Uploaded by musictrackjp on 01.09.2010

Hello, Ujiie here again.
Here it is! The Motif XF!
The latest in the Motif series,
which began with the first Motif,
then the ES, then the XS
and now, here we have the XF.
Just look at it! BLACK!!
It's magnificent, isn't it?
Of course, the insides are just as impressive.
It surprised even me!
It's like an XS times two, I thought.
The proof of the pudding, so to say,
uh, the XS had 355mb of waveform memory,
but the XF has 741mb, more than double!
I'll play some of the new voices for you,
starting with Natural Grand S6, this piano...
Let's spice it up a bit.
That is top notch; cool!
Ok, next let's go with a Clavinet.
You can use the mod wheel...
to mute it.
The key release sound...
...is even in there. Excellent.
Next, Harpsichord.
Makes me want to play Classical.
Next, a vintage organ...
Or how about this one, 60s rock organ...
French musette.
The real instruments are top notch.
Tubular bells.
Very good.
The same pitch is duplicated up here.
You can do rolls with just two fingers.
Guitar sounds too.
And via the Assignable Function...
harmonics too.
Very flexible.
The 'surf' sound even.
You can go all out with this.
As expected, the effects are great.
Play lightly, and the sound is clean.
Play hard...
...and you get just the right amount of crunch.
Jazz guitar.
That's quite nice!
It's also got fret noise etc.
Lots of those.
There are loads of analog basses too.
'Techno' eh?
One string sound I particularly like
is this one, 'Tremolo Section'.
That's too good!
If you press Assignable Function 1,
you get normal strings...
press 2 and...
...you get pizzicato.
Very well done indeed.
Ah! This next sound is really great!
I've never heard a harp sound as good as this one.
It's that good.
There are synth sounds as well.
The vibrato is very realistic!
This one is also really nice.
Very good. Or also this next one,
a mellow soprano sax.
Just brilliant!
It has a very good arpeggiator too.
As a result of the doubled waveform memory,
it's got loads of 'real' instrument sounds,
and of course 'synth' sounds too,
overall, just an immense variety of sounds.
There are drum kits too, this one is Maple Custom.
A nice full sound. Next, Oak.
That's really good!
you can do lots of things, such as...
Of course, the XF allows you to use
these sounds and build 'Performances'
and depending on the Performance,
you can do lots of things, such as...
These keys are set to Bass and Drums.
Of course you can change the arpeggiator style.
Many styles to choose from.
Mmm. That's cool eh?
That's good. Or how about this...
Let's look at the arpeggiator.
There are 4 active at the moment,
most set to 'user' patterns.
I checked out how many patterns there are,
you ready for this?
Fasten your seat belts...
1,200 more than the XS had,
for a grand total of 7,800!
The arpeggiator is amazing!
Something else I was very interested in,
can you zoom in on the display screen?
Ok, see how it looks?
The patch name is here at the top.
But, you can change the layout.
Now it's on the bottom of the screen.
Now, why would this be useful?
Let's say you have a two-tier stand,
with the Motif on the bottom,
and another synth on top.
The one on top will block the screen on the Motif.
In that situation, this is quite useful.
The Motif designers really
paid attention to detail,
and designed this quite well.
Just press 'exit' and it changes in a snap.
Also, the color scheme now is kind of green,
but you can customize that too.
Yellow, white, red, pink, purple...
Let's go with yellow.
And just like that, it's yellow all over.
You can choose from 8 colors in all.
The XF has loads of new features,
and the sounds are better than ever.
In the next video, we'll go deeper into the FX.