.
Some say that, in verse three, brothers if we go back a bit he says, "And ye shall give
Eleazar the priest and draw
Et her
outside the camp and slay's et
her in front of him "
"Et" is "YESHUA" and what he is saying
that happened to the priest "YESHUA", the priest was to get him
of the camp.
This prophecy will be fulfilled by "YESHUA" because "YESHUA" is the
red cow. removed by
the priests and teachers of the law.
He is the camp,
The Aleph and Tav is revealed in the book of Revelations. and praise the priests
who rejected "YESHUA" and He was taken outside the camp
and is sacrificed outside the camp.
The place where "YESHUA" gave his life is outside the city of Jerusalem.
taken outside the walls of Jerusalem
to be sacrificed there. Remember "YESHUA" said, I came to
fulfill the Tora.
This phrase that "YESHUA" said goes beyond what we can
understand even now, but when we are with the Lord in heaven we
will fully understand.
But right now we believe it, but do not understand, but believe it.
Then all in building and fulfilling
He completed in the Tora. "YESHUA" fulfilled, including this Sacrifice of the red heifer and is one of
the most important because this is the one that allows us to really drive
out unclean
because through this sacrifice and in the mighty name of "YESHUA"
We can order an unclean spirit to go out, and the unclean must go.
The great revelation, as I said before, is to understand that the unclean of the old
Testament ( Tanakh ) are the same unclean spirits in
the New Testament, ( brit Hadasshah ). Then it is through "YESHUA" that meets the
Torah of the red heifer
that is sacrificed outside the camp. If one begins to understand when reading.
the cow is burned.
Then you ask yourself, was "YESHUA" burned? Well I'm going to
say one thing, I have no revelation but I know that He fulfilled it (burning)
at some point
He fulfilled all this Tora. That is why it is a fact that I
cast out unclean spirit's in the name of "YESHUA". In prayer
and fasting I can cast out all unclean spirit's and not
only just some type,
in fact the spirits have to flee.
So I know that "YESHUA" fulfilled the Torah. When I set the sacrifice of "YESHUA"
in the water and I wash my clothes and also wash with water
I'm pure through the sacrifice of "YESHUA".
The Lord says that the Torah is forever. So for water
Purification, it is a "perpetual statute" we read. Then when the Lord came,
He did not end, the covenant
and this ordinance.
it was not
annulled by the son's of Israel for disobeying His Torah, it never was. They
disobeyed and broke the covenant in the sense that they did not fulfill their part
but God is not man, Elohim fulfills his part even though we do
not fulfill our part of
His covenant. and this is a statute
Perpetual. sacrifice of "YESHUA"
the Messiah.
Note that the priest who performed the
sacrifice as he says in verse 7, "wash your clothes and wash your
flesh in water is, because he had the cow
this red one, for unclean
and so the priest must purify , and to take the
You must go, take the ashes and wash. After these ashes
Are mixed with water.
remember "YESHUA" at the wedding in Cana?
that's what happened at the wedding in Cana. John chapter two from the
I will read while translating from English to Castilian of the Aramaic.
"And on the third day there was a wedding party in Cana, a city of
Galilee and the mother of "YESHUA"
was there and also "YESHUA" and his disciples were invited to
The Wedding Banquet and they ran out of wine and his mother told "YESHUA" there is no wine
There for them. He told her, "YESHUA"
What to me?
and to you women? Not quite has come my hour. His mother told the servants, "All
what He
tell's you to do, do.
There were there
six watercask's prepared for the purification of the Jews, containing 2 each 9
or three. He told them, "YESHUA"
fill them the water vessels. And they filled to the brim and said:
to them draw out
and take it
and bring to the master of ceremonies
and they took them
when tasted,
when it was tasted, the master of ceremony the water's
that were turned into wine and not knowing he where they were from but
knowing the servants. Master of ceremonies called the bridegroom and said to him: every
man serve's the good wine first and then when
then the inferior. Your, but
You have kept the good wine until now. "
Then the red heifer was burned here in Jerusalem after entering
the land
promised and holy
and the ashes were scattered,
as we read, for all Israel. Then back in the Galil
by Galilee, the town is named "Cana"
rather in Aramaic
"Catna" which is about 100 kilometers north of
Jerusalem, perhaps more,
130 may be, to 150 from Jerusalem. So in this town
vessels were
Stone it says,
for water purification
for a person to be free of contamination from dead. If one
had touched a dead body, then it was necessary to use these
Waters. We also see that objects are also passed through the water
Purification according to the instruction. So, not only for the body of a
Person, it is also for clothes
And look what great miracle "YESHUA" did in this water that was put in
the purification vessel it was transformed into wine.
How wonderful, yes! It was as manifest at the party, and has arrived,
that you no longer need to sacrifice anymore
this cow, this special red one,
to be
purified by their sacrifice
so now we
can receive purification.
There are two ways to receive purification of contaminated soul
or dead, translated into Castilian, and one way is to use water and the
sacrifice of "YESHUA" and the other way is directly to cast out the uncleanness
the unclean spirit, or if you will, the demon. These two
forms are not exclusive. My experience shows that we must
Use the two and not just one.
He who does not practice deliverance, one day "YESHUA" will say does not
keep Torah.
Then the Lord has commanded us saying to cast out unclean spirit's and was one of his
instruction's. Cast out unclean spirit's. And when we purify ourselve's
we do it to
cast out unclean
out of our lives. Then we are called to cast out unclean spirit's, also.
for His people according to how "YESHUA" said, to do, leading us to cast out unclean. Do Not
think this is too much. These are the mercies of the Lord. Tell me
some thing
would you not want a person who is depressed, released
of depression? is this not true?
So good, I say, depression is an unclean spirit and is a demon.
Then the Lord commanded us to cast them out. Now obviously obedience is better than
Sacrifice. So if you see that the Lord leads you to pray for a
person suffering from a spirit of depression, then you go and cast out
the demon of depression. It is
quite simple. I think in our culture we have learned some wrong thing's
in our knowledge, thru television and horror films. because these
have absolutely nothing to do with what the Lord has commanded us
to do.
Then all traditional or cultural concept
or folklore about casting out demons should be discareded to
the abyss,
and has taken us further away. try to understand what the Lord is telling us. Then about,
as I said, there are two form's through the water and sacrifice
directly for also driving out the demon's.
You have to combine the two methods. If you want to purify all
contamination, then, as the Lord said, "do all thing's in my name
"It will always be necessary to use the water but you include the
sacrifice of "YESHUA" and use the name "YESHUA" when done. Eg
you open the shower and say "I put the sacrifice
of "YESHUA" in the water that is running, "then
go in and wash
in the name
and proclaim that I am
pure from all uncleaness. can you see? Doing this in order to be free from
the unclean
It is powerful, the sacrifice of "YESHUA" but it is also necessary to
directly drive out the unclean, ( cast out ).
If we understand a little more Tora, understand that the unclean come's by contact.
contact of a person, for example, touching His clothes or by touching a
bed, then to a bed,
Or clothing touching other clothing or touching a tablecloth etc., for example, then
That's why we need the scriptures to understand, to see how they move, the
unclean spirit's, that move through certain things, like fabric: like
Beds, and (if not varnished) wood, that's what the Torah says, but
through the stones for example, would not be transferring unclean or
plastics either, and has been the experience we have had.
So this means that if you take let's say plastic bag's
and pick up, or touch, or take it with your hands,
something that is unclean it is not transferred to You, unless the bag has
a hole. Then it could be assumed, we have never heard
about this. Saying these thing's, it seems complicated! The truth is that it is
The Lord promised to put his commandments in our hearts and mind's and so
they are placed in our heart All we have to do is read and follow
and of course soften our heart and not let it be hardened.
As the scripture says "when you hear his voice" when you read the commandments " do not
harden your hearts as they did at Meribah, This is what He said in the
Scripture. Then we will not harden our heart and we'll let
the Lord write it on our Heart and then we will understand that it is easy to maintain.
the result of all this, is to keep it, to do, that is the result
You can really see it when its in the heart, the result is
a life full of joy, love,
Of victories, patience,
Temperance, the light,
anointing. This is the result of all of this.
It is easy to understand when the person is not oppressed by unclean spirit's,
It is a blessing to others and a blessing for the person. It is joy,
praise instead of a spirit of mourning. That is what the Lord came
To announce and is most wonderful, all that He turned into wine, which
is a banquet, This water from the purification. and now is no need to raise a
red heifer in Israel. although there may be a red cow now? perhaps there is one.
"YESHUA" is the one who fulfilled this sacrifice and it is our joy because wherever
we are in the world we will always have the ashes of the red heifer, the
sacrifice "YESHUA"
which we put in the water in the name of "YESHUA".
Then we read in verse fourteen
and we will get more understanding about this: "This the
Tora, man when he dies in tent. Everyone who enters the tent and all
that in the tent will be unclean seven days " can you see it? If you enter the
house that someone died then it's unclean.
In other words, the spirits, Unclean, you are making contact with,
Demons. Then
what do we do if we enter in or are in?
Let's take the two methods, which
"YESHUA" gave, with the authority of the name to cast out demons and also the
water to make it easier, more effective.
Brothers, dear brothers, the number of demons is enormous.
Now if I remember the demon's
That "YESHUA" cast out the unclean spirit's into the
pigs, was a legion
a host we are talking about, thousands. Now if you want to go one by one
expelling each unclean spirit
Then it will take some time. It is easier to use both
Methods, they are powerful. using all the weapons.
So here you need to take both
Revelation's because in this time it's the one Torah to move in us in
The Spirit, the move of the Ruach. For centuries was taught us that there was
two roads, way's, one was the Torah and the other was the way of the
Spirit. some said
how to maintain the word, by only what the writing say's, and that stopped the
moving of the spirit and the two are not reconciled. And today this has been
still marked more by the movement of the Messianic Jew to
maintain what they call the Tora. I hope they do, because
Unfortunately what I've seen up to today is that they remain in traditions
of men and religion mixed with commandments of the Lord, some to more
greater measure
and some less. The other movement is saying "no thanks, and is Grace and spirit "
Then I say, look it's not white or not black. So it is the
spirit and the Torah, the two together.
It separated our Elohim because he is one. He is the Torah and he
is also the spirit. can you see it? I know you can see it, brothers. Let That
light shine not only to you but to others as well.
Then we have verse 14, saying the man who enters the tent
where someone died or the person was about to die, died, so those become
unclean. It is true. And He shall be unclean seven days.
In other words, this corresponds to be washed and purified the third day and the
seventh day as say all verses. Do not take any verse
as absolute. We are learning through all the verses.
The twelfth verse says: He shall purify Himself in water on the third day and
to be clean. "it mean's, say's that the third day would be necessary to be
purified and the seventh day is clean. Another verse says that on the day
seventh also have to wash. Then we obtain knowledge of
all not just one verse
verse fifteen, remember we are talking about a tent, a house where someone died
and every open vessel, no
tight lid on it, unclean, are we,
every vessel?, every bottle, which is in place is unclean where someone died
that seems strange?
it is not surprising, I had given the example I was told by a
sister, who said that there was a congregation that seemed to have been in
France or French--speaking Swiss that had perhaps, much
anti Semitism and
the brother who led this congregation prayed to the Lord
to release the congregation to get out the anti--Semitism, hatred of Jews
then at some point the Lord told him he would need to break a vase and
went to the back or the kitchen or do not know where, in this place
where they were together and pulled out a jar and broke it before all
and since that time there was a change in His congregation
and they began to love Jews and Israel, then I will tell you
what happened, the place was polluted with death, someone had died
otherword's a contaminated soul arrived at the place
and this vessel was contaminated or this vessel came from a place, ( where they brought it from )
where someone had died and the soul was with contamination
then the vessel was operating thru this principle
can you see brother? this person who broke the vase is not aware
of the Torah, nor kept the Torah, when I heard this testimony
I said, I know exactly what happened, then it
is important to purify the houses, now we move on reading to
understand how households are purified
and whoever touches
in face of the field in one wounded with the sword to die or dead body or human bone
or grave will be unclean seven days
and taken the one, to ash
burning place of the sin offering and cast it into
living waters in a vessel, it was the vessel where they put the water.
turned water into wine and live
the concept of living water begins long
long before "YESHUA". digest this in our belly
fountain's of living water, living water means
the living waters were used for purification, then why
can we now proclaim
in the name of "YESHUA"
and command all uncleanness to leave, because living water is flowing from
our belly and also the contamination and unclean would leave
us, new creatures and does not come again, because although we are dead
we live, the body of
a person who is born again of water and the spirit is not unclean anymore
because even though he dies he lives
there is a river of living water, we are new creatures, this is something big, very big
the Lord says that the least in the kingdom of heaven is
greater than John the Immerser, who was the greatest of all prophets
there is something tremendous in us
to praise the name "YESHUA"
eighteenth verse: And he shall take hyssop and dip
in clean water, man and sprinkle on the tent and
all vessel's and the soul's who were there and
which touches on the bone or dead or in the body or a grave.
person who is pure, "TAOR"
is said in Hebrew, you have to go and take a swab, or a sprig of
a small plant a shrub
Hyssop is a small plant here in Israel there are also
could be these little plants that grow on trees, or on a trunk, I think
that if there is nothing like this in the country where you are, you can think of
plants and vegetables, such as, what is called cilantro or
parsley, can also be used, something that is like that.
if in the mountain and see these trees that have this plant growing next to it
use that, and in Israel they use "zahatar"
this is the plant here, then it say's to take
a vessel and put living water's in
a vase, a fountain, living water, put
inside or running water, pure water that is not stagnant
and dip the swab in the water and splash it on the person and splash on the utensil's.
a person who has touched a corpse or person who has touched bone
a dead body or a grave
can you see, nor to touch a grave
it is the same, the same contamination and need to sprinkle the water's on it. I will read
verse nineteen and sprinkle upon the unclean one, the clean one
on the third day and on the seventh day and be purified in the day
seventh and wash his clothes and washed with water and be clean by the
evening. Interestingly when it comes to washing with water in the Torah
it never appears to have the concept of immersion, what is called baptism
washing is sufficient and makes perfect sense, because the children of Israel
were in the desert
and there were millions of people, then you would need a lot of water to make
many immersion's.
then the Lord speaks to wash, wash is enough
a shower is sufficient for this, verse twenty
and a man who is unclean and not purified, then the person shall be cut off
from among the congregation because ET tabernacle
of Yhuh contaminated, clean water not sprinkled on him
defiled him, unclean. and it becomes a statute for ever and spraying water cleaning and wash his clothes.
which unclean person touche's shall be unclean and one touching it unclean until the evening
or if you are pure and touch of these. Need the waters, because also become unclean until the even
or if for example you pray for people, touching, who are contaminated in contamination of a dead person
in other words, you also have to do purifying
and all that touches it the unclean shall be unclean
and a person who is touched shall be unclean
then, we understand now, we are reading specifically
and it talks about the contamination of soul purification,
death, a dead body that comes when a house is contaminated or when
a vessel is contaminated, for example
and the Lord instruct's in other verses to break it, if the vessel is
clay, and we talk about the contamination of soul, now
remember that there are other types of contamination, contamination by
carcass of unclean animals
such as horses, cats, pigs, rabbits, frogs, toads
mice and there is also contamination from flow
whether emanating from the body that flows naturally or due to infection and have a
secretion, it would be unclean
all this talk is about people who are not born again and do not have the
holy spirit in them, because God made new creatures in His children and they
can not produce unclean, who has been born again of water and spirit
can not produce unclean , but they can become unclean
by touching unclean and the reason for this is that the unclean that leave the
body, some flow or fluid as described in the Torah, as we have read, then
what comes out is alive and then dies and then make contact with a person, a body
that died is why, the person becomes contaminated, contaminated because the
person can be contaminated by a dead body or a part of the body
for example, women in labor when the placenta comes out has life
then it dies the placenta and you have contact with that dead part of the body, you are unclean
Now when the person has become
a new creature in Messiah, I am speaking of the Holy Spirit when a
person has the true Holy Spirit, I'm not talking about those
that say the Holy Spirit only by belief
to faith, because faith is not the holy spirit
and the revelation of the Messiah is by the holy spirit, I'm talking about the
gift of the holy spirit, who "YESHUA" said, Receive the Holy Spirit
whom you forgive their
sin will be forgiven and who you retain they are retained. or will be when
"YESHUA" said they would be
Immersed in the Holy Spirit, I am talking about the fullness when one receive's the spirit
or holy Immersion, that person is a new creature and can not die
though he were dead he live
therefore, he can not produce unclean
a dead part of a new creature is not unclean, because it is alive
and that is why the Lord will raise those from the graves because they are alive, not dead
also worth remembering that if the new creature
is unclean and dies, then the body would stay unclean
then there are various kinds of unclean, there are several types of
sacrifice to also clean the unclean, including sacrifices of birds
all were met by "YESHUA", "YESHUA" is the little bird also, which is sacrificed
to purify, remember that "Elohim" is one and that "YESHUA" has appeared as a dove
those more interested in the topic I invite you to listen to the study called pure and unclean
Verse one, numbers chapt. 20
son's of Israel came across the wilderness of Zin congregation in the month
first and the people stayed in Kadesh and Miriam died there and was buried
there. and there was no water for the congregation and they gathered against Moses
and Aaron
and the people became angry with Moses and said, saying
I wish we had died when our brethren died before Yhuh. and because
et assembly of Yhuh, brought us to the desert to die here, us and
our livestock. and brought us from Egypt to bring us
this place this non--place of seed or figs or vines or pomegranates and water
there is no to drink. and Moses and Aaron, before the assembly at
to--door of tent of meeting and fell on their faces and appeared "kavod"
of Yhuh, "Elohim" of them and spoke to Moses saying Yhuh, take et the rod
and assembly of you and meet your et congregation and Aaron thy brother, and speak to the rock
before their eyes and will bring forth the water and give
for them water from the rock to drink et the congregation and their livestock
and taking Moses et
the rod from before the face of Yhuh as he commanded Moses and Aaron et
the congregation to meet in front of the rock and told them to listen now
the one's rebelling of this and we shall bring forth water for you and raised Moses
et his hand and hit et the rock twice with his staff and water came out many one's
for congregation and livestock to drink of them
Yhuh said to Moses and Aaron, because not you believed in me to sanctify me
holy in the eyes of the son's of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring et
this congregation into the land which I gave to them. these waters of Meribah where
son's of Israel contended with Yhuh and was showing Himself Holy in them
water from the rock is important, the message that the Lord is giving us here is
that when he gives an instruction we must follow it, now I tell you dear brothers
Try the spirits, if you hear a voice it may
not necessarily be that voice is the voice of God and this is good of course, for us
I have always said that first we must recognize "YESHUA" as pastor
as a teacher, as prophet, to discern his voice to be one of His
sheep and understand and recognize his voice but nonetheless also use wisdom
and the wisdom to know and discern if the voice is that of the Lord
is not wise, because if it is not wise, then
do not do, you do have to demonstrate to the Lord a superior listening to be able to heed
a thing and do it, that the Lord is not interested in obedience to
only the voice, what matters, then is to use wisdom. not when
you hear a voice, of intelligence
I'm talking about using the intelligence, the wisdom of God
not by man's Parameter's , nor religion, nor try and make fit
what you heard only with the Bible
That is a lie
for centuries it has been said that when you receive a prophetic word, it must be
a word that fit's with the Bible, not true, dear brother's, the Bible
is so distorted
and is so very commonly mistranslated, the words of the Lord
do not fit alway's with the Bible and are even contrary to what the Bible says. It is
time to get out of this lie and understand that the Bible has been corrupted
that has been modified, that part of the Bible is of course the scriptures
but has been modified thru translation's and a lot has been modified with intention's.
further that the set of books
called the Bible, is a set of book's that was democratically selected in the
the same time of Constantine who persecuted the followers of "YESHUA"
"Ha Mashiach". scripture's that are read in Hebrew, where the prophet says
"thus saith the Lord"
it is clear when we read; thus saith the Lord, but even so I can never try
to match a word from the Lord, what the Lord says thru the
Prophet and the prophets through the books of the prophets and what
"YESHUA" said. The book's are not the way to recognize if it is the voice of
Lord. it is by being one of His sheep, and as I said the last thing
we must do when sometime's we do not recognize the voice of the Lord, (because
the enemy also has a mouth and speak's)
and so when we hear sometime's, he is simply coming against the spirit
what he has spoken, when you hear the voice, at that moment
say immediately to the spirit that spoke to you, tell him to
tell you; what is your name, in the name "YESHUA" and then say; do not lie. understand
brother?, look at the amount of tools we have
Look how wonderful it is, if we are his sheep
if we have recognized Him as our teacher, if we have recognized "YESHUA" as our
prophet, because when "YESHUA" speaks through a brother who has the gift of
prophecy, then we will recognize "YESHUA" as our prophet's voice
if we have recognized "YESHUA" as our prophet and we confess it with
our mouth, plus we use His wisdom given us, and the
knowledge of what he said, "YESHUA" in the Tora. also it
can go against the spirit or the spirit that
has spoken to us, if you heard a voice and you tell it; who ordered you to tell me
and to tell him to speak his name, know what the answer should be? the answer must be "YESHUA"
a sister saw in visions, spirits
with the name j, you know what I mean
j e s u s
they were evil spirits with that name and also had a spirit
unclean by the name; Holy Spirit, Brother it is the time that we
have our eyes on "YESHUA" and no demon can take His name
then we have to return to the truth and stop the lies
forever, once and for all
then that way when the Lord tells us to do something
such as Moses, in this case He orders Him to speak to the rock, not strike the rock
then what happened to Moses is he doubted
now what we can do, if the Lord tells us something, we can try the
spirit and use wisdom of the Lord to see and hear if it is "YESHUA"
who speaks and tells us something, similar as in this case, that whatever attacked Moshe
here, was disbelief, distrust in the Lord, then remember,
refer to this and before doing it, we will expel distrust
and lack of faith and doubt
in the name of "YESHUA" I do not know if you can see this?, we have all the tools, more
than had Moses, Moses did not have the name "YESHUA"
and if we are attacked by an impurity ( unclean spirit )
at the time when we need to operate in that mode, we can expel ( cast out )the
unclean spirit, that did exist at the time of Moses, it exists now and only by the
sacrifice of "YESHUA" we have all authority, blessed be his name, so if we are in this
situation and were attacked by the lack of faith, we must recognize what attacks us, a
spirit of unbelief, if we lack faith, it is a spirit of unbelief or doubt
or confusion and that you cast out and then act!
cast out every spirit of doubt if we will need to do something similar to what Moses did
and we certainly expel all doubt, disbelief, distrust in the name "YESHUA"
repent, pray and ask the Lord for forgiveness and then trust
and we speak to the rock, you see? the least in the kingdom of
"Elohim" is greater than John the Baptist who was the greatest of the prophets
and Moses was a prophet.
so now we have many weapons
much greater, spiritually we are new
creatures, not only have we received the Spirit of Holiness, the Lord has made
Immersion's too, and has given us gifts that did not exist in the past
because all the blessings that were given to Israel through the
temple service, are with us today, they did not end. the Lord gave us
a way, method to be pure, all methods He gave us
through sacrifice, without the temple in this case, without the tabernacle
I mean, because we are the temple as he gave in his word
and it is eternal and are perpetual statutes
he gave and are applied and fulfilled so that today
they are for us without the temple service, but with the word that indicates how it's done
as in the temple service, carried out by "YESHUA" who
blessed us with
all the weapons we need to be pure and be victorious in all way's.
thanks to "YESHUA" for his mercies
and His sacrifice, a witness I want to tell you about, water in the
rock, something that happened, a brother that I know
told me that when a child, he had a dream and in this dream he was
dressed in clothes
that were ancient and was ahead of many people and they were all very upset
with him and there was a rock in front of this
brother and he says he had a rod in his hand and struck the
rock with the rod firmly and water began to go out,
it was a very short dream, but what I am showing now is that the kingdom of "Elohim" is
wonderful and today it is present with us and why these
Dreams are not false, this happened in the past and is
not a lie and can be shown to our children today so they know more
I have personally witnessed also some things that were in the
past that the Lord showed me, but we will leave that for another time.
we read in, verse fourteen
and Moshe sent a messenger from Kadesh to the king of Edom, to tell him, your brother Israel,
you know et all the suffering we experienced
because our fathers went down into Egypt and dwelt many days in Egypt
and the Egyptians mistreated us and our fathers and we cried out to Yhuh
and He heard our voice and sent a
messenger and brought us out of Egypt and here we are at Kadesh nearby town to
your territory, let us
now pass through your land, we will not pass through field's or vineyard and drink
well water, in the way of the king will we walk, not we will turn right or left
until we pass through your territory, and Edom said to him, not you will pass in me
lest I come forth to meet you and attack with sword
and told him the son's of Israel
We will go by highway and if drink your water and my cattle
I will pay for it
just nothing more to my foot I will pass. and said not you will pass and he is coming forth Edom
people to confront him with a steadfast and with a mighty hand and refused Edom
to et let Israel pass through their territory and became Israel to turn aside from him
and marched from Kadesh and came all the son's of Israel, all of congregation on Mount Hor.
notice, the Lord has given us all victory in any struggle and in here what happens to Edom?
Edom does not let the son's of Israel pass, then we can say
we will go and we will fight them and we will pass anyway
because the Lord is with us, this is not what Israel does, they go around the land of Edom
not because they could not beat Edom, but because they were obedient to
leadership of the "Ruach HaKodesh", can you see? We have the
victory in any battle
but the battle must be those when the Lord want's
to set us free, sometime's He will have us go around to liberate us
many time's to take the Territory.
situations that we know we have the authority, we know that,
we have all authority and all the right even to establish
something in our homes, for example.
About our children
or our wive's. in some cases. So many times we have the whole
authority and the whole truth in a battle
but the Lord
sends us
only when he wants to fight a battle. We can go out with the truth and express
and speak it, but the fact that outside of His time can do much damage. Then
Obedience is better than sacrifice, we are servant's of YESHUA and we
surround the earth, we seek the Lord and His wisdom to know when He is sending us to fight. And that's what
Israel did in obedience, by the instruction of the Lord, led by
I will read verse 22
and marched from Kadesh and came son's of Israel,
to Hor, whole congregation
to Mount.
And Yhuh said to Moshe and to Aaron in the Hor
Mount, along the land bordering Edom, saying,
Aaron shall be gathered to his people, for He shall not enter the land I gave
Sons of Israel, because you rebelled
et My commandment at the waters of Meribah
Take et Aharon et Eleazar his son and bring et them up hor
The mountain and you will take
et Aharon et garment's and put on et eleazar
and Aaron shall die there, and did Moses as command Yhuh, and climbed Hor
Mount, in the eyes of the whole congregation, and et Moshe took garment's et Aharon
and put them on et Eleazar
his son and Aaron died there on top and descended the mountain, Moshe and Eleazar
and saw all the congregation and discerning Aaron died there
and mourned for et Aaron 30 days
the whole house of Israel, look brothers, when we walk in the ways of the
Lord with all,
with all our heart and YESHUA is the center of our lives. There are no surprises,
when the Lord removes someone's life.
If we walk in his ways
and His ordinances
and keep his commandments, the time of our departure will be announced by
the Lord
believe what I'm saying
the problem is that for centuries we have not been kept the commandments
but if we walk by keeping all the commandment's of the Lord, in communion
the Lord, the Lord tells us when we will be gathered to be reunited with our parents,
with Him, and this is wonderful dear brothers, but we must keep the
Tora for that, and walk in his Path's. And that is the restoration of the
done in this second in this time, he is restoring His Torah
He restores Himself, the messiah who is the Torah Himself, to us. And we understand
Who is the Messiah and begin to walk in his ways and not man's.
He comes with surprises, Revelation for us
and we must raise up a spirit of trust, confidence
new that had not been seen before, fixed on Him, because we walked in
if we look at religions, like Christianity always with fear and
distrust may cause to come a disease or something might happen to
Someone trying to go to Judaism as well and is what is the preaching
Well, come to the Lord, in that where is the protection in the
tradition when knowing in your heart something could come any time,
Tragedy. But to us in YESHUA who we trust in are drawing from the thought of that
pattern in our minds
Why? Because we have found the Truth, because the Lord has revealed
the truth, and we now understand the truth of the Torah
Pure, without tradition, without religion and that YESHUA is the truth and the life
and is the Messiah. And we will follow His instructions, we have already
followed directions of a man. Now,We take YESHUA as our teacher,
We are reminded of His words, about walking in the ways and teachings of man
and the old former way's of man, can be discarded now
what we will take are the words of our Lord Himself, the Words
the Lord speaks to us today, the words Spoken
through our Lord through the prophets, through
Moses, through YESHUA same as was being related by the
apostles in some books, such as Matthew and John
and revelation of the Apocalypse and in the words which the Lord speaks
in dreams. Because it is the same Lord yesterday today and forever who is speaking and
we will walk in his ways, and we will be disposed of teaching of man, but in the words
that the Lord has spoken, not discarded anymore, and we will pay attention,
as when Scripture says, Thus says the Lord
and when it does not say, thus saith the Lord then we will take as
History, which may be prophetic ...
All things being returned and restored to there rightful place
wisely, and not as was commonly absolute, saying this is the word of
God, referring to the Bible. to be above and over that! and now, because we walk in His
Way, and His commandments, we have to want to
return and return to the place of confidence knowing
that the Lord has his hand on us, because we need faith and
confidence in him, because all promise's of the Torah will not be fulfilled in
our lives unless we enter a place of faith
as you saw when they doubted; They hesitated Aharon and Moshe and struck the rock, because they
the promise of the Torah to work in us is when we believe in it, and it is hoped
Without faith it is impossible to please the Lord, we will be able to receive all these
blessings when we believe them. So I encourage you, brothers to
now believe in the Torah and trust it, and if you do not have the confidence and
faith to believe, know that now it can be expelled from your life, the
spirit of unbelief and mistrust and doubt in the Name of
YESHUA, powerful what it can do You know! we have all tools
in our hands to walk where the Lord want's us to walk, but faith has
to go in conjunction with the Torah, the belief that the Lord, will do what He say's and we must
believe in what He promises. And we saw all the ministry of YESHUA. Do you think you
you can do this?
YESHUA, remember when He was talking to the sick, we can conclude from all these time's
when he visited the sick, or a person approached Him
and the Lord asked what do you want me to do?
and the person said I want to be healed,
then He asked, do you think that I I can do this? and he answered yes,
I do believe, and sometimes the Lord said as you believe it is done.
But, remember He states that it is important, for forgiveness, that because
He told the people, your sins are forgiven and then
proclaimed healing, then as the Lord gave us authority
to declare sins forgiven
Then it is sometimes also necessary to Proclaim, that your sins are forgiven.
for example saying, your sins are in the Name of YESHUA forgiven and then
proclaim the Healing, it is important
Abraham believed and was accounted to rightousness
then let us approach the Lord with everything restored and with a
humble and trusting in Him as a child.
Chapter 21 verse 1
And heard the Canaanite king of Arad resident of the Negev, Israel coming
Atarim way
and against Israel, then attacked and captured of the captive
and vowed Israel, vowing to Yhuh
and said, if delivering to us people and dooming the cities in hand of us then we will
Et cities of them
and hearing and giving them, Yhuh to from Israel and surrendered and destroyed et Canaanite
them, and to cities, them and they called the name
of the place Hormah. The difference ...
in this case the Lord himself
is leading Israel
to fight,
and Israel get's the victory, and made one vow
the Lord telling them to destroy all cities
if the Lord give's his hand, and the Lord is pleased, and then hand's over their enemy's
into their Hands.
Numbers 21 verse 4, and this will be the last story in this parasha
that we will read
And they marched from mount Hor road To reed
the Red Sea,
to around
et land of Edom, and impatient
minds of the people on the way, and talked the people against God and against Moses;
and said, we were brought out of Egypt to die in the desert, for there is no bread and no
Water, and our souls are fed by this the wretched bread. He sent, Yhuh
among the people et serpant's, poisonous. And the people being bitten
people who died, much. And the people came to Moses, and said we sin because we talk
Against Yhuh and against you. Pray to Yhuh for us and to remove the et the serpant's
and prayed
Moses for the people and
Yhuh and said to Moses: make For you
Serpant, and put him on pole and when
one bitten and when he see's him on pole
and he will live,
and made Moses
copper serpant and put it on the pole, and the serpant will bite if et
someone, and then look at the copper serpent and he lived.
The copper serpent
Moses did this, it is nothing more than a prophecy of the Messiah. Because it is
the Messiah, the one on the tree
is lifted up,
is put there,
through His sacrifice and they were
laughing at Him
the enemy is the enemy who was placed on the tree
It's that old serpent which was put into the tree forever, because there is no more
power over His children
because the Lord has forgiven the sins through his sacrifice
wonderfully by His Precious Blood, which was put on the mercy seat for the
forgiveness of the sins of Israel. All the enemy's plans no longer have the
Power, if we follow the ways of the Lord, if we repent and ask for forgiveness
from YESHUA, the enemy has no more power and
exposed once and for all no more to feel shame,
He has taken it as the copper serpent in the Desert, then forever
the sins of his people are forgiven, through our repentance,
of course it become's clear that repentance bring's change in
our lives and to recognize and follow YESHUA, which leads to Life
Instead of the place of cursing to blessing where the enemy can no
More curse, If you walk in the ways of the Lord, if you walk in the paths of
Tora, no longer can the enemy control your life. You do not belong to him. He has
been put in his place and exposed
like a serpant in front of all
and left there forever
if they walk the paths of truth justice, rightousness
in YESHUA, following Him wherever He goes.
Unfortunately more
Later the son's of Israel even began to worship the serpent
Moses made of copper, and was destroyed by a prophet, at some point. But,
we know that
the battle was won
And if some have as
motivation to create an image of this serpant or something and worship it
then what is the worship? it is the same enemy.
we have ears to hear, to listen. So we end this with a Haleluyah!
YESHUA, thanking Him for His sacrifice.
Father we approach you with a
grateful heart because we have read Lord, about your Tora and we
understand that you have Lord fulfilled the Tora, the red heifer sacrifice
also by you Lord, who always has Victory over the enemy of the Lord,
He has given us all the victory
He has shown and demonstrated His love for us by fulfilling
Torah we thank you for all that YESHUA. We ask that you continue
revealing yourself, so wonderfully and to each one
all of your commandments of the Torah, Thank you for your Shabat, we thank you for the
week and because you give us rest in the
Shabat to enter into a day holy and blessed. We thank you for
Your Torah, so wonderful, and for spending this time with us. We ask you,
invite you to continue showing to us and being YESHUA to us, so that
you continue doing your wonderful work in our homes, for you to continue
teaching us the truth and your commandments, Lord. That your light,
Lord shine powerfully
Lord in our homes, and we have in our heart
fully, your spirit
We also join in prayer and intercession for Israel
we pray for Jerusalem, so that there be blessing, that there is justice,
so that there is salvation in Israel and Jerusalem in particular, and we
ask you to prosper all those interceding for Israel and
Jerusalem, YESHUA.
we ask protection for the entire Israel of Elohim which is spread
all over the world
and I pray to the Lord, who put's in the heart of each
who love you, in coming to the Promised Land, Lord, Give them an emergency plan
Out, to have knowledge Lord, to have a plan and know what to
do, Lord when You start to bring the descendants of Jacob back
Thanks YESHUA for revelation you have given us, we love you
Much, we give glory and honor to you this day
in the mighty name of YESHUA our Messiah we pray, Amen
"To Israel"
Peace be upon Israel