Easter is for April Fools? Dine & Sign episode 28

Uploaded by Podsmiths on 03.04.2012

Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
What do you think about April 1st?
You afraid?
Lies. Before- ha! …April 1st, Angry. I think April 1st, mo excuse.
People ask me - "Will you April 1st?" I dunno, schedule. We'll see what happens. I'm curious,
you like to play jokes? Tricks, you like tricks?
Sometimes talk serious. What? Oh, April 1st? Make me sick I not think April 1st before,I
forgot. April 1st? no.
Stay sheltered.
Buy eggs.
You know why? 89 cents. 89 cents!
So what?
Really $1.49
Right, but so what?
I save. Investment.
Investment! For Easter?
Yeah… right.
Will we dye it?
Both of us will dye.
Then what? What's next?
Throw at cars.
Color. Color everywhere.
What if trouble?
We'll throw them at my car.
Oh. For what?
To wash it clean. Wash.
What for eggs, Easter. What for?
I follow Tradition.
Who set up the tradition?
I should go online and look who. Imagine who? I don't know.
You think people follow tradition for no reason? Habit. But not ask "why I do that"? I feel
waste… time.
I think Easter means honor Jesus Rising, right?
Many people think- you think so?
Some people lost sight-
You know why? Standing praying. Eh, fun eggs. Fun. Maybe.
Really? Because-
They don't want to teach- Praying. Easter. Change eggs. Forget, phew, relax.
Why they do that?
Jesus eat eggs a lot. Eggs
Orly? Why bunny? Where the bunny come from?
Jesus owned bunnies, maybe.
What for Friday? I'm curious about why look for… candy? Before… open egg, $5 inside.
Oh! $5! … I have. Now? So what $5? What look for? 'Spirit of Easter'? Over the point.
Buy buy buy, company force us buy buy candy.
I stop candy, awful. Bad for health! Sweet. Awful.
You don't like chocolate anyway.
But I realize… chocolate is good for you.
Who said that?
Medical said… that chocolate…
Why they say that?
Medical said-
Who Medical?? Who medical?
Doctor said that.
What doctor? Doctor Rabbit?
They say chocolate is good. I saw.
If you look, it says "Doctor Her..shey's" …hershey's … Why you telling me chocolate
is good? You try to buy!
But everything is good for you if you eat a little bit. Egg, chocolate… beer… whatever!
but if you eat too much of one thing, it will be a problem. Right?
True. You're right.
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